Nov. 30th, 2010 10:41 am
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Hmmm. I appear to be writing fanfic for my fake TV show. I'd say I'm writing actual canon for it, because it's mine and technically anything I write for it is canon, right? reads like fic. It really does. This is not a short story, with its associated rising and falling action, etc., in any way, shape, or form. It does not introduce the characters in any meaningful way. It's totally four little filler fics stuck together because they share a theme. (Not to mention that some of the voices are ripped straight out of fanfic. And by "some" I pretty much mean "all.")

That said: in this universe, by 2231 Vancouver has a major league baseball team. (WHY do I keep writing characters who like team sports when I hate them, why why why?) I need a name for this team. I get the impression that baseball team names usually have some connection to their city, and sports team names in general often make reference to sharp pointy objects, such as an animal with sharp teeth, a person whose job it was to fight with swords or spears, &tc. Granted, baseball naming appears less bloodthirsty than other sports.

Anyway, the only two names I can come up with are Pioneers and (Killer) Whales. The first one has promise; the second, not so much. Suggestions? If it helps, this team is not very good; they aren't as unlucky as the Cubs (who, sorry to say, are still the watchword for "lost hope" even two centuries on), but they aren't in danger of stumbling into a World Series anytime soon, so something that sounds hapless might be good.

Also, a related question: let's say that someone is commenting on a team's haplessness, and doing so by saying, "They haven't won a title/pennant/championship/? in twenty years!" I don't really know how baseball playoffs are structured, but I want to emphasize that this team has not been doing well, so what level would they not exceed if they sucked just enough for non-fans to make fun of them, but for fans to keep cheering them on?
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Welcome to the Create Your Own Fake TV Show Meme from [ profile] mylittleredgirl, who gave me this most excellent list of actors with which to cast my pretend series:
Claudia Christian
Jerry Doyle
Chi McBride
Terry Farrell
Grace Park
Paul Gross
Jessica Steen

I decided I needed more than seven characters (why, yes, I do like huge ensemble shows, why do you ask?), so I added Susan Coyne, Lee Pace, and Mary McDonnell in small/reoccurring roles.

Not very far into this, I realized that I was getting most of my ideas from other TV shows. Specifically, this pretty much mashes up Babylon 5 and Atlantis, with maybe a bit of due South for spice, and a scoop of BSG's paranoia, because this is 2010 and paranoia is in style. I decided to just run with the derivations, not to mention the typecasting I put some of the actors through, so you will likely recognize certain elements. But we are well into the postmodern era now, and one of the hallmarks of postmodern storytelling is pastiche, so in fact I am just being all highbrow and literary. I have a master's degree in this stuff, so I should know. ;)

(But seriously. When you need a security-conscious, humanity-first president who is nevertheless probably not actively evil, who ELSE are you going to choose besides Mary McDonnell? I ask you.)

I, er, also realized that I know nothing about diplomacy, so making five of my characters diplomats may not have been the smartest move...but I'm forging on anyway. It's probably a good thing that the closest I would ever get to writing this is, like, fluffy shipfic for some of the characters or possibly fic where the three aides have a weekly standing date to bitch about their bosses down at the bar.

For the most part, the actors here are supposed to be playing pretty close to their actual ages as of 2010. However, two of them just stepped out of a time-warp from 1994 'cause, well, that show is the only thing I've ever seen them in, and I like to have decent mental pictures of my characters, okay?

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