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So. Senior week. It's been raining steadily since last Thursday. That's...kind of it.

It was sort of nice for a bit Sunday afternoon, so I climbed the BFEC hill, finally. It was a bit less interesting than I thought it would be, although I'm glad I did it and can now check it off my list.

I have a few pictures from the three-hour walk Kate, Peter and I took yesterday, setting foot in every building on campus any one of us had yet to visit. That was fun, if wet. I had no idea Leonard had such nice lounges on the fourth floor.

I finally ordered food from Middle Ground (the cafe) today. It only took three years. Er, yes. (Well, two, technically, since I was 4,000 miles away all of last year. Whatever.) I went there much more often in freshman year when it was still the Red Door, I have to say. But the wrap I had was pretty good, and the salad had the most amazing sweet garlic dressing. Yum. I need to find a suitable replacement at Kroger sometime. Also, vegetables for the first time since Friday, yay! The senior week meals seem a bit lacking in the vegetable department. Ah, well. After lunch, I came home and packed a bit. Bah, packing.

Wow, that all sounds horribly boring. Uh, canoeing tomorrow! Whee! Well, if it's not raining. If it's pouring when I wake up, I reserve the right to roll over and go back to sleep. (I've been doing a lot of that this week. That and listening to DW audios. I finished Zagreus and listened to my favorite parts of Scherzo for the eleventy-first time yesterday, and got through The Creed of the Kromon and three of the four parts of The Natural History of Fear today. It's good for packing to.)

ETA: Grades are up, and I...made an A+ in Mongols. I have no idea how. The second essay of my final was an abomination. Whatever; I won't argue! I got an A+ in Choir, for obvious reasons, and A's in Fiction and Practice & Theory, which I pretty much expected. This year has been awesome, gradewise. My final average is 3.76, which means I graduate magna cum laude. Eeeexcellent.
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So I watched a whole lot of TV last week. Sunday night, we showed Kate and Meg "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," because everyone needs to see those. I showed them the Fifth Doctor two-parter (only 20 minutes each, thank God) "Black Orchid," then I showed it to Chandra. (Ellen couldn't take the eightiesness of it and had to leave partway through. Silly girl.) So...lots of TV. Followed by lots more TV, with a side helping of audios.

And here's lots of commentary. Lengthwise, it's the equivalent of a ten-page essay. Yeah. Amazing what a bit of NO MORE SCHOOL EVER until grad school/library school will do for one's time and inclination towards fannish activities. Now I just need to put some of this energy towards finding a job...

Black Orchid ramblings )

On Monday (or possibly it was Tuesday) I also watched Earthshock )

I also got my hands on a copy of the parody, The Curse of Fatal Death )

One more thought about TEC/TDD, with a reference to TGitF )

And finally, the promised Eighth Doctor Audios spaz post. Spoilers through 'Other Lives.' )
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First of all, thank you to everyone who offered congratulations on my last post. I love you all! *smooches*

In other news, I just realized that we have an extra rehearsal for the choir concert next week. I should've remembered that, yes, we usually do rehearse with the orchestra the Monday before the concert, but somehow, that slipped my mind. It's kind of the night before my big revised piece for Fiction is due. Crap.

It also just sunk in that our concert is a week from Sunday, which means one day less to work on the final draft of my P&T paper.

Have I mentioned lately that I really have a rather strong dislike for April on a great number of levels?


Apr. 18th, 2006 04:19 pm
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I passed my comps!!!!


No distinction, but, eh. I kind of figured that, since I did poetry. (Matz read my comps, hee!) Whatever, I passed! YAY!

And I would totally celebrate, except I still have three papers to write for this week. Perhaps I'll delay the celebrating until next week.

Done! Ish!

Apr. 15th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Done with the (very) rough draft of my story! Woo-hoo!!! *dances*

It's a little over 8,000 words as it stands now (that would be about 28 double-spaced pages), which is pretty much the longest complete story I've ever written. There were fanfics back in high school which shall never see the light of day which remain unfinished that were longer, but they don't quite count. So yes, this is momentous for me, even if it's really just a very short novelette.

And now I'm going to allow myself to be dragged off to watch Narnia by my loving flatmates, and return to give this a couple hours editing before I send it off to various people and then go to BED. Because wow, I can't even see straight at the moment.
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God, I hate April (academically, anyway; the weather was actually halfway decent today, and there are daffodils blooming). *hates on essays* Once I add in a header and full footnote information instead of just last names and page numbers, I'll have not quite eight pages on the P&T paper. It's not getting any better, folks. It's just not. And I have the unusual problem of feeling like I don't have enough information to make twelve pages (I probably actually do, and am just underestimating myself because that's what I do). Every other paper I've written, the problem has been exactly the opposite. Oops.

