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Fringe gets a 13-episode fifth season! EEEEEEEE!

(There is one very vague spoiler in the article about the direction S5 will probably go. I am...not entirely thrilled, but willing to see how it plays out.)

In other news: Asteroid mining in the planning stages! Part of my space pilots story is coming truuuuuuue!


Apr. 5th, 2010 12:14 pm
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I passed my defense!!

ETA: After the initial burst of excitement... It went really well. All three of my committee members think the thesis could be turned into both an article and a book. I'm going to meet with one of them later this semester to talk about how to write a proposal for publishers.
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I have a complete rough draft of my thesis.


Okay, yes, in the latest chapter there are four or five spots where the analysis is nonexistent wrong paper-thin lacking, shall we say, and I certainly have enough revisions to keep me busy in chapters two and three, but it's all basically there.

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My GOD, writing this chapter was like herding a pack of ADHD squirrels. Who were all on speed. GAAAAH. I think I ended up trying to argue about four different things, and I really only needed to do one of them. And it's been like this since October.

But I now have a complete draft, finally. There are still some sections where I've got placeholder words or phrases enclosed in angled brackets that I need to make clearer tomorrow, but at least it's all at the sentence-level now, and not "Insert paragraph on x" or similar. It's still only fourteen pages, which isn't a bad thing, necessarily--my intro is ten, and my second chapter is sixteen--but after all the work I put into it, I expected more. Then again, perhaps all the work I put into it just made it a really dense fourteen pages. I'll keep telling myself that, anyway.

Graded five papers today when I was stuck on a paragraph. Still have forty-odd more to go, but at least they aren't getting these back, and so I don't have to write up my usual paragraph of comments at the end. That should make it go much more quickly. (Good thing, since I need to submit grades on Saturday before I go back to Nashville for the break.)

In better news, I had a student e-mail me today wanting to know what books to get for next semester, and saying how excited he was about the class topic (science fiction, for anyone who's new here). Awww. 102 is going to be so much more fun to teach than 101 was.

And in really super-exciting news, I was not expecting such a amazing response to my Ginger and Fred vid! I don't think I've ever gotten two pages of comments on anything before! And the stats on the streaming version say there's been almost 900 views so far. I am so pleased that so many people enjoyed it. :)
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My teaching today improved ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. Since just writing down five open-ended questions about the reading and trying to fly with that failed last time (I am simply not the kind of person who can work that way, although my mentor is, which is why I tried it last time), this time I overprepared, and didn't even get to everything I had on my piece of paper to talk about. I had pointed questions, I had significant passages, I had my own readings of the text, I had critical backup...I had it all. And the ironic--but in hindsight expected--thing about it was that I didn't have to talk nearly as much as I did last time, even though this time I had more to say. The more specific questions and topics I seeded the discussion with allowed them to actually build up some momentum arguing and talking with each other, and I got to sit (well, stand) back and watch. They even took the discussion places I wasn't expecting, and it was awesome. These kids are really bright, and really into the topic.

It helped that the content was Beowulf instead of Greek myths this time. Beowulf, I have the critical background to do something with. Greek myths are sort of shadowy and amorphous to me, and always have been. I guess this is why everyone says teaching your own class will be much easier than being a TA, in the sense that you've chosen the material and know where you want to go with it rather than having to teach it because it's on the syllabus.

In other news, I got my...hemienniel? once-every-three-to-four-months haircut today, and now I have what could legitimately be called a "bob." Yay, it's not eating my shoulders! It's at that stage where it's a little too short to tuck all the strands behind my ears, but it'll get over that in a couple weeks.

Other good things:

- Adam Bede. Once you get used to the dialect, it's rather good. It's interesting reading this while taking a Joyce class, because some of the sentence structures Eliot uses feel almost like they could come from Portrait. Almost. I can see the germ of Modernism in them. In all other respects it's very Victorian, especially with the narrator-who's-kind-of-but-not-really-a-character-too. That's been in every book we've read so far, and it's been a continual source of interest and frustration to me. The shadowiness of the narrator's status drives me crazy, but I think there's more too it than I'm understanding at the moment.

