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Facebook reminded me that yesterday was my one year hysterversary. I still have mixed feelings about it, given all the complications that followed, but they're about 90% good feelings.

...Especially because I just finished a round of prophylactic amoxicillin for my bone graft. I found out the hard way in 2014 that my body completely ignores birth control in the presence of antibiotics. (The hard way involved an ER visit because I thought I was going to bleed to death.) I still have my left ovary, and right now it's basically doing a dance and yelling, "OVULATION PAR-TAY!!!" I suspect whatever bits of endometriosis are still clinging to my abdominal cavity and other organs are joining in as well. It started up again two days ago, and it is a very, very familiar pain. Dialed down about 80% because the two major offenders are no longer there, but nevertheless, it makes me glad to also have a stash of good drugs for the pain of the tooth extraction/graft.

Which went reasonably well, I suppose. I had to go back on Monday for more painkillers, because I R Slow at healing, but other than that all seems okay. I have stitches in my mouth that are irksome. I picked up some clove oil at Walgreens the other day because I was running low on my second round of hydrocodone and wanted to stretch it as long as possible, and though I didn't expect it to work, it really did numb up the whole area very well for about half an hour and then provide a few hours of pain relief. The only downside is that when I use it, I smell like a Christmas ham. Ah, well.

Since this appears to be the health news dump post, I'll also tell you that my physical therapist assigned me an AMAZING exercise this week. It's this thing where you put your hands and one knee on a bed and bend the other knee for several reps. Really works the butt muscles I need to engage when I walk, and she says over time it should make it more automatic for me to use them when walking. Yahoo.

And, to end on a high note, although I've had a cold/cough for over a week now, it hasn't bugged my bladder at all. :D :D :D Crossing my fingers that I'm strong enough now for this pelvic floor disorder to be on its way out!


Mar. 29th, 2016 09:37 pm
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Current adventures in physical therapy )


In skating adventures, my back has been allowing me to do the Silver spiral sequence multiple times on a session as long as I do it in the first half. I'll take it. My free leg is even at hip height on all the spirals, according to P!

I have also mastered the back inside three turn. Not that I have any speed going into it or any runout after it, but I can turn, which is awesome.

P had me start thinking about back scratch spin as having a forward inside three turn, then an inch or two of drift across the ice before pulling up into the spin rather than trying to do turn and spin all at once in on place on the ice, and...I think it might work. I've thought this about a lot of approaches to this spin, though, so who knows.
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Physical therapy update: There are 77 muscles in the human back,* and my therapist is determined to strengthen every one of them in order to hold my pelvis in place. I'm doing what feel like a lot of shoulder exercises for a pelvic problem.

I apparently have a case of contralateral pelvic drop/trendelenberg gait, so we're also doing a whole lot of butt exercises. I'm still on the every other week plan, which is good because these exercises seem to take a while to take root; it takes me several days to find the muscle she wants me to work with each of them (apparently this is common with loose joints), then to build up strength.

I'm still loving the KT tape over the sore spots on my abs. Excellent stuff.

* According to the first result Google spat up at me. I take no responsibility for accuracy, but that sounds good.


I had my first dental implant consultation today. I really liked this dentist; he was thorough and detailed in his explanations and answers to my questions and very nice. When I told him I was allergic to dental acrylic, he asked the dental assistant to make a note to look up hypoallergenic dental acrylic options (even though I wouldn't actually need a temp crown for this procedure). Then he said that while he'd done lots of these and was happy to do mine, the dentist he went to when he needed an implant had done a ton and if I would be more comfortable with him he'd happily send me over...and it turned out to be the one my dentist wanted me to go to anyway.

That said: When he was describing what a cracked tooth looked like and how it (dis)functioned, he opened a drawer that was FULL OF OLD TEETH. AND PULLED ONE OUT TO SHOW ME. Saying, "I pulled this tooth out of a girl, and as you can see..."

I don't know, man. This guy seems great, but the trophy drawer of teeth is a bit offputting.


