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In addition to my various other remedial life skills classes, I'm now enrolled in Walking 101. While my butt muscles are plenty strong enough, my brain doesn't think to engage them when I walk, thus creating a swaying/dropping hipped gait that puts a lot of shearing force on the lower back. Hence pain. My physical therapist gave me some activities to do to try and retrain my brain into using my butt to walk with. Hopefully they work. Sometimes my brain can be stubborn. I'd really like to be able to walk around campus at the reunion in a month without crippling pain, though. I'll take moderate pain; really, anything where I can get by with my ration of NSAIDs rather than resorting to vicodin is fine with me.

That said, I've improved enough from my early March coughing-induced pelvic floor irritation to go back to an every other week schedule with my PT, so yay.

In semi-related news, ow, the knee I fell on on Sunday is hurting like heck for such a little bruise. Also I think it knocked my knee a little loose.
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1. Poster sessions are literally science fair for grown-ups. There's a big hall with a bunch of posters up on boards, and their makers stand by them and talk about their project to everyone who comes by. This seems like a much more sensible way to run a conference than the humanities version, where people get up on stage and read a paper they have written at the audience.

2. Many of the scientists my office supports are fun to hang out with socially.

3. I no longer have the ability to walk or stand for more than 45 minutes without SIJ/lower back pain disabling enough to require a 10-minute sit-down, and if I want to do more than two of these 45-minute sessions, I require the assistance of vicodin.

One of these things is not like the others...

Despite that, I took some nice pictures of the National Zoo (not quite a mile from the conference hotel) and the hotel itself. It was by far the swankiest place I have ever stayed, or possibly ever set foot in.

Pictures, including several of pandas Doing Stuff.

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