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ARGH! This morning, my pretty rose-embroidered coat ripped along the seam under one of the arms. There's a pretty big area area of fabric under that arm that's frayed and rotted (perils of owning it for six years, I guess?), so the current plan is to take it to a tailor and see what they can make of it. Perhaps they can patch it with some velvet I'll bring them, because...

Tonight, as I was reaching up to get a spice jar from above the stove, I dangled my black velvet jacket/wrappy thing--which is lovely and which I wear about three or four days a week at work because it's vaguely business casual while also being comfy and goes with practically everything I own--against a burner. There is now a large, very obvious hole along the hem and a crispy piece of once-was-fabric burnt into the glasstop stove. DAMMIT.

...On the plus side, I did not set myself on fire. Always a good thing.

Current thinking is to hem the wrap above the burnt part and use the fabric cut off as the patch for the rose coat. Please, oh please let this work.


At least this week's Castle was A-MA-ZING.

These spoilers are waiting to beam you up. )


Nov. 26th, 2010 02:28 pm
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Universe, I give up. Have I done something to piss you off? First my dog dies, then my computer refuses to boot. (Probably it's the logic board.) Please tell me there is not a third bad thing waiting to happen this week. I don't think I can take it.

To counteract the suck, here's a joke I saw the other day:

A farmer is in his field loading rocks onto the rock boat to dump on the stone wall.

Passerby: Where did all the rocks come from?
Farmer: Glacier brought 'em.
Passerby: Where did the glacier go?
Farmer: Back for more rocks.


It'll probably be a week before my laptop is fixed. My dad had my ancient former laptop lying around, so I've got internet access, but it's slow and painful, so I probably won't be around much. Maybe I'll get some reading done. I've got a pile of books from my last couple visits to McKay...
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Gaaaaaah. This is seriously rivaling that time I threw my back out for most painful experience I've ever had. How does a blister about 1 cm wide manage to hurt SO MUCH?

At least it only hurts that bad when I take it out of the bowl of cold water. And the lidocaine/aloe vera gel I luckily saved after my last really bad sunburn lets me keep it out of the water for almost ninety seconds before the pain comes back. But however nice they are, these remedies do present certain problems with, say, sleeping...which I guess I won't be doing tonight. *sigh*

Thank you all for the lols; individual responses coming either when I get bored from my pain-induced all-nighter or regain the use of my right hand for typing, whichever comes first.
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ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow...
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Argh so many tiny things going wrong today argh argh argh feel like giant unpunctuated ball of stress ARGH
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It's a week into the semester and I'm already questioning my sanity. This is bad. I know I bought a copy of Mary Barton at the Book Attic in Nashville over break. I know this. I have a very clear memory of it; it has a reddish brown cover and a fuzzy oil painting of a Victorian street scene on the front. And yet it is nowhere to be found in my apartment. Not on a bookcase, not in a box, not in a bag...nowhere. Did gremlins carry it off? WHERE THE HELL IS MY BOOK, UNIVERSE? I AM NOT IN THE MOOD TO PLAY GAMES!


Dec. 29th, 2008 10:09 am
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Ellen, are you and I trading back injuries? Because yesterday I did the same thing you did, except my incident was getting off the couch. And then I did it again last night turning over in bed (I'm surprised my parents didn't hear me screaming), and ended up at the doctor today because OMG OW. Being unable to stand up because of lower back pain is a bad thing. (And then once I could stand up, I couldn't bend over, so my mother had to tie my shoes for me. *fail*)

Apparently it's three strained muscles. Wonderful. They gave me a shot of ibuprofen which has so far had zero effect, but I'm getting a prescription filled for a muscle relaxer, so good times ahead? Or at least sleepy times, since I didn't get any last night because of PAIN PAIN PAIN NO MATTER THE POSITION?


