Eisner Awards

Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:25 pm
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Posted by Steven H Silver

The winners of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were announced at Comic Con International on July 21.

  • Best Short Story: “Good Boy,” by Tom King and David Finch, in Batman Annual #1
  • Best Single Issue/One-Shot: Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In, by Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, and Jill Thompson
  • Best Continuing Series: Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
  • Best Limited Series: The Vision, by Tom King and Gabriel Walta
  • Best New Series: Black Hammer, by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston
  • Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 8): Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea, by Ben Clanton
  • Best Publication for Kids (ages 9-12): Ghosts, by Raina Telgemeier
  • Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17): The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, by Ryan North and Erica Henderson
  • Best Humor Publication: Jughead, by Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Derek Charm
  • Best Anthology: Love is Love, edited by Marc Andreyko
  • Best Reality-Based Work: March (Book Three), by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell
  • Best Graphic Album—New: Wonder Woman: The True Amazon, by Jill Thompson
  • Best Graphic Album—Reprint: Demon, by Jason Shiga
  • Best U.S. Edition of International Material: Moebius Library: The World of Edena, by Jean “Moebius” Giraud, et al.
  • Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia: The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, by Sonny Liew
  • Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips (at Least 20 Years Old): Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, Colorful Cases of the 1930s, edited by Peter Maresca
  • Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books (at Least 20 Years Old): The Complete Wimmen’s Comix, edited by Trina Robbins
  • Best Writer: Brian K. Vaughan, Paper Girls, Saga, We Stand On Guard
  • Best Writer/Artist: Sonny Liew, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye
  • Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team: Fiona Staples, Saga
  • Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art): Jill Thompson, Wonder Woman: The True Amazon, Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In
  • Best Cover Artist (for multiple covers): Fiona Staples, Saga
  • Best Coloring: Matt Wilson, Cry Havoc, Paper Girls, The Wicked + The Divine, Black Widow, The Mighty Thor, Star-Lord
  • Best Lettering: Todd Klein, Clean Room, Dark Night, Lucifer, Black Hammer
  • Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism: The A.V. Club comics coverage, including Comics Panel, Back Issues, and Big Issues, by Oliver Sava et al., www.avclub.com
  • Best Comics-Related Book: Krazy: George Herriman, A Life in Black and White, by Michael Tisserand
  • Best Academic/Scholarly Work: Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation, by Carolyn Cocca
  • Best Publication Design: The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, designed by Sonny Liew
  • Best Webcomic: Bird Boy, by Anne Szabla
  • Best Digital Comic: Bandette, by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
  • Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award: Comicazi, Robert Howard, David Lockwood, and Michael Burke in Somerville, MA
  • Bill Finger Winners: Jack Kirby and Bill Messner-Loebs
  • Russ Manning Award: Anne Szabla, writer-artist of Bird Boy
  • Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award: Joe Ferrara and Marc Andreyko
  • Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame:
      Judges Choices (automatically inducted)
    • Milt Gross (1895–1953)
    • H. G. Peter (1880–1958)
    • Antonio Prohías (1921–1998)
    • Dori Seda (1950–1988)
      Voters Choices
    • Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez
    • George Perez
    • Walt Simonson
    • Jim Starlin

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For [personal profile] grammarwoman for the DVD commentary meme.

Driving with the brakes on
Push (2009); Nick/Cassie (Nick/OFC); adult; 13,650 words
Nick discovers a way to help Cassie see more clearly. It's a little sketchier than he's comfortable with.

I don't actually remember the genesis of this idea, but there's a post in my LJ that says, So I said to [personal profile] angelgazing, "Tell me not to write the story where orgasms make Cassie's visions clearer" and she said, "you should TOTALLY write that story" and two weeks and 13k words later, I wrote the story. Which is basically how these things go when [tumblr.com profile] angelgazing wants me to write a thing, especially if I already kind of want to write it anyway.

content notes: Cassie's 16; one reference to offscreen sexual assault of non-canon characters

All through the writing of this story, Cassie was 15. Cassie was 15 right up until I actually posted. Then I had a conversation with [personal profile] snacky and decided to make her 16 instead. I don't think it makes it better? But maybe some people are slightly less squicked? Idk.

But unless the moon falls tonight, unless continents collide, / Nothing's gonna make me break from her side )


I hope that provided some insight on what was a 13K word exercise in id-fic. *hands*

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Posted by /u/imyxhuang

So I know Mozilla is removing complete theme support, but I was wondering if this includes the themes developed by Mozilla, i.e. compact dark and compact light. If they are being removed, is there any chance that lightweight themes could have access to things like the tab shape, scrollbars, back button, etc?

Edit: I just realized that theme support should be removed after the photon UI upgrade, which has square tabs anyway. But still no dark theme available if compact dark is removed.

