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Hello, my thirties! Nice to see you have arrived as scheduled. :D


Feb. 26th, 2010 10:32 pm
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. My birthday has been cake-filled, thanks to my parents, which is always good. Nom nom nom.

[ profile] softstepshoes, I got your voicemail, and I'll give you a call tomorrow. :)
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You GUYS. My inbox and mailbox and flist are overflowing with birthday wishes from all corners. I still have to finish this paper, so I probably won't be able to make individual responses until tomorrow, but I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate it so very much. *hugs everyone*

(Highlights of today have included a sweet girl in my program bringing me an awesome chocolate cupcake, the weather being gorgeous and springlike--already there are daffodils blooming around my apartment complex!--and me finally having not just one thing but three different things to say in my troublesome class. [ profile] alto2, apparently your birthday wishes come true lightning fast!)


Feb. 26th, 2009 12:01 am
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Huh. I am officially a whole quarter-century old. This seems slightly unreal.

(And to think, just last April, people were mistaking me for too young to sit in the emergency exit row of an airplane.)
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Mmmm. I'm all full of cake. :)

(I was going to do a work rant, and may still tomorrow, but cake has zenned me out.)
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I'd sort of had a vague plan of doing work, but decided against it when I woke up at noon. Sooooo...four Wonderfalls episodes (no more new-to-me ones! Waaaah!) and three commentaries later, it's now almost time for bed. Er, yes. I half-expect one of my stuffed animals to start talking to me now.

So, yesterday. Much fun with various birthday celebrations, starting with waking up to find my door wallpapered by [ profile] softstepshoes, complete with "21 Things We Love About Becca" poster/pictures. It's still up there, 'cause it's way more interesting than the door itself.

Dawlish )

Further festivities )

So, yeah. Best 21st birthday ever.
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And now I'm 21. Oh, crap...I was supposed to become an adult somewhere along the line there, wasn't I? Hmmm. Whoops!

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