Sep. 23rd, 2008 07:55 pm
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Arrrgh. I move away from Nashville, and TPAC immediately brings Avenue Q and the farewell tour of Riverdance in to town. GAH.
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Scorched earth policy. I haz it.

(Dog decides she has to go out at 5. She chooses me to be the designated door-opener. I open. I breathe. I now have an excess of snot to the point where I have given up on bed.)


In other news, Chicago today! Yay!
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Amusingly, the doctor at the little one-off injury/infection clinic I went to today saw fit to give me a morphine derivative for (yet another @#$%ing) sinus infection.

Every time I get one of these I seem to get more drugs along with the antibiotics. He gave me a decongestant as well, which seems standard over here. (It's not in England, where I first started getting them.) All of that seems like overkill, since the antibiotics tend to clear things up in about three days. Although then again, if this headache gets any worse, I may well resort to the super-duper pain meds. I'm back at the "wanting to self-trepan to get the evil demon in the right half of my forehead and behind my right eye out" stage.

...How's everyone else's Labor Day Weekend going?
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Say, did you know that the human knee can in fact bend backwards? Did you also know that it is excruciatingly painful when it does so?

*sigh* Back to the knee exercises. I've avoided them for a year; now is time to pay the proverbial piper, I suppose. Oh, and sit down and watch lots of due South, of course.

Speaking of which, the other day I watched through "Seeing Is Believing." Cut more for length than for spoilers )

The first disc of the sixth season of Northern Exposure also arrived yesterday. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to watch any episodes past "Up River." I might watch through "The Quest" if only for the deleted scenes. Not sure. Anyway, the first four episodes were much better than I remembered them being. (I think my memory of the whole season is tainted by what it devolved into.) "Eye of the Beholder" and "The Letter" in particular were much better than I remember them as being. Ahhh, I missed this show.
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Hooray, I managed to vote today! Provisionally, but, you know. Maybe it'll be counted.

The volunteer officials at the branch I went to today (for early voting, you can go anywhere in the county) were MUCH more helpful than the ones yesterday. They actually had a clue what they were doing, and were really nice through the whole thing.

Less thrilled with whatever computer system the county uses to register/deal with voters. Because apparently, despite the fact that it's supposed to require that every time you want to vote absentee, you have to write and request a ballot (which is what I originally thought), in reality the system sees you've voted absentee once, and decides that you don't ever want to vote again. Or if you do, it's definitely not in person. And it will continue to do so until you get a new registration card.

Apparently I'm the only student they've seen with this problem (which boggles me, but then again, it is still early voting), but it's been happening pretty frequently to people in the military who were overseas in 2004.


Anyway, new registration card coming soon. Hopefully this kind of thing will not be repeated when I inevitably move out of state...
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Okay, not really. But it does sort of feel like it.

Hey, everyone who voted absentee in 2004, I hope your state, unlike mine, doesn't assume that you want to keep voting absentee from that address forever. (Actually, that isn't a bad assumption to make, and there was probably fine print somewhere on that ballot that said, "Write to us if you'll be in the country in 2006!" which I just didn't see, so in addition to my outrage I feel like a right idiot.)

Anyway, I tried to vote early today and found that out. After a call to the election commission, I find that I'm allowed to vote provisionally, and that I have to get a new registration card.

This is okay, I guess. I'm not totally convinced that provisional votes don't go into some black hole somewhere, never to be seen, but it's better than nothing. I don't actually care about any of the races; I only want to vote against the "definition of marriage" amendment that they're trying to add to the state constitution. (I do not have enough *rolls eyes* IN THE WORLD.)

Mostly, I was irritated that the bunch of old ladies running things kept asking me, "Are you sure you haven't voted already? You sure? You positive? Isn't there an absentee ballot laying around your house somewhere?" No! I would've noticed had it showed up, I promise! Also, their attitude of, "We don't really believe you and we can't do anything anyway; better luck in 2008" grated, particularly as when I called the election commission, I found out that they actually COULD HAVE done something for me, namely given me a provisional ballot. (Apparently even the person they called at the election commission didn't know this. Hmmm. I begin to wonder who is actually wrong, and what will happen when I try again to go vote.)

