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Paper Aeroplanes is a Welsh boy-girl band I've been listening to lately. Imagine Stars, if Stars were fronted by Zooey Deschanel.

Several songs I like:
My First Love
Red Rover
Make a Wish
Winter Never Comes"


Another thing I want to rec is a due South fic: "The Great Northern Maple Syrup Adventure," by nutmeg9cat. It's novel-length gen with a few hints of Fraser/Thatcher UST, and it reads just like an episode, with a good mystery, wacky Canadian hijinks, and excellently characterized versions of Fraser, Vecchio, Thatcher, and Diefenbaker. Seriously, go read it now. It makes me want to write dS fic again!

P.S. On this note, please, someone talk me out of writing the AMAZING horrible AU where Fraser and Thatcher are pairs skaters. Or where they have to solve a crime via skating. Skate America is held in Chicago and they get caught up in a judging scandal which takes out the Canadian pair who were in on it, and at the last minute they have to step in FOR THE GLORY OF CANADA, maybe. Hey, they're Mounties, I'm sure they're good at something wintery and outdoorsy like ice skating. Anyway, their skating somehow breaks the case open, because the corrupt judge reveals him/herself in scoring them. Turnbull sews their costumes (red, possibly with maple leaves, naturally) out of some stretch fabric they have lying around the Consulate for undisclosed emergencies. Vecchio and/or Kowalski make disparaging comments about figure skating throughout the whole thing, but then are the loudest cheering section during the actual event.


Not yet, anyway.
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Awesome crossover idea: A serial killer is on the loose somewhere in the US, and the characters of Castle, due South, Bones, Body of Proof, and Rizzoli & Isles have to team up to catch him or her. Some or all of the following happens:

I have obviously given this FAR too much thought. )

You know what would also be amazing? If Mary McDonnell were to guest star on BoP as, like, Bud and Sam's lieutenant/captain, or one of Megan's old med school mentors or neurologist colleagues or something. Anything where she and Dana Delany would share several scenes. I think my screen would implode from that much awesome on it.

(ETA: Come to think of it, DD did guest star in an episode of BSG ("Sacrifice"). I should rewatch that and see if they were in a scene together...)
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...Dammit, Passchendaele, thanks to you I am now plotting the fic where Fraser, having hunted an international criminal to the vicinity of Niagara Falls, guilts Jaye Tyler into helping solve the case (with the unbeknownst-to-him assistance of her talking menagerie, of course). Arrrrrggghhhh.


Reasons why I love folk music: Five musicians came together in 2009 (150 years after the publication of The Origin of Species) to make a concept album about Charles Darwin. YES. And it's kind of awesome. Three songs in particular I like: We're All Leaving, Mother of My Soul, and Emma's Lullaby.

I found out about this album after searching for Karine Polwart songs I hadn't heard yet. (I've recc'ed her before; she's gorgeous.) In doing so, I discovered Krista Detor, who is excellent as well. She's a bit more country-flavored, perhaps. I particularly like A Red Bowl (link goes to a live version that's hard to hear, sorry). I have yet to check out their individual bodies of work, but the other people involved in this project were Rachael McShane, Jez Lowe, Chris Wood, Emily Smith (who I have heard before, and is quite nice), Stu Hannah, and Mark Erelli

The other band I want to rec is Horse Feathers, who despite being from Portland sound like nothing so much as a modernized, slowed-down Rankin Family. I like what I've heard, but I do have a caveat: there's something about the lead singer's voice and singing style; he slurs his words (a shame, because the lyrics are contemplative and lovely) and is otherwise kind of...vague, but without being attractively ethereal. If they'd do an instrumental, I'd be all over it.

Nevertheless, Thistled Spring is lovely. Given the lyrics, I really enjoy that it sounds almost like a melancholy iteration of a wedding march at the beginning and end. The Drought is the most Rankin Family-ish of their offerings, and I also like Starving Robin.


[ profile] fandom_stocking stockings are going to be revealed today! Hooray! (Actually, I think they've almost all been revealed, but there might be some to go?) I will make a roundup post of everything I did for the fest later tonight.


Nov. 30th, 2010 10:41 am
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Hmmm. I appear to be writing fanfic for my fake TV show. I'd say I'm writing actual canon for it, because it's mine and technically anything I write for it is canon, right? reads like fic. It really does. This is not a short story, with its associated rising and falling action, etc., in any way, shape, or form. It does not introduce the characters in any meaningful way. It's totally four little filler fics stuck together because they share a theme. (Not to mention that some of the voices are ripped straight out of fanfic. And by "some" I pretty much mean "all.")

