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Ahhhh. Due to a combination of post-comps exhaustion and losing an hour to DST (grrrr, why we can't just stay on DST all year long is beyond me...), I woke up a little before noon. Then I had leftovers from last night's excursion to Fiesta Mexicana for lunch. Last night at Wal-Mart, I got a big ol' bar of DairyMilk while I will probably break into today while I bumble about on the Internet. Eventually, I suppose, I should get some more work done on my TVA paper, but at the moment, life is good.

So, comps. Detailed post-mortem of the test, probably only of interest to the Kenyon folks on my list who are majoring in English )


I never posted on this week's Doctor Who, since that night I was kind of busy with other things. It's one of the three I hadn't seen before (the others being WWIII and The Long Game), and well... Aliens of London, with a very minor spoiler for another S1 episode which airs later )


Also, NEW S2 TRAILER SQUEE, OMG. Spoilers for...the trailer. Yes. )
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(The first part was painful beyond reckoning, but I really liked my essay for the second. Fuller post-mortem to follow, perhaps, at some point after I collapse.)
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Less than 24 hours now until comps are over and done with.


New-to-me Doctor Who tonight.

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According to Outpost Gallifrey, This isn't really a spoiler for season three, because it's beyond basic casting information that you've all probably already figured out from the fact that it's for S3, but I'll cut it anyway for people who plan to live under a rock for the next year )

(WARNING: That link has a big spoiler for episode one of season two towards the top of the page, and of course casting and brief plot summary details for all the episodes of season two in the sidebar.)

Yeah, [ profile] rowdycamels and I definitely had a big ol' dancing squeefest when I read that. Us R Geeks in this flat.

Casting spoiler for Season Two )


Also, if you haven't seen the new picture on the BBC's DW main page, take a look. I slapped together this wallpaper using it for my own use, but thought I'd put it up here anyway in case anyone else was interested. Brushes are from Hybrid-Genesis.


Still kinda-sorta freaking out about comps. I feel a bit like I have the constant caffeine level of about 2.5 cups of coffee in my system. THANKS SO MUCH, ENGLISH DEPARTMENT. I was doing much better before that e-mail was sent out. Bah. Although at least I now know that I won't have to write an essay on either George Herbert or William Blake, and can concentrate my remaining two days on reading up some criciticism on Eavan Boland, since whatever poem of hers they pick is undoubtedly what I'll choose to write the essay on, because...dude. Duh.


Seriously, I'm getting hand tremors. I've had to type each sentences in here about three times. (Although I think some of that is due to excitement about the spoilers above. But.)

Saturday. 3:30 PM (or whenever I finish the essay). I am LIVING for that hour right now.
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After meaning to have six pages on my TVA paper by the end of today, I have...half a paragraph.

The problem with Doctor Who, see, is that because of this whole regeneration thing, it can very much be like having ten different fandoms for the price of one. This is really quite bad from a time-management standpoint. This weekend's poison has been the Fifth Doctor, and more specifically Five/Tegan. I'm...not really sure why I picked them. I think it had something to do with an entertaining-looking fic summary somewhere, maybe Whofic, combined with remembering reading somewhere that her leaving was a bit different and more interesting than most. Also, someone wrote "Tegan is like the Eeyore of the TARDIS" as an intro to one of their fics, and I have to say, I immediately felt a kinship with her.

But now that I have wasted NEARLY THREE WHOLE DAYS, I really ought to get some work done. Bah. There is no way this paper is going to be interesting, that's why I'm avoiding it...

Comps test in four days. Still not worried. Really hoping everything I've been told is correct and that reading all the books and being able to string together fairly coherent sentences are more than is necessary to pass...


Mar. 20th, 2006 03:42 pm
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Now that I'm back at school, I have to face that whole "work" thing I didn't get too much of done over break. Sigh. Although I did finish all my comps reading this week. Well, okay, I skimmed a bit of the last two books of Paradise Lost, but I could totally take a test on it with what I know, so it's all good.