Bah, bureaucracy. Down with the system! (...even though it was almost certainly my own absent-mindedness that put me in this situation. But "Up with observation skills!" just doesn't have the same ring.)


Sep. 14th, 2006 01:55 am
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Don't ask why, but I was looking at the course catalogue for this year. I found that Klein is currently teaching the "History of the English Language" course that I would have taken during fall semester last year, except that he changed it to a weird course on "Dialects of English," so I switched to Anglo-Saxon. ARRRGGHHHHHHHH, I HATE YOU, KLEIN, I HATE YOU!!!!! (Except I don't really, because you're Klein and I couldn't hate you if I tried, but...ARGH!)

AND Kinzer is offering the Victorian Culture seminar this semester. Which I also wanted to take last year. GAAAAHHH!!! WHY DID I GRADUATE?!?!?


A ballroom quiz with a large, rather ugly picture )
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Number one on the list of "Things I'm really glad I didn't know about that one time I waded out into the ocean."

Those black things? Sharks. Schooling sharks. Off the coast of Florida (Deerfield Beach, I think this is). Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


I love how LiveJournal has suddenly started sending me comment notifications in HTML format. Because I don't have it set to "plain text," or anything. (And yes, I checked to make sure that LJ hadn't "helpfully" reset my settings. It's still plain text. Theoretically.)

At least my e-mail program doesn't download images automatically; instead, it leaves an unsightly red "X" and says at the top, "Images not downloaded because I'm a smart program and I don't want to enable idiots to protect your privacy." But it tries and fails to translate other HTML, so the e-mails have become just this side of unreadable.


Between this and StalkerBook, I appear to be surrounded by incomptence in my online experience.

ETA: The support board has a few people already mentioning this. Excellent; now I don't have to.


Jul. 12th, 2006 07:48 am
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New Zealand. Hobbit. Death Flu. Gaaack.

(Actually, it's not as bad as that horrible thing I had sophomore year. New Zealand Hobbit Rather Inconveniencing Flu?)



Jun. 7th, 2006 01:46 pm
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Life Stuff:
Grrr, argh, knees. Obviously the exercises are going to have to be resumed every six months or so. Hopefully this will not last for the rest of my life.

My repainted dresser is done! It's preeeeetty. I'll get a picture up here once the varnish dries completely and I can close the drawers.

My job search, on the other hand, is not pretty. It is quite ugly at the moment, in fact. All I can seem to find in town are things like door-to-door sales, which...if I were interested in marketing, maybe, but I'm not, so no. I did apply for an editorial assistant job that I really want, and I have an application for a library and/or state archives peon job (they claim not to be hiring right now, but they keep resumes on file, so...) done and waiting to be turned in, but beyond that... *sigh* I did find a nifty site full of job listings for freelance writers and artists/graphic designers/photographers, but it seems intent on not letting me register so I can do something about it. Grrr, argh.


Who Stuff:
So I listened to "...Ish," and found that Peri has possibly the most annoying voice in all of creation. Honestly, I think she does. It's squeaky and whiny and has a not-at-all-right American accent. I mean, I've heard worse ones, but owwwwwww. This hurts. It hurts my soul.

On the other hand, after listening to "Winter for the Adept," I think both Sarah Sutton's voice and her interpretation of the the character have improved tremendously in the past twenty years. Nyssa doesn't constantly sound sort of dazed and high.

I also watched the DVD of "Earthshock" with the commentary turned on. HEE! They're all so funny. Well, with the exception of poor Matthew Waterhouse, who didn't say much. Janet Fielding especially was cracking me up with her "self-elected fashion correspondant" stuff. And they all seemed to agree with my interpretation of the Tegan/Doctor reunion and ready-to-take-a-bullet-for-her scenes. "That's verging on hanky-panky in the TARDIS, isn't it?" Heh.