That said: in this universe, by 2231 Vancouver has a major league baseball team. (WHY do I keep writing characters who like team sports when I hate them, why why why?) I need a name for this team. I get the impression that baseball team names usually have some connection to their city, and sports team names in general often make reference to sharp pointy objects, such as an animal with sharp teeth, a person whose job it was to fight with swords or spears, &tc. Granted, baseball naming appears less bloodthirsty than other sports.

Anyway, the only two names I can come up with are Pioneers and (Killer) Whales. The first one has promise; the second, not so much. Suggestions? If it helps, this team is not very good; they aren't as unlucky as the Cubs (who, sorry to say, are still the watchword for "lost hope" even two centuries on), but they aren't in danger of stumbling into a World Series anytime soon, so something that sounds hapless might be good.

Also, a related question: let's say that someone is commenting on a team's haplessness, and doing so by saying, "They haven't won a title/pennant/championship/? in twenty years!" I don't really know how baseball playoffs are structured, but I want to emphasize that this team has not been doing well, so what level would they not exceed if they sucked just enough for non-fans to make fun of them, but for fans to keep cheering them on?
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Welcome to the Create Your Own Fake TV Show Meme from [ profile] mylittleredgirl, who gave me this most excellent list of actors with which to cast my pretend series:
Claudia Christian
Jerry Doyle
Chi McBride
Terry Farrell
Grace Park
Paul Gross
Jessica Steen

I decided I needed more than seven characters (why, yes, I do like huge ensemble shows, why do you ask?), so I added Susan Coyne, Lee Pace, and Mary McDonnell in small/reoccurring roles.

Not very far into this, I realized that I was getting most of my ideas from other TV shows. Specifically, this pretty much mashes up Babylon 5 and Atlantis, with maybe a bit of due South for spice, and a scoop of BSG's paranoia, because this is 2010 and paranoia is in style. I decided to just run with the derivations, not to mention the typecasting I put some of the actors through, so you will likely recognize certain elements. But we are well into the postmodern era now, and one of the hallmarks of postmodern storytelling is pastiche, so in fact I am just being all highbrow and literary. I have a master's degree in this stuff, so I should know. ;)

(But seriously. When you need a security-conscious, humanity-first president who is nevertheless probably not actively evil, who ELSE are you going to choose besides Mary McDonnell? I ask you.)

I, er, also realized that I know nothing about diplomacy, so making five of my characters diplomats may not have been the smartest move...but I'm forging on anyway. It's probably a good thing that the closest I would ever get to writing this is, like, fluffy shipfic for some of the characters or possibly fic where the three aides have a weekly standing date to bitch about their bosses down at the bar.

For the most part, the actors here are supposed to be playing pretty close to their actual ages as of 2010. However, two of them just stepped out of a time-warp from 1994 'cause, well, that show is the only thing I've ever seen them in, and I like to have decent mental pictures of my characters, okay?

Beyond the Stars

Are you sure you want to eat that? )

Meme Rules )
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Hmmmm. The Bad Idea Bear on my shoulder is whispering in my ear about rereading Ethan of Athos and then writing improbable crossover femslash pairing Elli Quinn and Susan Ivanova.*

There is also a possibility that I have a couple lines of dialogue written for a crossover where Delenn and Laura Roslin have a chat. I still haven't figured out how they might actually meet, but I'm leaning toward "Laura has a vision and meets Delenn in it."

In other news, Dear Brain: Just because our fake TV series includes a variant of Space Elves does not mean the characters need to have names straight out of Tolkien. Please to be coming up with less silly ones.

* Who is apparently my little black dress for ALL OF FANDOM EVER. Oh, the irony.
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Just FYI, Joyce has completely infested my brain. (I mean, I knew this already. But now I have confirmation.) First I make a conscious decision to write something around a couple lines from "The Dead." Then in the fourth sentence, I write a metaphor that is lovely, and yet oddly familiar. Thinking...thinking...googling...ah, yes. It is in fact from the third chapter of Portrait of the Artist.

Now I just need to include something from Ulysses (a library with Cyclopean Citizen? a newsroom where headlines blow like winds? an unenactable play where the main character turns into a pig?) and a few nonsense syllables or portmanteaus for Finnegan's Wake, and I'll be all set. Since what I'm writing is told from a female point of view despite all the Joycean overtones, I feel very self-satisfyingly subversive right now.

...Sorry, sorry. Irish Lit and Joyce in particular makes me really, obnoxiously dorky. It'll pass.