The next three weeks are just going to suck. There's no other way of putting it. Between the comps test and my paper for P&T (which...augh) and attempting to get my story for Fiction finished in time to have two weeks of revision time, I'm going to be working nonstop. Ick.

And now, since I got up at 6:30 this morning for my flight, I'm going to...drink tea, because we have a comps study session in twenty minutes. *scurries away*
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It would be wrong to just read the half- or one-page prose "Argument" (aka "summary") Milton put at the beginning of each book of Paradise Lost and skip the actual poem bits. Despite how very tempting it is, it would be wrong, especially since I'm partway through Book 9 at this point anyway, and only have three and a half more to go.

But oh, God, it's tempting.


Inspired by a post from [ profile] asinpterodactyl, I picked up Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward, both by Patricia C. Wrede, from the library today when I was there on another futile search for newspaper articles relating to my P&T paper topic. I read the second of those books a few years ago, but never quite twigged that it was a sequel, or never bothered to get the first book, or something. Anyway, they're highly entertaining, particularly since I know the ending of the second book, and it's adorable.

I realized about fifty pages in that Mairelon and Kim could easily be the Doctor and Rose in an AU (or vice-versa, of course). The characters and relationship between them are remarkably similar. David Tennant is absolutely my mental version of Mairelon. Kim is less like Rose/Billie--she owes more to Eliza Doolittle than anything--but it still works. Hooray for cuteness!


I got more of my hair chopped off yesterday than I'd really planned. It's at least as short, possibly shorter, than it was when I came back from Thanksgiving sophomore year. It's not a bad haircut--it's very spring-like--but is a bit irritating in that the sides won't stay tucked behind my ears very well. It'll be about a month before they grow the quarter-inch or so necessary for that to work. Until then, I suppose I should invest in barettes. Hmph.

I managed to floor the lady who cut my hair when I told her I was about to graduate from college. She'd thought I was fifteen, sixteen at the most, and on break from high school. Oil of Olay really ought to hire me for their ad campaigns.


I got purple shoes today. Well, grey and purple, but whatever. Yay purple! Also a skirt that's plum, rust, and gold, which I love, but cannot find a top to go with. But I'd been eyeing it every time I went into Kohl's for the better part of a year, and it was $7, so... Maybe tomorrow I can find something at another store.


Hey, here's an icon that fits pretty much all the topics of this post in various ways... (Ask me why and you'll get a long reply on the glory that is Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series. C'mon, you know you wanna.)
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I'm a bit more coherent now.

...Actually, I'm not any more coherent than I was last night. But I am more verbose, which is something, I suppose.

Spoilers for 'Lay Down Your Burdens Pt. 2' )


In other news, I've finally finished The Stupid Book. It ended as stupidly as I thought it would. If Anne had only shown some of the pissiness or righteous anger she was more than entitled to, it might have been redeemable, but of course she wouldn't do that. *rolls eyes* Blech.
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Lord, give me patience, and give it to me RIGHT NOW. At least long enough to finish this STUPID book.

At least Pride and Prejudice had the always-amusing Mr. Bennett to help me along. Persuasion has...a Mary Sue. A really DUMB Mary Sue. And a lot of twittering girls, and at least two, possibly three men who are or will soon be related called "Charles," and a REALLY STUPID PLOT. Stupid like the "heroine," Anne, brushes off her boyfriend because he's of a lower social class, and when he comes back eight years later, all rich and suddenly a good, marriageable prospect, and yet has the gall to be interested in Anne's sister-in-law, she gets all whiny about it. But not in an actual whiny way, just a, "Oh! Could he possibly still love me? He looked at me when I was in the room with him for a moment! He must! Except I can't possibly approach him and ASK HIM because I am far too reserved and shy and I know my place in society!" kind of whiny, the kind that's so utterly perfect and self-sacrificing and sweet, to the point of inducing complete dental rot, that you just want to slap her.

I have never hated a character I'm supposed to like as much as I hate Anne. She's so consistently sweet and calm and good and I just want to kill her. Dude, she has to "pause a moment to recover from the emotion" of hearing the ex-boyfriend call her "proper" and "capable." OH MY GOD, HE CALLED ME CAPABLE! BE STILL, MY BEATING HEART!