That's due Tuesday. I'm aiming to finish a draft before tomorrow's DW airing, then spend Sunday revising it into something that'll work for a first draft. Saturday is definitely going to be spent on the time travel story for Fiction. Still aiming to have that done by Tuesday as well, so I can have a week to revise it and make sure it makes exactly the amount of sense I want it to make. Then there's another mini-essay for P&T and yet another one for Mongolian due that next same week... *hates*

Of course, I'd be in better shape if I hadn't spent up until today procrastinating in the most apalling manner, but not much I can do about that now. Sigh. This is why you pick interesting essay topics, people. Otherwise, you avoid them, and nothing good comes of it.

I graduate in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. How did this happen?


Obligatory Who-related babble:

I found out recently that India Fisher, sister to Francesca Hunt (who played Rebecca Fogg in the late, lamented Secret Adventures of Jules Verne), does the voice of one of the Eighth Doctor's companions in the Big Finish audio dramas. This really quite amused me, and it totally wasn't because I'm a few pages into a DW/SAJV crossover that will probably never actually be finished, but totally includes a ripoff of the corset scene from "Southern Comfort" with Ten and Rose in it. *pokes around a bit about Charley Pollard* HA! Francesca guest-starred in one of India's adventures. Hmmm. *contemplates* That would be entertaining to hear. *pokes more* Oh, and there's canon-ish Eight/Charley 'ship, according to Wikipedia. Awww.


Quiz for the heck of it )
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Ahhhh. Due to a combination of post-comps exhaustion and losing an hour to DST (grrrr, why we can't just stay on DST all year long is beyond me...), I woke up a little before noon. Then I had leftovers from last night's excursion to Fiesta Mexicana for lunch. Last night at Wal-Mart, I got a big ol' bar of DairyMilk while I will probably break into today while I bumble about on the Internet. Eventually, I suppose, I should get some more work done on my TVA paper, but at the moment, life is good.

So, comps. Detailed post-mortem of the test, probably only of interest to the Kenyon folks on my list who are majoring in English )


I never posted on this week's Doctor Who, since that night I was kind of busy with other things. It's one of the three I hadn't seen before (the others being WWIII and The Long Game), and well... Aliens of London, with a very minor spoiler for another S1 episode which airs later )


Also, NEW S2 TRAILER SQUEE, OMG. Spoilers for...the trailer. Yes. )
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After meaning to have six pages on my TVA paper by the end of today, I have...half a paragraph.

The problem with Doctor Who, see, is that because of this whole regeneration thing, it can very much be like having ten different fandoms for the price of one. This is really quite bad from a time-management standpoint. This weekend's poison has been the Fifth Doctor, and more specifically Five/Tegan. I'm...not really sure why I picked them. I think it had something to do with an entertaining-looking fic summary somewhere, maybe Whofic, combined with remembering reading somewhere that her leaving was a bit different and more interesting than most. Also, someone wrote "Tegan is like the Eeyore of the TARDIS" as an intro to one of their fics, and I have to say, I immediately felt a kinship with her.

But now that I have wasted NEARLY THREE WHOLE DAYS, I really ought to get some work done. Bah. There is no way this paper is going to be interesting, that's why I'm avoiding it...

Comps test in four days. Still not worried. Really hoping everything I've been told is correct and that reading all the books and being able to string together fairly coherent sentences are more than is necessary to pass...


Mar. 20th, 2006 03:42 pm
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Now that I'm back at school, I have to face that whole "work" thing I didn't get too much of done over break. Sigh. Although I did finish all my comps reading this week. Well, okay, I skimmed a bit of the last two books of Paradise Lost, but I could totally take a test on it with what I know, so it's all good.

The next three weeks are just going to suck. There's no other way of putting it. Between the comps test and my paper for P&T (which...augh) and attempting to get my story for Fiction finished in time to have two weeks of revision time, I'm going to be working nonstop. Ick.

And now, since I got up at 6:30 this morning for my flight, I'm going to...drink tea, because we have a comps study session in twenty minutes. *scurries away*
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A compliation of the past 24 hours on my computer:

- I think I broke something laughing at this. And now I have the llama song stuck in my head.

- Remember how I was thinking "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" would make the best vid ever for Doctor/Rose? Well, someone actually did it. (Or rather, it's a Beatles medley with that as part of it; whatever.) Ha!

- I am currently devouring every video/audio clip and/or photo I can get of David Tennant. God, the man is ADORABLE. The accent makes him even more so. And he was a DW fanboy! Hee! Not to mention he sounds fairly intelligent when some reporter shoves a microphone in front of his face, which is always a plus.