I just had the most wonderful crossover idea: before H.G. Wells, inventor and Warehouse apprentice (Warehouse 13), got bronzed, she ran into Rebecca Fogg, spy for her majesty Queen Victoria (Secret Adventures of Jules Verne). Awesome ensues. A bad guy probably dies. Someone's timeline would have to be fudged a bit, since SAJV is set in the 1860s and H.G. was apparently an apprentice at Warehouse 12 in the 1890s or very early 1900s, but whatever.

(Hmmm...maybe H.G. is sent to recover one of Jules's inventions or maybe even the Aurora, and Rebecca isn't about to let that happen. Though that would put them on opposite sides, and I rather like the idea of them teaming up to fight a big bad.)

Please tell me someone else will write this so I don't have to!

Oh, and

Sep. 7th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Addendum to my last post:

Anyone know how many rooms are in Leena's B&B? 'Cause I'm thinking there could very easily be a scenario where, oops, there's another room but it's not yet set up as a bedroom, so spoiler ), you wouldn't mind sharing with spoiler ) for a little while, would you?

'Cause if that isn't canon, I think I may have to write it.
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Dear Brain,

Why do you insist on coming up with fic ideas concerning subjects about which I know nothing? Kidfic is bad enough; adding in baseball and hockey just magnifies the torture.

I have already written about my lack of experience with kids. My relationship to team sports goes something like this:

In high school, I earned the ire of everyone on my team in PE because I would duck rather than try to bat the volleyball over the net.

In fourth grade, I managed to kick the kickball into my own face, nearly break my glasses, and then quickly get tagged out by the unsympathetic hooligans I was playing with because I'd stepped off the plate.

We're not even going into the time in high school when someone backhanded me with a badminton racquet and knocked a lens out of my glasses, or that other time when a low-flying frisbee smacked me in the teeth, because at least those were not my fault.

Let's just say I'm probably lucky that HS only required a year of PE, and that I could substitute dance classes for it during much of middle school. So brain, why are you doing this? At least the idea doesn't require extensive knowledge of either sport to pull off, and I can cover the gaps with research, but...argh. You can't pick something I know about, or at least could lie convincingly about?

With raised eyebrows,
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Ooooof. No matter how far ahead I get, I should never allow myself to browse TVTropes when I still have work to finish.

Speaking of said work, we had some excerpts from Freud to read for Tuesday. I knew the man had issues, but WOW. CRAY. ZEE. I mean, look, look at this footnote to a chapter in Civilization and its Discontents:

"Psycho-analytic material, as yet incomplete and not capable of unequivocal interpretation, nevertheless admits of a surmise--which sounds fantastic enough--about the origin of this human feat. It is as if primitive man had had the impulse, when he came in contact with fire, to gratify an infantile pleasure in respect of it and put it out with a stream of urine. The legends that we possess leave no doubt that flames shooting upwards like tongues were originally felt to have a phallic sense. Putting out fire by urinating--which is also introduced in the later fables of Gulliver in Lilliput and Rabelais's Gargantua--therefore represented a sexual act with a man, an enjoyment of masculine potency in homosexual rivalry. Whoever was the first to deny himself this pleasure and spare the fire was able to carry it off with him and subdue it to his own use. By damping down the fire of his own sexual excitation, he had tamed the natural force of fire. This great cultural conquest was thus the reward for his renunciation of instinct. Further, it is as though woman had been appointed guardian of the fire which was held captive on the domestic heart, because her anatomy made it impossible for her to yield to the temptation of this desire."

OMG what is this I don't even D:


In other news, the crossover fairy in my brain is making vague noises about a murder mystery that sweeps one Penny Carroll and one Lucky Garnett into its machinations, and requires the sleuthing skills of Nick and Nora Charles to solve it.

Raise your hand if you saw this coming.

*looks at the sea of raised hands*

Thought so. I have no idea if I'll actually get around to it--I've never written a mystery before, and given that, it may just turn into a "everyone meets serendipitously at a bar and banters wittily" vignette--but the concept alone amuses me, and given how much school-related stuff I have to do between now and the eighteenth, anything that gives a me a smile is worth its weight in gold right now.
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Hmm. In the fic I'm writing, I've so far managed to make metafictional references to three other musicals, and am using a quotation from this academically-focused text as the epigraph.

D'you think my brain is trying to tell me to work on the damn thesis already?
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Merry Christmas and/or Friday to everyone on my flist. I hope yours has been as nice as mine. (Let's just say it was a very electronics-and-jewelry-friendly year. ;))


Still trying to find a title for my Flying Down to Rio fic. Although the idea of writing a series of Astaire/Rogers moviefics and titling them all with puns, preferably puns on literary works, has its merits, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to go there. Besides. I can't think of a good one for this particular fic. Although if you can think of a good one based on Yeats's "A Drinking Song," I would love to hear it.