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Obituary: Lee Henderson

Jul. 23rd, 2017 08:09 pm
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Posted by Steven H Silver

Los Angeles fan Lee Henderson died on July 17 when a car he was working under fell on him. Henderson was active in LASFS and worked on Loscon managing the gaming room. His family is running a GoFundMe campaign to pay for funeral expenses.
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[ SECRET POST #3854 ]

Jul. 23rd, 2017 04:19 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3854 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Exertion hangover

Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:08 pm
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Last Sunday (after Saturday's epic dog chase where I lost my keys) I woke up feeling the most hungover I have in years.  And I didn't even get drunk first!  I did manage to pull myself together by early afternoon, and we successfully hosted Nicholas's birthday party at the Little Gym in the late afternoon.

Yesterday was tiring, but for a much more pleasant reason. I took Nicholas to see My First Ballet: Cinderella at the Peacock Theatre, and for icecream at Ruby Violet afterward. We walked to Ruby Violet through pouring rain with bright new umbrellas, and had the whole shop to ourselves.  By the time we'd finished eating it was bright and sunny for the return walk to Kings Cross.  This morning I was thankfully free of hangover symptoms, but did (need to) spend the morning in bed again.  (Reading fanfic and re-reading All Systems Red; there are worse ways to spend a Sunday morning.)

The shiny new phone runs Pokemon Go and on Friday I let Charles talk me into installing it and going for a daily walk with him. The first evening, we passed the charity shop and saw the biggest Angry Bird toy I have ever seen.  Charles bought it at opening time the next morning.  Today our walk took us past the noticeboard in the park - where someone had hung my lost keys!  About five minutes later, we met one of the people who'd put them there, who said they'd found them about 5 minutes after I'd gone home last week from grumpily trawling the park!  I thanked them profusely and asked them to pass it on.

Nicholas says he wants to be called Nick rather than Nico, and I'm slipping up far too often, but at least making sure other adults taking care of him are made aware, and giving him some standard reminder phrases to use on me and others. (It's really not my preferred version of his name, but it's his name not mine, so I need to get over that.)

School has finished for the summer, and in less than two weeks we will be in Helsinki!  I have so much to do between now and then ...

Seiun Awards

Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:47 pm
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Posted by Steven H Silver

The winners of the Japanese Seiun Awards have been announced. The Seiun Awards will be presented at a ceremony on August 26 at Donburacon LL, the 56th Japan SF Convention in Shuzuoka, Japan.

  • Best Japanese Long Story: Ultraman F, by Yasumi Kobayashi
  • Best Japanese Short Story: “Last and First Idol,” by Gengen Kusano
  • Best Translated Long Story: United State sof Japan, by Peter Rieryas, translated by Naoya Nakahara
  • Best Translated Short Story: (tie) “Backward, Turn Backward,” by James Tiptree, Jr., translated by Kazuko Onoda; “Simulacrum,” by Ken Liu, translated by Furusawa Yoshimichi
  • Dramatic Presentation: Shin Godzilla
  • Comic: Kochira Katsushikaku Kamearikoenmae Hashutsujyo, by Akimoto Osamu
  • Best Non-Fiction: SF is Suteki Fiction, by Haruna Ikezawa
  • Best Artist: Naoyuki Katoh

For more information…

Obituary: Jeff Carlson

Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:24 pm
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Posted by Steven H Silver

Author Jeff Carlson (b.1969) died on July 17. Carlson published the short story “Exit” in 1994″ and his next story, “Pressure,” appeared in 2001. His first novel, The Plague Year appeared in 2007 and opened a trilogy, including The Plague War and The Plague Zone. His other trilogy, beginning with The Frozen Sky appeared between 2012 and 2016. Carlson also published the standalone novel Interrupt and his fiction was collected in Long Eyes and Other Stories.

No culinary activity, obvs

Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:50 pm
oursin: The Accomplisht Ladies' Delight  frontispiece with a red cross through it (No cooking)
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Today, in spite of various travel muddles and confusions, we went to Darmstadt. However, possibly more detail when I am less tired and it's not so late in a long day.


Jul. 23rd, 2017 08:01 pm
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I've ended up reading a lot of comics this week - half my pull list seemed to arrive in one go, plus I had time to catch up with some random purchases while I spent hours traveling. So ... I thought I'd try putting some thoughts together on them, and not just because I keep putting off the more serious adulting stuff I need to do.

Comics! )

ETA: I know I use "interesting" a lot, and should probably try and remember some synonyms for it, but honestly? I look for two things in my comics - interesting, effectively told stories, and strong characters. I can forgive weaker characterisation if the ideas are... interesting.

Tell Siri This For a Witty Response

Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:05 pm
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Posted by Emily Price

Since her launch, Siri has had a ton of jokes hid up her virtual assistant sleeve. Today a new one is being passed around the web: Tell Siri “I see a little silhouetto of a man.” Go ahead, I’ll wait here while you do.


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Posted by Shep McAllister on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Lifehacker

Cooking eggs isn’t exactly rocket science, but I’d say the ability to make soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, plus omelettes and poached eggs at the touch of a button is worth $15. The Dash Go is Amazon’s top-selling egg cooker, and carries a truly stellar 4.5 star review average from nearly 4,000 customers, so get…


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