Something else they all said was really interesting: I hadn't noticed it before, but when it's pointed out, you can really see that every scene was blocked like the camera was the audience in a theatre. In big group shots, they're all standing exactly in the gaps left by other people, so you can see everyone. And they talk towards the camera, not towards other characters (actually, sort of halfway between the camera and the character standing beside them). I wonder if that's not one of the biggest reasons it looks so different from New Who, or anything much past its time, really.


Apr. 30th, 2006 04:00 pm
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Well, I thought I was getting better, but the creeping death crept back up on me. When I cough, I sound like I swallowed a squeak toy. My head feels like it might blow up at any moment.

The concert tonight should be interesting.

Also, we're still under the @#$%ing boil order they instituted yesterday morning, which means everyone's bought out all the bottled water in the drink machines, and our poor little teakettle is getting a workout purifying our water for us. Plus, big pain in the butt to have to boil it, bottle it, refrigerate it...urg.

But I did manage to see "School Reunion." Abotu to watch it again for further processing, actually. Comments may happen at some point before next week, I hope.

*goes off to curl up with some tea*
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*sniffle* *hack hack*

Despite evidence to the contrary, I am not in fact dead. I am merely battling evil allergies and an eviller cold from the comfort of my bed, where I've been spending about twelve hours of each day since Monday-ish. We shall return to regular transmission of babble and squee shortly. (Because hey, I'll totally have time since I only have two more assignments to do! EVER! ...God, that's horrifying.)


Apr. 21st, 2006 11:33 pm
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I think, based on my two experiences with it, that when people ask Ballroom to do an exhibition, they really need to define what their idea of "exhibition" is. Perhaps also what their idea of "ballroom dancing" is.

So we danced at the very beginning of the trustees' dinner, while they were all slowly going into the room, or, rather, the glassed-in floor hockey rink where it was being held. (We just opened our new athletic center this semester. Everyone's very proud.) I assume you can already see the problems with this. Yes, we were dodging trustees and waiters as we Foxtrotted and Tango'd around an admittedly relatively nice floor, if one ignored the taped-down cable for the projector going through the middle of things. (Sadly, Ben and I ignored it too well and tripped ourselves up a bit on one circuit round the floor. Ah, well. No one noticed.)

No one paid us a whole lot of attention for the first go-rounds of Foxtrot and Tango, except for those who were walking through our line of dance to get to their tables. By the time we moved on to Swing, most people had filed in, which was good, and we actually got some applause at the end of it, although most people were paying more attention to getting to their tables and talking to each other than to us. But I totally landed the leapfrog jump in my Latin heels, which was awesome.

Then the president of the college arrived and was ready to begin her speech, so we got shuffled off unceremoniously without getting to do our Samba. Bah! Silly people. Don't they know Samba's awesome?

So yeah, we felt pretty dumb, particularly at the beginning, but the club gets some money out of this, so all is good.

The best moment actually occurred before the show. We took over one of the bathrooms just outside the rink for changing, and once we were all be-feathered and be-sequined, we were all hanging out in the hallway outside for a while, waiting to go on. All the girls are standing in a ragged sort of line (it's a very narrow hallway) chatting, with me at the end furthest from the front of the hall. Some lady comes by, catches sight of us, and while she's looking slowly down the line, she says, "Oh, you all look so--" audible pause as she gets to me and my neon pink dress, "...pretty."


Chandra took several videos of me dancing, which I can totally put online once I swipe the last one off her camera. I'll be doing that tomorrow, so those of you who haven't seen me dance can now see me do the two perkiest dances in the world, with added vision impairment from the pink dress at no extra charge! Ginger took an amazing amount of photos, at least some of which ought to come out, so there will be those to come as well. Woot!

And now I go to get the enormous amounts of makeup off of my face. I can't believe I went out in public looking like this. *hangs head in shame*

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