I finally got the Yuletide archive to load, although it's still laughing at my attempt to comment on the fics I'm reading. I'll have to go back later and leave some love.


Finished Willa Cather's O Pioneers! yesterday, and thought it was incredible. I think that woman's one of the unsung geniuses of American literature. Wikipedia mentions that she's starting to be re-evaluated in an ecocritical light; I think I need to check out what the MLA Bibliography has to say on that, because with my attachment to place and setting and the natural world in literature, I think that might be right up my alley.


Have a link to a pretty song. (The singer is a former member of eastmountainsouth. Light bulb went off for me when I learned that.)

Since I find myself making sporadic posts that enthuse about music, I'm thinking I might start making a linkspam post every two or three weeks linking to streaming or download versions of songs I've been listening to lately. They'd likely be somewhat similar to the one in the link--I tend toward the folk, indie folk, celtic folk, anything with "folk" in it.

Since I haven't done a poll in a while, here's one:

[Poll #1503426]
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I am NOT ALLOWED to call either of the two nearly-finished fics on my hard drive "The Pint of No Return." Not. Allowed.

I have a feeling it should bother me that either of them could be called that.

(Also, I'm pretty sure this is crack in HTML form, at least for me.)
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I just titled the half-finished fic I've been working on in between paragraphs of my Millay essay* with a really, really terrible pun. It's so bad that even I don't want to admit to it, and I'll admit to just about any pun. Aside from that, it doesn't entirely fit the general mood of the fic, though there is a section of dialogue it matches ever-so-vaguely. The pun fairy in my brain must have been putting in some overtime lately.

* Four pages down! Only six left!
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This week's Castle )


I've decided that if when I write a Bake/Sherry (Follow the Fleet) fic, it should concern them ditching the vaudeville act in order to head off to Hollywood and make a series of musicals with flimsy plots and great dance scenes for which they become incredibly popular.

Ah, metafiction. *draws postmodern hearts*

Now, back to typing up my comments on student papers. Nine more to go, and then that's it! Until the next set comes in in two and a half weeks, anyway. *sigh*
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This song has been stuck. in. my. head. all. evening. long. I am, I think, about to go insane. It was funny the first five times; the second five hundred, it was less so.

That has given me a fic idea. A fic idea including a pun. And which will require me to spend considerable time at billingual dictionary website (but not for Latin-English). And that's all I'm saying right now, because God only knows when or if the fic will be finished. (Much like the nine others I have in that particular folder, alas...curse my magpie nature!) But I have high hopes.
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I don't drink, and consequently know nothing about alcohol. Thus, I put this to those who do: Fraser, Thatcher, and either RayV or RayK (I haven't decided yet) walk into a bar. What do they order? Water for Fraser, I know, but what about the other two?

(This has nothing to do with taking advantage of the fact that dS and Cupid are both set in Chicago during roughly the same span of years. Nothing at all. *whistles innocently*)*

Still working on the Yukon one, BTW. After 4,500 words, Fraser and Thatcher are finally setting off on the dogsledding trip that's the whole point of the fic. Er. They kept wanting to talk, and then there were of course awkward silences and half-finished sentences, and a dead body plays a rather large part in the whole thing, so that had to be dealt with...

I'm really not making anyone want to read this fic, am I?

* And yes, I realize that in all likelihood I'm the only person on the whole internet who would want to read such a thing, but writing for one's own pleasure is a worthy purpose, right? Right.
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I treated myself to a rewatch of S&A 2x05 and 2x06 after the exhaustion that was choir. All three seasons have amazing finales, and I don't know that I could pick a favorite out of them. But I think 2x06 has my favorite scene: Ellen and Geoffrey in the wings, watching Romeo and Juliet and talking about what losers they are. Geoffrey's "I think it's painfully accurate" line punches me in the gut every time.

(And I hate that play, but this frigging works, and wouldn't work without it.)

I think it might be the funniest episode they did. Spoilers, of course. )

Hmmm. Anna is talking to me now. I must admit I really want to get inside her head and poke around. A sad, sick part of me still wants to write a tiny little Richard/Anna ficlet (set before season three, thank you very much), and I may just give in. It would have a really silly title that includes the words "bureauocracy" or "paperwork." Yes, Kate, that paperwork. Hee.

Ellen is also demanding I pay attention to her. She wants me to write about how her relationship with her sister improves and she becomes a model aunt after the events of 3x06. I am currently laughing myself silly imagining that.

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