- My Joyce professor agreed to let the grad students in the class do one conference paper and an abstract instead of one five-pager and one ten-pager, so I don't have a paper due next week. Just an abstract. Of course, that means my conference paper at the end of the semester has to be a higher level of awesome than it might otherwise have been, but since this is my freaking field, for once, hopefully that won't be a problem.

- My parents came up this weekend, and we celebrated my birthday two weeks early. There was a Boston Cream Pie. In fact, there is still a Boston Cream Pie in my fridge, only half of it's missing. Soon all of it will be missing. :D I also have a comfortable spot to sit in my living room now! My futon started out comfy, but it's not so great after several hours of reading on it. Now thanks to parental generosity and redecorating at the house, I have big soft club chair and a footstool, and it's awesome.

- I watched When Harry Met Sally last night. I love that movie. Now I own it. Yay.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 04:24 pm
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Woo-hoo! The TAship I was hoping for from UT came through! I'm fully funded with a stipend for the next year. Woot!

Looks like I'll be in Knoxville come August. Eee! I'm excited. :D

I inquired about UCSB the other day, and found out I'd been wait-listed. Apparently I was near the top of the wait-list, and they were hoping for funding to open up (they don't accept you unless they can fund you), but it didn't, and they said to accept other offers if I got them. Disappointing, but I'm honestly surprised I even made it to the wait-list. And hey, I can always apply there for the doctorate after I get my master's. If they liked me for the combined program, surely if I do well at UT they'll like me even better, to the point of actually admitting me, yes?
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I appear to be awash with good news today and this week. The English MA program director at Boston College just gave me a call and said they'd accepted me into the program. Woot!

Apparently they won't have their funding worked out until the beginning of next month, so no promises there, which is unfortunate; however, he thought it was likely that I would get funding, so cross your fingers for me, eh?


(...Karma is going to do something HORRIBLE to me soon, isn't it?)
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I got into UT*!

I'm going to grad school! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

(Still haven't heard from UCSB or BC, so it's possible I may have a choice on my hands when I hear from them. But if not, I at least got into one! And they want me to be a TA!)

* University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, TN.
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Thanks to [ profile] rowdycamels, I have a real live wax lion now. He's not smoosh-faced, which is probably good--otherwise he might start talking to me, and that would be bad.

Check him out )
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Many thanks to [ profile] laserhead for forwarding me the following article:

ABC to give Cupid another shot

No, for serious. They're letting Rob Thomas revive the series. Of course, it won't have Jeremy Piven (sob!), and will be set in LA instead of Chicago (boo!), but...Cupid! Again! Run by Rob Thomas! OMG!

*dances in throes of GLEEEEEEEE!*

This may be the kick in the pants I need to finish up that dS/Cupid crossover I'm writing...
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Hooray! My third season Northern Exposure DVDs came today! I've mentioned before how awesome Amazon is, right? 'Cause I ordered these on Wednesday night, and got the free 5 to 9-day shipping on them, and they're here TODAY. Since I ordered them after business hours, that's essentially two-day shipping for free. Not quite as spectacular as the next-day shipping I got once when I was in Gambier, but still nothing to sneeze at. (And the DVDs were almost thirty percent off the list price! Yay!)

I suppose the postal service probably has more to do with this than Amazon, come to think of it. Either way, yay for infrastructure getting my indulgences to me with excellent speed. :)

And yes, for the next few weeks, you will all have to put up with my natterings about the best season of one of the best TV shows ever. I'll try to keep my glee contained under lj-cuts. *g*


I finished off the BBC miniseries North and South (based on the novel of the same name by Elizabeth Gaskell) today. Reviewish thing. And talk about broody men. )


Oct. 5th, 2006 07:06 pm
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Check out this photo, apparently from the latest issue of the BSG magazine. (No spoilers unless you haven't seen S2.)