- I've never seen it (although I think PBS may be doing its usual import of BBC dramas and including it this year, yay!), but from what I can tell, Blackpool could best be described as "cracktastic." Check out Clip 4 here, and a longer clip in the comments here. The police capture a teenage criminal while lip-synching and doing Broadway-style dance to The Smiths? Meh? I sat there for a long time afterwards going, "...the who in the what now?" And then I watched it a few more times because it was just so bizarre.

- I would hope that this has been recc'ed all over the damn internet by now, but if you've missed it: Nostalgia's Notes on the Domestication of Birds. Mind-bendy and heart-bendy and perfect. F'r instance: "Either way people didn't tend to hang about and he could stand there trying to look deeply immersed in official Tesco thoughts. Tesco Value thoughts, perhaps, which weren't as good but were a better deal for that penny people were always offering for them." Exactly what you're thinking has happened has happened, and it is done so. well.

- I finally found some reeeeally good DW vids here. Very good. [ profile] castalianspring, I think you would particularly enjoy the music of the "Exile" vid, even if you're not a Who fan.

- [ profile] laserhead, I can't believe I didn't rec this series to you earlier, since I found it about a month ago, must read it. The regeneration makes the tenth Doctor into a chemist. I assume, since the author is getting a chem degree, the chem stuff is fairly accurate.

This post has totally not been brought to you by me meticulously working my way through the archives of [ profile] time_and_chips. Not at ALL.


Spent the morning at the public library. Found out that the archives of the Tennessean and Nashville Banner are not indexed. Oof. Spent a while flicking through some reels of microfilm before giving up and deciding to get as many actual dates as possible before trying that again, instead of just waltzing in with "1933-1940." Ugh. Lord, flicking through microfilm that fast gives me a headache like nothing else.

Now, I'm off to tackle me some Blake for comps. Ick.


Feb. 15th, 2006 04:38 pm
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Today is a beautiful day. Do you know why today is a beautiful day? I don't have another essay for Mongolian Empire due a week from today. It has, in fact, been pushed to "later," which may mean a week from Friday, or possibly even the Wednesday after that. I know which one I'm gunning for. Also, it is 54F outside(!!!), and I got my paycheck today. It's only $30, but for five hours of doing homework and occasionally reading some poor kid's paper, I'm not complaining.

Of course, I still have my proposal due tomorrow, and two assignments for Fiction and P&T due on Tuesday, but now I might actually have time to sleep this weekend. Amazing!


Also: Johari and Nohari, because I'm equal-opportunityist like that.


Finally, I think I might die of cute via this icon. Ha!
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Comps are half over! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Although I did have a minor heart attack around 1 PM this afternoon when we all discovered that we had to have a paragraph explaining "the genesis of your project and why you feel it is an appropriate culmination fothe English major." Way to not tell us that, ever, and hide it away in a dim and dusty corner of the website. Oy.

But the written part is done. All that remains is to finish Blake, finish Paradise Lost, finish Persuasion, and take the test on April 1.

Of course, now I have to catch up on all the work that didn't get done this weekend because of comps (and possibly because of frivolity involving Doctor Who... *whistles innocently*)

Speaking of which, hand!porn has infested the story I'm writing for Fiction class. Of course, it is about ballroom, and is thus somewhat more appropriate. Still.

Comments replies after Thursday, I believe. I really do love you all, but...yeah. Proposal. Annotated bibliography. Gah.

P.S. I succumbed to the Johari window madness. Le sigh.


Feb. 8th, 2006 01:40 pm
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Nothing like being too busy to even pop up on LJ and say, "I'm really busy! See you all next week!" Which, yes, is exactly what's happened to me. I have:

- A 750-word document analysis due for P&T on Friday (which I have to rewrite most of as I wrote it before he explained it in class on Tuesday, and of course it was wrong. I'm getting a mite irked at the history department's lack of advance warning/explanation on things like this, because some of us have multiple obligations from Tuesday-Thursday, and like to get as much done as possible over the weekend and Monday)

- A 1000-word paper for Mongolian also due Friday, the requirements of which were just e-mailed around today (*headdesk*)

- Comps due on Monday, OMG

- The proposal for my P&T paper due a week from Friday.

So, yeah. Busy. If you see me here before Tuesday, yell at me, 'cause I need to be working.

(BTW, for anyone new here, or if you've just missed the explanation of comps: these nine poems I'm submitting, along with a big-ass test over a long reading list in April, are what determine if I graduate or not. Thank you, vestigial organs of the British academic system. Okay, so it's very, very difficult to fail English comps, from what I hear, but I want distinction, dammit, and I want these poems to be good just for my own pride, so I'm freaking out JUST A BIT.)


