Mar. 5th, 2007 07:05 pm
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Daffodils are springing forth!

Okay, they sprang forth a while ago in the neighbors' yards, but ours appear to be a relatively late-blooming variety, and so they've only started blooming today. Today, a day which was nice and warm, and which as far as I can tell is the first day of the real spring, instead of the false spring we had last week before it got cold again over the weekend. I know, I know, I just jinxed myself and will wake up to a blizzard in the middle of the month, but right at the moment, the ten-day forecast claims we'll have 60s and 70s for as far as the eye can see.

It makes me want to get out and take pictures again. I haven't felt like that since November.

Mmmm, no more winter. I like the idea of that. I need to move to Florida or somewhere without a winter. Of course, this does put us closer to mosquito season, and my legs still haven't healed from the assaults of the past few years. It looks like someone beat with a baseball bat, I have so many scars from past bites. Argh.


Like the good little dS fan I am, I got myself some books about Canada today while I was doing my volunteer hours at the main library. (Speaking of which, an interesting fact I overheard the other week: there is someone out there in the world--not necessarily in our system, because I was in the inter-library loan office when I heard this--that has $270 in outstanding library fines. I just...what did they do?) They should be fun. Of course, I've also got my big stack o' Byatt to go through...not to mention the fic recs everyone gave me last week...and the fact that I totally ordered the last dS boxset the other day...

Hi, I'm an addict. And now that I've addicted [livejournal.com profile] rowdycamels to the show, she's gone on and is working on dragging [livejournal.com profile] sleepingcbw into the fold. I hear that Slings & Arrows took a similar path.

I'm a fandom addiction fairy FRANCHISE!
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I rewatched season one of S&A tonight. And it was eye-opening. )

You know, I don't think I've pushed this show hard enough on my poor flist. Y'all! I know at least half, and probably closer to three-quarters, of you would love it if you saw it; seasons one and two are out on DVD now, and season three is airing in various places now. Basically, if you are/were an English major, a Shakespeare fan, a theatre geek, or just an admirer of really well-written TV (with a good does of schadenfreude), you should get your hands on this series.
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Moo ha ha! *makes another hash mark under "TV shows to which I have addicted [livejournal.com profile] rowdycamels"*

Poor Ellen. First it was Farscape, then it was Wonderfalls, then it was Cupid, and now it's (new) Doctor Who. Poor girl has mainlined most of the season over the past two days.

I'm such a bad influence. *eg*

We were very slightly mean last night and conned [livejournal.com profile] softstepshoes into watching "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" with us at around midnight last night. Those two are quite a bit more creepy when you're watching it in a dark room with someone who scares easily than when it's just you in broad daylight. The scene involving the typewriter was particularly creepy this time around. (Also, Chandra said she was just going to watch the first one. We really are kind of mean. *giggle*)

Hee. I love being the fandom addiction fairy.
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Fandom Addiction Fairy strikes again!

Or at least the justwatchoneepisodecomeonyouknowyouwanna Elf, or something like that. Mwahahaha. *sprinkles Doctor Who throughout the land*

Also, tell me someone has done a Doctor/Rose vid to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." It's so obvious. Someone's done it. Right?

BTW, since I have no self-control and can't wait until I get episodes 4 and 5 to keep going in order, I went ahead and watched 'Dalek.' )

In addition to all that, I finally watched my tape of Atlantis and BSG. Couldn't watch it last night 'cause every TV everywhere was tuned to the Olympic opening ceremonies, and I couldn't find where people were watching Sci-Fi. Sigh. Anyway:

Atlantis )



Believe it or not, I did actually manage to get some reading and some work on my comps done today as well. Unless someone at our editing party tomorrow tells me to revise more, all I have left to do is make a table of contents and I'm all done. Woot! Although tomorrow and Monday I do have lots of reading to catch up on, and my proposal and annotated biblio. is due on Thursday, and I'll probably have to turn in 10 or 20 pages for Fiction a week from Tuesday...

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