And all the other characters are so obviously meant to be foils for Anne's innocence and light act, which is irritating in the most Mary Sue-ish of ways. At least Louisa seems to have a little PERSONALITY here and there, but she is ALWAYS compared to Anne, and Anne is of course perfect and wonderful and can do no wrong. Ever. Then Louisa gets knocked out and is laid up in bed for a while, thus taking any semblance of life the book might have had far, far away.

I still have eighty pages of this crap to slog through. Eighty more pages of simpering females, dull-as-dishwater men, little insinuations that Anne is the best thing since sliced bread, and OH MY GOD, I HATE THIS BOOK WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND FIERY, BURNING SUNS.
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Squee! TWoP is doing Doctor Who recaps when it starts airing on Sci-Fi in two weeks! Score! *dances around*

I'm home now, BTW. My flight was delayed last night by more than an hour, but when the ticket says you reach your destination five minutes after you leave, I suppose I can't complain. *is eternally amused by the conjunction of time zones and air travel* I even got most of PL Book VI read on the plane, which means I only have three pages to read today, in addition to catching myself up on Persuasion so I can, theoretically, finish it this week. (I swear, if there is one comps book I don't finish, that one's gonna be it. DIE, JANE AUSTEN, DIE.)
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Hey, it's going to get up to near 70 next week at home. I've so packed my sandals and, perhaps optomistically, a pair of capris. Not quite foolish enough for shorts, but shortish pants, I think, will work.

My brain is absolutely on break already. We're watching a movie in my one class tomorrow, and I'm leaving for the airport right after that. I got some research and some comps reading done at work tonight, so now I don't have to take home quite as many books. I'm giving myself a free pass until Saturday, when the hell that is six days of Milton at one book a day will begin. (Because that worked so well over the summer...I started in July, and was on Book Four by September. Sigh.) Theoretically, lots of work is getting done over this vacation, because whoa, things are totally due when I come back. Grrr. Also, FINDING A JOB would be a good thing. I should look into that.

I'm currently obsessing over "The Lark Ascending," and have been for the past several days. Is very pretty. Is so pretty that I voluntarily looked it up on JSTOR just to see if there was anything I could comprehend in the way of analysis of the pretty that would lead to further appreciation. It is absolutely not giving me a fic idea. *twiddles thumbs*

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on Sunday! When on Earth did I get to be 22?
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Comps are half over! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Although I did have a minor heart attack around 1 PM this afternoon when we all discovered that we had to have a paragraph explaining "the genesis of your project and why you feel it is an appropriate culmination fothe English major." Way to not tell us that, ever, and hide it away in a dim and dusty corner of the website. Oy.

But the written part is done. All that remains is to finish Blake, finish Paradise Lost, finish Persuasion, and take the test on April 1.

Of course, now I have to catch up on all the work that didn't get done this weekend because of comps (and possibly because of frivolity involving Doctor Who... *whistles innocently*)

Speaking of which, hand!porn has infested the story I'm writing for Fiction class. Of course, it is about ballroom, and is thus somewhat more appropriate. Still.

Comments replies after Thursday, I believe. I really do love you all, but...yeah. Proposal. Annotated bibliography. Gah.

P.S. I succumbed to the Johari window madness. Le sigh.


Feb. 8th, 2006 01:40 pm
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Nothing like being too busy to even pop up on LJ and say, "I'm really busy! See you all next week!" Which, yes, is exactly what's happened to me. I have:

- A 750-word document analysis due for P&T on Friday (which I have to rewrite most of as I wrote it before he explained it in class on Tuesday, and of course it was wrong. I'm getting a mite irked at the history department's lack of advance warning/explanation on things like this, because some of us have multiple obligations from Tuesday-Thursday, and like to get as much done as possible over the weekend and Monday)

- A 1000-word paper for Mongolian also due Friday, the requirements of which were just e-mailed around today (*headdesk*)

- Comps due on Monday, OMG

- The proposal for my P&T paper due a week from Friday.