However, in my desperate attempt to avoid productivity Sunday afternoon, I ended up watching the first episode of the new Doctor Who. "So bad it's good" does not begin to cover it. I mean, spoilers ) Although I hear it gets less silly as it goes along, which is kind of sad...
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I think I finally figured out a workable topic for my P&T paper. I was going to do songcatchers in Appalachia, but I couldn't find hardly anything aside from the movie of the same name. Not even much on the Federal Music Project of which some of them were a part, which is very strange, as I definitely remember learning about it at some point in middle or high school. Huh.

But anyway, I decided to combine it with research about the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority; builds dams and generates power and such) to see if I can draw some conclusions about how the New Deal better integrated certain parts of Southern Appalachia with the rest of the country. Surely I can get between 12 and 15 pages out of that combination.


Dec. 30th, 2005 12:47 pm
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Boo-proverbial-yah )


Also: this is what I've been doing for the past week. There are still a few kinks that need to be worked out--the wonky date listings on some of the pages, for one thing--but I now have all my pictures on my own website (or at least linked to from my own website).


Dec. 19th, 2005 08:25 pm
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I think I might go to bed even more stupidly early tonight than last night. Then, y'know, start on comps work. But at least I've promised myself to concentrate on the poetry-writing part of that over break...
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I think it might be time to face the fact that I have a slight caffeine addiction. I am literally incapable of making it through the day without a cup of tea anymore. It's quite sad. I'd intended to go all day today without a cup so that I can actually go to bed before midnight in order to not be a zombie for my exam at 8:30 tomorrow morning, but... *glances at steeping cup* Yeah, that didn't go well.

But in better news, all my history outlines are finally done! This is despite me spending all morning yesterday Learning Scots Gaelic through flash games at the BBC's website.

Hey, that exam tomorrow morning is Linguistics...playing around with another language could totally be considered studying...even when I remember none of it...

I'll reply to the mess of comments in my inbox...tomorrow. After my evening exam. Or, if I feel the need to procrastinate more, tonight. *sigh* Can't wait for tomorrow to be over...

P.S. It's snowing again. Looking forward to being out of this whole "winter" thing for about a month...
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For my Linguistics paper, in which I'm doing a linguistic analysis of scenes from Elizabethtown, I'm supposed to include a section on the "communicative effect" of the "speech event," which as far as I know, basically means "describe the interaction."

So of course I have a whole paragraph on how Drew and Claire talking on the plane and her offering to draw him a map from Louisville to Elizabethtown is foreshadowing of the fact that she will be his key to understanding his family (his translator, even), and that she's playing Virgil to his Dante in the dark, dark wood of northern Kentucky.

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Hey, [ profile] asinpterodactyl, do you think our Linguistics professor would correctly interpret "Claire's offer to draw him a map further emphasizes her position as Virgil to Drew's Dante"? 'Cause I'd have no qualms making that reference in an English paper, but Linguistics...I dunno.

(And despite not actually taking the Dante class, this is the third paper I've written since sophomore year in which I've made reference to the Divine Comedy. What gives?)


In other news, I'm apparently interchangeable with [ profile] laserhead. Does this mean I get to use my sudden chem knowledge to blow up the world?
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Should be:
- 45 lines of The Seafarer translated into modern English
- 40 lines of The Wanderer translated into modern English
- Books 5-9 of Paradise Lost read
- Two comps poems written, one completed/revised
- The second half of Persuasion looked at, with an eye to finishing sometime soon

- 45 lines of The Seafarer translated into modern English
- 10 lines of The Wanderer translated
- Book 5 of Paradise Lost read
- One comps poem started
- Another round of cursing at the poem that won't end completed
- Persuasion given several looks of revulsion

About par for Thanksgiving break, really. *shrug*


I felt cheated by "Trophee Eric Bompard" not being on this week (it's next week; I misread the schedule on Monday :(), so I popped in some of my old ice dance tapes. Lord, I'd forgotten what horrors in costuming were committed in the early nineties. Not that they ever stopped being committed; the ones in my icon are circa 2000, I believe, but...whoa. 1993 was just painful. Like, neon Spandex painful. Even illusion fabric usually isn't quite that bad. (Punsalan and Swallow and your lime green horror, I'm looking at you.) At least the skating was still nice. I'd forgotten about Roca/Sur's "Perhaps" program (to the Cake version of the song, no less). Heh. They're such good actors, in addition to the lovely skating.


Snakes on a Plane meme )


I feel a strong desire to see some Invisible Man episodes. I wonder if I have any on tape anywhere. Or maybe I'll be really lazy and just make do with fic, thus not having to move from the couch...

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