*hearts Adama/Roslin SO MUCH* Soooo cute. I wonder if this being released is meant to indicate something for S3...? (I am completely unspoiled for every episode and wish to remain that way until I see them. Please don't change that.)


In even more exciting news, [ profile] softstepshoes is coming to visit me tomorrow! Yaaaaaaaaay! I'll likely be away from the computer for much of the weekend and Monday, 'cause we'll be out doing stuff. Wheee, Chandra's coming to visit!
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Guess what.

I'm going to NYC for a publishing job interview in January! Woo-hoo!

I ran the gamut of possibilities for the three interviews I applied for. HarperCollins accepted me (WHEEEE!), Random House listed me as an alternate (if someone who got chosen doesn't want to interview, I can sign up instead), and Holtzbrinck (owns Tor, Bedford/St. Martin's, etc.) rejected my application. I am uberexcited about getting even one acceptance, though, because...HarperCollins. And possibly Random House. Woot!

Random quiz with pretty picture )

I had more to say here, but it all flew out of my head. Alas.


Nov. 1st, 2005 04:17 pm
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I made it into Advanced Fiction! WOOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!

*bounces miles into the air*


Oct. 11th, 2005 02:47 pm
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Guess what.

Really, guess.

Give up?

I'm typing this from my VERY OWN COMPY!!!!!

*bounces about*

Except various put-backed-up-hard-drive-contents-on-the-new-hard-drive programs aren't working at the moment, but hopefully will be once Dad gets home from work and can tell me what new username I need to use and such.

At any rate, COMPY!!!!!
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Addendum to my previous post, as a separate one mainly so that I can use a happy icon instead of an annoyed one:

After three years of trying and failing, this year I finally managed to make it onto the Student Associate staff of The Kenyon Review. Go, team me! Now I'll have something awesome to put on my resume and experience at the kind of job I think I want to do! WOO-HOO!

Pit Beagle!

Jul. 3rd, 2005 08:31 pm
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There's a dog (nearly full-grown puppy, really) that's been running around our neighborhood lately. She looks like some mixture of pit bull and beagle, so Mom came up with the portmanteau of "pit beagle." As there's no tag on her collar, that's become her name when she comes by the house. She's so cute! To wit:

Click here for bigger. Also, there's another one.

So cute!
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Sorry, I must gloat. We got our papers back from Matz yesterday...and for some reason that I don't quite understand but am more than happy to just take on faith, I managed an A+. Not just an A, it had the plus after it.



In other news, I've totally already broken my promise to myself about just watching one Wonderfalls ep per day. But only two today! I'll make them last a week, at least!
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I just discovered that a Lisa Loeb fansite has the entirety of the Cupid episode she guest-starred in up in Real Player files here (scroll a bit). Omg. OMG! Eeeeeee!!!!!! *dances around the room*

*grabs [ profile] spockette and continues dancing* Kim! Now we can finally see an episode of this show we both somehow became addicted to through fanfic and screencaps and not be quite so pathetic! OMG!

This post has absolutely everything nothing to do with the extreme amounts of chocolate and Christmas candy I've consumed today.

Edit: And check out the second post on this page of the TwoP topic devoted to the show...Rob Thomas on how it was going to end! Both happy and sad, really...
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Wheee, I got a 70 on my Shakespeare essay! Before all the Americans go "and you're happy?", know that a 70 is the British equivalent to an A+ or a 100, and apparently very, very few people in the School of English get them. So...woohoo! I'm a little disappointed in myself that it wasn't a better was well-written, and my research-maven-ness paid off this time, but I feel like I did one, possibly two, better papers a year ago in Irish Lit. Of course, if I keep comparing everything to Irish Lit, then probably nothing will ever seem as good by comparison...

But I'm not complaining about the fact that this will make my GPA look very pretty. Nope, not me! :)


Also, because I am a lemming and I don't really have anything else to do: lyrics meme )

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