So, yeah. Busy. If you see me here before Tuesday, yell at me, 'cause I need to be working.

(BTW, for anyone new here, or if you've just missed the explanation of comps: these nine poems I'm submitting, along with a big-ass test over a long reading list in April, are what determine if I graduate or not. Thank you, vestigial organs of the British academic system. Okay, so it's very, very difficult to fail English comps, from what I hear, but I want distinction, dammit, and I want these poems to be good just for my own pride, so I'm freaking out JUST A BIT.)


However, in my desperate attempt to avoid productivity Sunday afternoon, I ended up watching the first episode of the new Doctor Who. "So bad it's good" does not begin to cover it. I mean, spoilers ) Although I hear it gets less silly as it goes along, which is kind of sad...
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The Columbus airport has seen fit to entertain me until my plane leaves via wireless internet. Ahhhhhhh. I heart you, Columbus airport. You've saved me from having to read William Blake, and then summarily sporking myself because the man is a HACK who wrote all his poems while high on opium. Or so I assume, anyway, from what I've read.

Ahhhhhh, sweet internet of life!
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Yesterday, I wrote but did not post: "The weather is doing very strange things. It's been in the 60s for a week, which means I feel right at home, but which is quite odd for Ohio."

Yeah, a cold front came through last night. Big surprise. Now it's in the 40s, and I am sad.

A big thunderstorm came through over the weekend and blew all the leaves from the trees. It also seems to have blown my ability to care about anything away; everything this week has seemed like so much effort, and all I want to do is sit and read something silly or sleep. (Although I did make it to ballroom twice this week--including a Svetlana lesson--which is an improvement from the zero sessions I'd been to in the last two weeks.) As you can tell from my lack of updates, comments, and responses to comments, I've been kind of "bleh" at LJ, too. I think the weather is at fault, as is the ending of Daylight Saving Time, which means it gets dark at 5 PM, which is SO DEPRESSING.

Also, I think once I turned in my history paper, I didn't have hardly anything to do, so I was just kind of at a loss. I should've worked more on my comps this week. I fixed one poem and drafted one more, and I read about twenty pages of Paradise Lost (which is roughly equivalent to ten million pages of a non-annoying book, so go me). But I feel like I could've done more. *shrug* Ah, well. Perhaps tonight. I will definitely finish Book IV of that stupid poem tonight, which will leave me with a mere 200 pages to get to before April 1st!

Or I could take a nap...hmmm...


Sep. 20th, 2005 06:34 pm
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*beats comps proposal with a stick*


I'm not allowed to reply to any e-mails or comments or do anything relating to the Internet until this is done. Even if it means I can't check my e-mail until next week. GRRRR.
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Running around like a distressed squirrel? Check.

Five million things to do this week? Check.

Inordinant amounts of time playing Nintendo in order to procrastinate? Check.

I have two proposals due Monday, one for the written portion of my comps (COMPS, OH MY GOD), and the other for the history paper. I'm rather stymied by the English one, because...300 words about poems I haven't written yet? Meh? I don't know what a poem's about until I've finished writing it. I'm trying to be as vague as possible, and going off of the four I've already written when I can.

Silly me, I'm also contemplating going to the Purdue ballroom competition next month. I'm only doing so because it's less than six hours away, and we'd be leaving right after the comp instead of staying another night, so we'd get back late that night instead of sometime the next afternoon. Problem is, I don't see me having time to go to practice very often for the next month, and I remember NOTHING. The idea of me dancing bronze without a whole lot of practice is...laughable, to say the least. But at the moment, there is a gender imbalance, and there's an extra GUY. (I know, I'm shocked, too.) If no other girl goes, I'd get to do all four sections, instead of just one or two.

Meep! I'll see what the next week brings.

