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In honor of the big northeast snowstorm, a picture of Fiona frolicking in our puny snow from last weekend:

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Le Pooch

Jul. 25th, 2012 08:58 pm
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One day, I will get around to uploading the campus pictures I took. That day is not today. Instead, have some recent dog photos:

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This week at work, I wandered around campus taking photos, designed some posters, and read and write a review of a book that is Relevant To My Interests both personally and professionally. Yep, my job is awesome.


I dug out my BSG season four soundtrack this week, and hearing "Laura Runs" in my car on the way to work instantly transported me back to my first semester teaching, when I played it non-stop in that same car on my way to campus at seven in the morning to psych myself up for getting in front of my students. (My teaching philosophy could in many ways be boiled down to "What Would Laura Roslin Do?" Except I couldn't implement a lot of what she would do because I had no airlocks.) It was a very engrossing sense memory, to the point where I could feel my hands getting sweaty and my heartbeat speeding up.

...I don't listen to that track in the car anymore.


I just found Fiona's stuffed squeaky owl in the kitchen sink. Apparently she somehow tossed it in there. I can't...I...I don't even know. This dog has superhuman (supercanine?) energy sometimes.


Now I will disappear back to the vidcave! Eventually to emerge with at least one and possibly two vids!
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Amusing things seen in the parking garage at work yesterday:

1. A Denison decal. Denison is just up the road from my own undergrad institution. I've never heard anyone outside of Ohio mention it.

2. A license plate reading "FRAK." On the same, car, a license plate holder reading "My other car is a TARDIS." (I need to meet this person. I'm almost tempted to leave a note under the windshield wipers, but I fear that would be too creepy.)


Fiona strikes again. This one lasted almost a month, which is pretty good for her. Mom got her something very similar to this today, and in literally under a minute, she had one of the eyes off. Sigh. At least it was cheap and she had fun?

We like these toys, especially the Orka ones, but they didn't have any in stock at Target and no one felt like driving all the way to the pet store. Fiona has the mini bone with the streamers, and while she has managed to get one of the streamers off, the bone itself is intact, and she loves it. It's just hard to actually play with her with it, because it's not really made for tugging and she's not all that into fetching.

On the positive side, she only unleashes destruction on her toys, and not on our stuff, so GOOD DOGGIE.


I also got a pretty dress today! As well, I've lost a decent amount of weight in the past two months thanks to diet changes, so a lot of my old clothes from grad school and just after fit again! This is, like, the best possible motivation to avoid sugar, because I am a.) a packrat, so I still have all my old business casual clothes from my first job out of college, as well as nice dresses from college ballroom days; b.) a cheapskate, so FREE CLOTHES are great; and c.) a hater of shopping, so I'm getting FREE CLOTHES without having to GO TO STORES AND TRY ON A MILLION THINGS! It's like winning the lottery!
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My toy. Mine. You will not take it from me. )

Yeah, it's blurry, but her cuteness outshines all blurriness, yes?

Less cute: the fireworks on the fourth did her in, to the point where she refused to go outside at all and when we took her out on a leash, refused to use the yard as her bathroom. She's yet to truly get over that--there were setbacks caused by roofing going on a few doors down and then big storms over the past few nights (speaking of which, WATER! From the SKY! It's a miracle!)--so the past couple weeks have been...interesting.

On the other hand, much cuteness...


Six episodes and the miniseries from the end of my Farscape rewatch! Amazing how 4+ years of realtime episodes can go by in little more than a month. I've hit the half of S4 I really, really don't remember, because by that point I was away at college and trying to catch up with taped copies on vacations, and I think at some point I just said screw it and gave up. I did make time for the final four, though, and I distinctly remember watching them in the Lewis lounge, and then bursting into Chandra's room after "Bad Timing" wailing HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO US??!! She dragged me over to the market for Ben & Jerry's pints. There may have been a few tears. (I TAKE MY ENTERTAINMENT REALLY SERIOUSLY, OKAY.)

I owe people e-mail. This weekend, perhaps? Some day that is not today, because thunder woke me up at an ungodly hour this morning and I'm bushed.
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All colors this time! (Fun fact of the day: for the variety of hydrangea most commonly cultivated, unless you get a white one, you can change the color from pink to blue and vice versa by adding or subtracting aluminum from the soil. The actual effect also depends on how acidic the soil is. Blue = more aluminum, less acid; pink = less aluminum, more acid.)

But first, a picture from my walk this evening. )

Now the hydrangeas. )

And finally, another couple dog pictures. )

In other news, for some reason this NX fic has gotten more than 250 hits in the past three days. Needless to say, this does not, as a rule, happen for my fic, and it especially doesn't happen for tiny ficlets in even tinier fandoms. I'm desperately curious to know where they're all coming from.
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I have a bunch of flower and interesting glassware pictures I'm going to put up later today, but I wanted to post this one of Fiona first.

Cuteness. )

Dog videos

May. 12th, 2012 06:36 pm
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Because the internet needs more shaky, badly-lit films of cute dogs, yes? Yes.

Feed me, Seymour!

She actually won't eat spinach, but that doesn't stop her from wanting it when it's on the counter. (P.S., Sorry about my lens cap swinging into view at the end there. Obviously I was not born to be a Steadicam operator.)

She's quite fond of pretending to kill her squeaky toy, too.

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Argh, my website is down again. Definitely moving a different hosting company when this year's account runs out.

However, Photobucket will do in a pinch, for adorable dog photos must be shared!

Fiona with her toy. )

Flowers and a bird. )
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Yeeeeah, this space is going to be All Dog, All The Time for a little while longer. Anyway, today's success story: she figured out how to play with toys!

Although that backfired a little on me. )
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You knew this was coming.

Just a few, though. And a video! )

Dog Update

Apr. 30th, 2012 11:15 pm
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Further adventures in dog-owning, along with a not-very-good picture. )
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Life is better with a dog. So today, after they spayed her, Fiona came home from the pound.

Pictures of SQUEE. )

The folks at the pound thought she was about two years old. She was a stray someone brought in, and from her thinness, seems to have been on her own for a while. However, I think she was also someone's pet, because she hopped on the couch the moment she walked in the door, and has basically stuck to me like glue ever since. It seems like she might be house-trained, too, although we'll find out for sure over the next few days, I suppose.

"Fiona" is a provisional name. We wanted something vaguely Irish because she looks like a very tiny Irish Wolfhound, but we may settle on something else. Suggestions entertained.

:D :D :D

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