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Vorkosigan icon: TEMPORARILY RESTORED. (On LJ, anyway.)

Some spoilers )


I was going to write a bit about this week's TV, but I just don't have the energy. Plus it would be mostly complaints, anyway, so let's just skip it, shall we? Better luck next time for all three shows.
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I'm about halfway through Captain Vorpatril's Alliance. And may I just say, I highly approve of LMB's choice of plot devices. I approve even more of the complications thereof that come along about six chapters later. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Also? Ivan is totally, totally played by Ben Browder in my head. That was sealed after the following bit of dialogue from the first chapter: "Hey, made it inside her door on t' first date! Are things lookin' up for Ma Vorpatril's boy, or what?" Oh, Ivan, you and John Crichton would get along so well.

(Though duuuuuuuuude. Someone needs to take LMB's comma key away. If I were to cross out all the unnecessary and frankly ungrammatical ones in this book, there would be pencil marks on every page.)

Awww, I don't have my Vorkosigan icon anymore. *mope*


Oct. 28th, 2010 08:19 pm
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Don't recall the link chain that got me here, but !!!!!!: "Oh, and I got to see Bujold at the U Bookstore last week, and she read a scene from what she referred to as “Ivan: His Book.” She said she has sixteen chapters of it."


*runs around screaming*

New books!

Oct. 20th, 2010 05:48 pm
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Iiiiii have a copy of Cryoburn in my hot little hands! Of course, I haven't read a Vorkosigan novel since Diplomatic Immunity came out in 2002, so we'll see how much I've forgotten in the intervening years...

I also have a copy of Blackout, which has apparently been out for a while, but I didn't realize it. Making up for lost time! And then probably buying All Clear next.

(If only I had my Cordelia icon up on DW as well as LJ!)
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Having no interest in any sport involving a ball, I've been ignoring the World Cup hoopla. However, I have heard enough about the vuvuzela controversy to find this LOTR parody absolutely hilarious. :D


In fic-writing news, I...appear to be writing kid!fic. For the fic in question, a kid was always going to be in the background, but now there have been several straight paragraphs featuring her. Given that the last time I actually interacted with a child under school-age was when I was a small child myself (No, really, I remember the last time. It was 1989. I was five.), this is rather inconvenient. I am having to look up things like, "When do kids start speaking in sentences?" and "When do they get too heavy to pick up?" and "Two-year-olds eat solid food, right?"

There are many, many reasons you never want to ask me to babysit. These are some of them. (Another big one is because my response would probably be along the lines of, "Sorry, I was looking forward to cleaning my bathroom. With a toothbrush. And some spit.")

The other fic torturing me is less a fic than an idea--the "Susan Ivanova, Laura Roslin, and Cordelia Vorkosigan meet up and send bad guys out an airlock (or to some equivalently bad end)" idea I keep wanting to write. Except I'm not really sure how to do such a crossover without a lot of explanatory gobbledy-gook. Maybe they all stumble across the same interdimensional portal and have to kick the ass of someone trying to close it down? Or perhaps the Doctor--Ten, I think--brings them all together somehow, and they kick his ass. (That may have something to do with me just wanting to see Ten get beaten up by someone. Anyone would do.)

Maybe I could just start in medias res with Susan's boot on someone's neck and take it from there, leaving the explanation for how all three of them came to be in the same place to your fertile imaginations.
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I was reading through the prompt list at [ profile] matrithon (which, might I add? Frakking awesome idea), and there's one for a Vorkosigans/Doctor Who crossover, involving Cordelia and any version of the Doctor.

If I did ficathons, I'd be all over that, for sure, because, I mean, really. How awesome would that be? The Doctor would end up half in love with and half terrified of her (as so many people do), and it would be hilarious and touching and wonderful all at the same time. She'd certainly know how to take Ten's cockiness down a peg. (Or, heh, can you see her traveling for a bit with Six and Peri? That would be hilarious.) I hope someone writes that prompt.

Part of me is still tempted to write fic where Cordelia Vorkosigan, Laura Roslin, and Susan Ivanova meet in some manner. It would be amazing. And involve airlocks. Hee.
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Laura Roslin, Susan Ivanova, and Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan. A great crossover, or THE GREATEST crossover?

(EPIC political machinations! And "shopping"!)
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I asked [ profile] alto2 to tag me for the "explain three interests/icons of the tagger's chosing" meme, and she kindly obliged. Here are the results:

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I finally got my hands on a library copy of Irresistible Forces, which, as any good Bujoldite knows, contains the much-anticipated "Winterfair Gifts."

Winterfair Gifts, with spoilers for some of the other books, too )

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