But now, time to go pound my head against the wall as I work on this proposal...
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Have I said that I hate Thursdays? Because I do. In additon to the three classes I've had today and the three-hour stint I'll have at the Writing Center tonight, we had the English comps meeting right at lunchtime (though luckily it was short enough that I still got lunch). There was less of a "you're going to die" theme than I thought there would be, which was nice. More of a "if you work hard, you might actually be able to do this" feeling. Guys, we've got to start some comps study groups. Seriously. And I need to write my proposal soon, 'cause my history paper proposal is due on the same day, and I have to read a good chunk of my bibliography before I write that. Oof.

Speaking of which, apparently the Collegian [campus newspaper] wants to interview me for an article about the history minor. Rather nifty--the only other time I was in the paper was when Peter and I placed fourth in Newcomer Waltz at...I think it was Michigan...our freshman year. Or maybe it was for our fifth-place finish in Swing at Purdue that year. Whatever; it was a result within the larger context of an article about the competition. This time I might actually get quoted.

But yeah, main point = Thursdays are not cool. They will be even less cool once Hika starts up, as those meetings are usually right after my Writign Center shift. Ow.
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Oooh, oooh! The written portion of my comps isn't due until February! All summer I thought it was due in December! Woo-hoo!


Thursdays are incredibly long (three 80-minute classes, then two and a half hours working at the Writing Center--which meant doing homework tonight, as only two people came, but whatever), but that has made my day. Although I managed to get a lot of work done over the summer with the idea that it was due earlier there to poke me in the butt, so hey. It was a useful bit of misunderstanding.
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I have gone forth into battle with my scrapbook, and I have defeated the mighty beast! Well, mostly. We'll see how well it holds up. It uses these little steel spindle-looking things that are about a quarter of an inch long to hold the pages onto the binding. You expand it by adding more of them. If one of these things equals roughly twenty front and back pages, and I have a total of five...well, yeah. And I think I'll still have pictures left over. Ow. And no matter how many pages I put together (I'm at mid-March right now), the pile doesn't seem to get any smaller. Sisyphus, meet rock.


I got Contact from Netflix a few days ago for want of anything better to rent. Seen it a couple times before, but I do love it. I remember the first time I saw it (in the theatre), I was thirteen or so, and I was all, "I'm gonna be Ellie someday!" However, that was the summer before I started Algebra. I mention that because that class that informed in no uncertain terms that I was never, ever, ever going to make it as an astrophysicist, whereas before I'd been the girl who read the entire physics/astronomy section at the library (skipping over the math, of course) at age twelve. Math and I do not get along AT ALL.

Now a very, very small part of me still wants to be Ellie, but I spent most of the movie this time ogling the camera work. Okay, the long pans and zooms could have been cut a bit and the movie made about half an hour shorter, but they're still preeeeetty. So very pretty.


I made soda bread last night from a recipe here (scroll down until you get to "white soad bread"). Surprisingly enough, it tastes exactly like...buttermilk biscuits. Hmmm. That couldn't possibly be because they're made from the exact same ingredients. Never. But it's thick and crumbly instead of light and flaky, and at any rate it's very tasty, if not quite what I was expecting after having had the real thing in Ireland a few months ago. I'll have to try the brown bread sometime soon.


And now, progress report on the

Summer Reading List from Hell

Paradise Lost
A Midsummer Night's Dream

George Herbert - Various poems
A. Pope - The Rape of the Lock; An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
William Blake - Songs of Innocence and of Experience; The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Jane Austen - Persuasion (Only a little more than halfway, technically, but who's counting?)
Henry James - The Turn of the Screw (Finished last night, wheee!)
Virginia Woolf - Mrs. Dalloway
V.S. Naipaul - A House for Mr. Biswas (Ewwwww.)
Audre Lorde - Zami, A New Spelling of My Name
Eavan Boland - Various poems

Next up is Zami, then Paradise Lost, then finishing Persuasion. Then probably one of the Blakes and the Pope. So a text a week until I'm back at Kenyon, which leaves three more for Thanksgiving and Christmas, then all of spring break to review everything before the test.

Yes, Virginia, I am saving you for DEAD LAST. HA.

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