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My Fandom Stocking has been hung! I would love to get fic for anything on my list, or general notes and/or squee from y'all. If you're participating this year, point me at your stocking so I can leave you things!


I've been cruising Tumblr lately. Here are some fruits of my voyages.

Photo of Ginger Rogers attempting to put makeup on a German Shepherd. Dog: "LOL no."

In which Ginger Rogers kicks ass, 1938 style. Seriously, that is hilarious. The movie it's from, Vivacious Lady, is pretty good too.

A sweet picture of Myrna Loy and William Powell I've never seen before. It looks like it might be a still from one of the later Thin Man movies.

Art Deco Batman posters. This one too. This one as well. (Batman's costume does translate really well into the Streamline Moderne style, doesn't it? I'm the last person in the world to notice this, aren't I? Ah, well. Can't say as I ever paid much attention to him or any other superhero...)

And for something completely different, Cookie Monster on Colbert. Part 2.


Unguessed answers to the ship description meme from the other day )
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Suggested by [ profile] rivendellrose in our discussion about Art Noveau influences on B5; Photoshopped by me. Delenn's head iz pastede on yay!

Massive image under the cut )

I also made a couple icons from it for sharing:

Feel free to make more, if you want. Any amount of fiddling is fine with me.

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