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Because really, the more like Nick & Nora Charles these two are, the better the show would be.

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I finally got around to reading Sinclair Lewis's Main Street this week. Lewis took 500 pages to say what Kate Chopin took 150 to say in "The Awakening" twenty years earlier, but even so, I liked it. (Okay, okay, it had a bit wider scope than "The Awakening.") I saw a little too much of myself in the dreaming dilettante Carol, and I found the satire of Good Old Small Towns On The Prairie very thorough and biting.

I also brought home a bunch of paperbacks the other day from the Local Used Book Emporium, including the definitive Collected Robert Frost for only three dollars(!). (That was originally going on my Christmas list, but now that list has been condensed to "all three seasons of Fringe." I'm looking forward to all the vids I can make! :D) I've been meaning to read more Frost for, oh, three years now. While I'm thinking about it, have one of his lesser-known works, which happened to be the first one I flipped through when I brought this volume home.

And I have ONE SQUILLION eleven books either out from the library or waiting on the holdshelf for me. So I will be busy for the next month or so. Whee!


Just for the hell of it, some WIP snippets. And by "snippet," sometimes I mean half the fic. (Some of these may never actually see the light of day in any kind of finished form, so...yeah.)

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dS snippet

Jan. 24th, 2011 07:15 pm
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I have this AU in my head where Fraser and Thatcher meet at Depot, fall pretty much instantly for each other without all the problems of rank and chain of command that plague them on the show, and then, just before graduating, wind up solving a crime in a politically inconvenient way that gets them both exiled to Chicago, there to have assorted adventures with Ray, Ray, and/or Stella.

I doubt I'll ever actually write this AU, because a.) eeek, a plot!, and b.) so much of all the characters', well, character, is formed by the events of the twelve or fifteen years prior to the show starting that I think it would be too weird, like writing something somewhere between fanfic and original fic, to pursue. (I think this is part of the reason I dislike high school AUs for any series. Well, that and the fact that I've never been able to get into anything set in high school, even when I was in high school.)

However, I had an image and a line of dialogue in my head from that AU, and I couldn't resist writing down the scene they came from. Uhhh, it is likely very, very obvious that I know nothing about hand-to-hand combat, just FYI.

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So as I've mentioned before, I have this plotty piece in the works for my Closet Idealism AU, where Ivanova and Garibaldi go back to Earth to thwart an assassination attempt on President Luchenko. Tonight, for no apparent reason, this ridiculous little OC popped up and insisted I write her into the fic. She further insisted on this scene. I think I know how I'll incorporate her into the actual plot, but I'm not sure if this scene will actually make it in there. Therefore I'm posting it here. It's supposed to be amusing; it may well only be amusing to me. I make no promises.

Also, this character is played in my head by Kristen Chenoweth. I think that should help set the scene...

(Oh, and one other thing: I wanted to do right by Russian names and nicknames, but "Susan" does not exactly have that handy list of options actual Russian names have, and "Irina" has a bewildering array of possibilities, so I just joined the show in fanwanking that apparently Russians in 2263 use their full first names among friends rather than diminutives.)

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