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Dear Woodpeckers of the World,

I have eight windows in my apartment. Six of them are located in places other than my bedroom. Think you could manage to pick one of them the next time you want to start looking for bugs in the window frames at seven o'clock in the morning? Especially the morning after I've driven 200 miles and then stayed up far too late?

This applies especially to you, red-headed woodpecker. Don't think I didn't see you slinking away from my window. *eyeballs*

Don't think I won't use stronger measures if this keeps up, once I find out what they are,
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Woke up to find one of these guys first pecking at and then chilling on one of my living room windowsills. It left before I could get a picture, but was nice to see. (Although the pecking gets annoying after a while. And I'm sure it's not doing the window frames any good...


May. 11th, 2009 04:29 pm
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Look what I have outside my bedroom window back in Nashville.

Large picture under cut )
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Despite the fact that it's almost one in the morning, there's a mockingbird outside my window singing his little birdy heart out. He's having such a good time--it's fun to listen to, and so clear without the background of other bird chatter. I hope this display gets him a lady bird love.
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Oooh! Jeff Corwin does Alaska. *makes note on calendar*

I don't know why I pay so much attention to TV and books about the Frozen North. Perhaps it's the pleasure of not living there. (Although right at the moment, a little frozen tundra would be a nice change from the heat. Also the drought. The grass crunches under your feet now. Usually we don't hit that stage until August.) I'm totally into the History Channel's Ice Roads miniseries now too, although I'm sure part of the attraction there is the tension over whether one of the truckers will crash through the ice into the lakes.

In other natural news, a couple of Carolina Wrens managed to hatch out an entire nest and get them all flying without predator-induced mishaps. At least, I assume they didn't have more than four. They did better than the neighborhood robins usually do, anyway. Anyway, the babies have been flying around the yard, and they are the cutest baby birds I have ever seen. Little tailless brown and white puffballs! So cute!
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Sign you use your camera's macro mode too much: getting lily pollen on the lens.

But...pretty pictures anyway? )

This evening, I also saw two juvenile mockingbirds sitting next to each other on a pole-to-house power line, taking turns chirping at their mother, who was in the grass below. I think baby mockingbirds have the most pitiful chirp ever; it's only one "cheeeeeep," but it is the saddest little cheep you ever heard.
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I haven't been taking many pictures recently, despite the profusion of flora and fauna that came with spring. The ones I have been taking have been mostly uninspired and not worth the time to resize and upload. But these three are pretty good.

Three large pictures: a nest, a bird, and the moon in conjunction with Venus )
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Tonight, on Inappropriate Places To Build A Nest:

Pictures under cut )
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So the starlings have been congregating in and around my yard lately. I took videos, 'cause the flocks (probably upwards of 2,000 birds) have to be seen to be believed. Of course, since they're an infestation over most of the world, you've all probably seen them flocking before. Nevertheless, bird videos from my backyard! (Quicktime format; right-click and save.)

Video 1 (14 MB). Er, ignore the drone of the airplane that plays through most of this. I live five minutes from the airport; there's no getting around it. But notice that you can still hear the birds over the sound of the plane.
Video 2 (3 MB). This is what happens when someone claps their hands real loud.

I also have photos of birds in the trees and sunset from the other day behind the cut )


Feb. 9th, 2006 04:17 pm
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Eeeee! I have cardinals at my window! Well, I did for a while, before they flew off. But they were there! I thought my window ledge might be too narrow for anything as big as a cardinal, since it's only about 2.5 inches wide, but apparently not. There was a male and a female; maybe they're moving in to have a nest somewhere nearby. I've also seen two downy woodpeckers and a hairy woodpecker (great names, huh?) out and about, although rarely close enough to take a good picture. Which, yes, implies that I have taken pictures, and I will post them soon. If you consider "next weekend" soon, anyway...


Apropos of nothing, quotes from Doc that have been building up for a while:

- "That's just a plate laid out with carrots, a steak, and maybe a side of mashed potatoes. You're the parsley, tenors. Every plate needs some parsley."
- "Well, that started out Tabasco and ended up ketchup."
- "Except for a few pitches, rhythms, and dynamics, that was perfect."

Speaking of choir, I've...acquired a recording of the Lauridsen requiem we're doing. Soooo pretty. Unlike our scary sight-singing rendition of it last night, which sounded remarkably like a number of those strange tuned windchimes all going at once--it wasn't so much bad as very eerie. Kind of like we were channeling Schonberg. Hee.


Now, back to nomadic empire formation... *cracks whip over self*

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