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Aug. 5th, 2010 01:47 am
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French and Saunders parody The Fellowship of the Ring.

I can't decide if my favorite part is the forced perspective gag, the words on the ring being in Welsh, or Galadriel's "It's in the book, just go with it." Not to mention everything else.
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Today, on Obscure Questions I Pose Because That Was Always My Favorite Part of Studying Literature: Was Tolkien a John Masefield fan?

The MLA database is silent on the matter. Me, I'm going to go with "yes."

Back to your regularly-scheduled B5 commentary in a bit. I spent the past two days re-reading The Historian (which I just, oh, I love it, even if I do see what critics mean about the characters being a bit featureless--but vampires and history and working with primary sources and YES), so I've left other things by the wayside for a bit.
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Having no interest in any sport involving a ball, I've been ignoring the World Cup hoopla. However, I have heard enough about the vuvuzela controversy to find this LOTR parody absolutely hilarious. :D


In fic-writing news, I...appear to be writing kid!fic. For the fic in question, a kid was always going to be in the background, but now there have been several straight paragraphs featuring her. Given that the last time I actually interacted with a child under school-age was when I was a small child myself (No, really, I remember the last time. It was 1989. I was five.), this is rather inconvenient. I am having to look up things like, "When do kids start speaking in sentences?" and "When do they get too heavy to pick up?" and "Two-year-olds eat solid food, right?"

There are many, many reasons you never want to ask me to babysit. These are some of them. (Another big one is because my response would probably be along the lines of, "Sorry, I was looking forward to cleaning my bathroom. With a toothbrush. And some spit.")

The other fic torturing me is less a fic than an idea--the "Susan Ivanova, Laura Roslin, and Cordelia Vorkosigan meet up and send bad guys out an airlock (or to some equivalently bad end)" idea I keep wanting to write. Except I'm not really sure how to do such a crossover without a lot of explanatory gobbledy-gook. Maybe they all stumble across the same interdimensional portal and have to kick the ass of someone trying to close it down? Or perhaps the Doctor--Ten, I think--brings them all together somehow, and they kick his ass. (That may have something to do with me just wanting to see Ten get beaten up by someone. Anyone would do.)

Maybe I could just start in medias res with Susan's boot on someone's neck and take it from there, leaving the explanation for how all three of them came to be in the same place to your fertile imaginations.


May. 5th, 2009 01:17 am
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Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post. I will start looking into how to set up RSS feeds. I plan to stick around here, because I've got paid time until Christmas, and I likes my 100+ icons, yes, I do. I'm so behind the times technologically that I don't think I'll manage to crosspost to Dreamwidth, but...maybe? Anyway, those of you who are making non-crossposted-to-LJ posts on DW, I'll try to make it so I can read y'all on my LJ flist.


I watched The Fellowship of the Ring tonight for the first time in...perhaps five years? I feel like we may have watched it before going to see ROTK in sophomore year, but I don't really remember. Anyway, it's been a while.

I had forgotten how genuinely terrifying it is. Not the shock horror of slasher flicks--well, not entirely; there are a couple of things jumping from around corners I didn't remember--but a cold dread that settles in the pit of your stomach and won't go away, but rather sits there and sends chills down your limbs. I nearly curled up in the fetal position when Gandalf recited the inscription on the ring.

Last time I watched this movie, I was more interested in Legolas and his pretty hair Frodo and his quest than in Aragorn, but Aragorn riveted my attention this time. Maybe it was because I knew how important he would become later. (Although...I'm sure I watched this again after I'd read ROTK, so who knows what it was.) Last time I watched this movie, I also hadn't been in Klein's class or read Beowulf, so it was exciting finding the influences of Old English literature on the story. (Oh, and Silmarillion! I hadn't read that, either. Now the names Luthien, Beren, and Elendil have referents in my head.)

How did I not notice how stoned Frodo looked throughout the whole movie? I mean, really. I know he was under the influence of the ring and all, but man. (Celeborn looked less vacant this time, though. That made me happy.)

I, uh, also realized I can name several of the musical cues from the soundtrack upon hearing them in the film, I've listened to it so much. Er.

But anyway, the reason I was watching it, and will be watching TTT and ROTK later this week, was of course because of my continuing Bablyon 5 obsession. I've been pointing out with glee all the ways in which JMS, ah, borrowed from LOTR, and now I got to do it in reverse, which was fun. I've (mentally) updated my B5-LOTR correspondance list with two things:

JMS managed to combine Frodo, Aragorn, and Gandalf into Sheridan (with a little leftover Gandalf going to Kosh). Um, I think Sinclair might be Elrond in a way maybe?

And...I think there might be shades of Boromir in Londo? Maybe that's stretching. They both love their empires, though, enough to attempt either stealing the ring or allying with Shadows.

Someone should write a book about the usage B5 makes of Tolkien stuff. (I would offer if I were going to stay in academia, but...nah.)

More B5

Mar. 19th, 2009 04:50 pm
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"Knives" seems less conencted to the plot arcs, but perhaps Sheridan's parasite is related to the ongoing B4 mystery... Did enjoy the random opera break between Londo and Vir. Haha. And Sam's dad played Londo's buddy! Aw, Sam's dad.

[livejournal.com profile] alto2 and I have been discussing LOTR's influence on the show, and I felt the need to write down the following associations I've come up with so far. They aren't one-to-one correspondances, and I don't know how much the similarities will influence the associatees later on, but the intellectual exercise is interesting.

Potential Spoilers )

While looking up my old posts on The Silmarillion, I ran across my brief fascination with Figwit from the movies. I see the actor has moved on to become one half of the band and star of the sitcom The Flight of the Conchords. See, I knew even in 2003 that he was going places! *g*


Dec. 26th, 2004 06:37 pm
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Whew. Making it through the entire 4-hour ROTK:EE in one sitting deserves an Oscar in itself.

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And now I have an urge to make Cupid icons. And then perhaps to actually get off my butt and plunk down the cash for a paid account so I can use all these icons I make. ;)
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Guess what I just got in the mail... *waves ROTK extended edition* Hooray for Amazon! Is that even supposed to be released until tomorrow? Anyway. No watching it until Christmas, though. All the extras should keep me occupied until at least the new year.

Speaking of which, we decorated the tree today, and it finally feels Christmassy. (Which is strange, considering that the UK seems to make a much bigger fuss over it than the US does--lights in the streets of every city/town big and small, Christmas trees everywhere, various decorations all over the place--we have the same stuff, but on a much lesser scale, and more of a "Happy Holidays" feel than a specifically Christmassy one. [livejournal.com profile] spockette, [livejournal.com profile] edithmatilda, you remember this conversation, right? ;))

Anyway...I'm resizing pictures today, hopefully to have them all uploaded and stuff by tonight, and then I'll make a biiiig Bath/Edinburgh/St. Andrews/London post. Woo-hoo!
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I sat down this afternoon intending to read Acts I and II of Henry V. Three hours and four acts later... I so need to read more of the histories. Henry is totally Aragorn. I had "The White Tree"--you know, the really majestic music from the lighting of the beacons--playing when I got to the St. Crispian's Day speech, and it was magnificent. I was already going to keep my copy of Shakey's complete works, but now I think I have to spend the summer reading the other histories. Along with all my comps reading. Um, maybe the histories can wait until the summer after that...

To continue in the same vein, a book meme from [livejournal.com profile] babylil:

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Someone's been reading too much Silmarillion. That would be me. This bit of silliness inspired by God-knows-what, but Muse kicked me about, oh, fifteen minutes ago, and here it is--an unbetaed(but spell-checked!) 700 words of pure...I don't even know. Eeek.

DISCLAIMER: Tolkien is rolling in his grave right now. He won't want 'em back.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Write me at author1@comcast.net if you don't hate me after reading this. Archive if you like. Tell me if you do.
CATEGORY: Humor. Definitely.
SUMMARY: Year 120 of the Fourth Age. Legolas and Gimli set off for Valinor. This is what they find.
NOTES: Um...I'm sorry? Please forgive me?

At the Edge of the World )

So this is my first fic and new writing-fandom of the new year. I hope it isn't some kind of sign...
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I've never posted anything that wasn't finished before, but there's a first time for everything. Here's mine. It's another silly crossover starring SG-1. Should I bother finishing it?

DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM, Gekko, Double Secret, and probably others. The Lord of the Rings and all associated stuff belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm a poor college student who's not making any money off of this; if you sue me, you'll get whatever spare change I can scrounge from under the dorm couch cushions when I go back next month.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Feedback is welcomed, and if I ever finish this, archiving will be as well. Send it all to author1@comcast.net .
CATEGORY: Humor, Crossover (semi-sorta-kinda-not quite), honest-to-god genfic(!)
SEASON/TIMELINE: Any season where Daniel's around and Sam is a major for SG-1. Doesn't really matter much for LOTR, but probably somewhere during FOTR.
NOTES: Another semi-crossover thing, although I'm aiming to use an actual character this time. Not one of the fellowship, though.

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Yes, I am really, really whacked.

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