Feb. 11th, 2016 06:58 pm
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I have little to say about recent episodes of Agent Carter and X-Files, save this: Leave it to Glen Morgan to make a chirpy mid-twentieth century song COMPLETELY CREEPY. Heh.

My Bronze Moves in the Field test is tomorrow morning. The scheduling gods smiled on me again and it's not until nine o'clock. (It could've been as early as six.) I was originally going to take the day off, but then NIH decided to have a conference call I really need to attend that day, so it's off to work for me once I'm done. Then back to the rink that evening to practice and meet/possibly do some kind of group class with a dance coach BF is trying to recruit to the area.

Hopefully my abdomen will hold up. PT has been rough lately. Slightly TMI )


Feb. 1st, 2016 08:38 pm
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Today my physical therapist worked over my abdomen, and by that I mean I was hitting the good drugs the moment I got home, wow. I discovered yesterday that I have spots there that feel exactly like it does when you pop bubble wrap, which neither of us thought were a good thing, so she tried to make them go away. It wasn't bad while she was poking around in there, but after--yikes. She thinks a lot of it, especially the ropey feeling of the entirety of my abdomen (apparently this is not normal?) could be due to being blown up with gas for two laparoscopic procedures inside of three weeks this summer.

She also said I might never need to/want to resume my inner thigh strengthening exercises, because the connective tissue is so loose that the muscles will immediately knot up if I push it, or something like that. I didn't really understand and need to ask her what that meant next week.

(Sometimes I wonder about the hypermobility type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The doctor who gave me my SI cortisone shots suggested that possibility, and a lot of the symptoms fit. But it seems like my manifestations of them are on the spectrum of normal, and people who have this condition have problems that are far beyond said spectrum. All of my stuff that could point to EDS is also not uncommon on its own.)
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More adventures in pelvic physical therapy, for the curious. I'm still on the once a week plan, but if things continue to go well, I might be able to ratchet down and eventually quit. We'll see. The muscles stopped spasming and setting off my bladder early last week, which was a blessing. I've actually felt pretty good for a while and hope it continues forever.

Now we're seeing if a lift in my left shoe does anything good for my remaining abdominal-area pain. My pelvis does feel in better alignment--my hips are now almost the same height!--but I don't know that it's better enough to be worth the blinding pain in my left knee. (Or the lack of arch support in my left foot, for that matter, but that's fixable if I decide to go permanent and get a custom orthotic instead of a cheap Dr. Scholl's gel heel lift.) I wore it for about four hours on Thursday and another four yesterday, and I hit the tramadol immediately when I got home yesterday. If it keeps up like that, there's no way; if this is just an adjustment period that will end in a week or two, I could do it. No longer than that, though.

My therapist also did an inner thigh release yesterday and OH DEAR GOD did that hurt, even at the lightest possible pressure. I guess I have knots there. Yowie. Now I'm to use my poor man's foam roller (large beads on a stick) on those areas after skating and ditch the inner thigh strengthening exercises for a week.
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Courtesy of [ profile] rowdycamels, I can now stick pins into my very own UTERUS VOODOO DOLL.

Picture )

Ahhhhh. So satisfying.
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My physical therapist wants to move my bones around. This will be interesting.

Seriously, she thinks the new pain in my right hip is from my "sit bones" being too far apart, which presses the SI joints and hip crests too far in, and also irritates the ball and socket joint itself because it no longer fits correctly. So now I'm to do exercises to reverse these things.

She also did some kind of muscle release on my hip and right butt cheek that felt amazing and made that hip feel like it descended to almost the right spot and was just altogether looser, but it played merry hell with my skating this evening. Apparently I'm now used to having to really work to get over on a right outside edge and not work at all to be on the left outside edge, and so when I applied my usual force to both of these things, I was wildly over to the right and struggling to get to the left. SO WEIRD. I suspect this is closer to an equal alignment than I've had before, or at least in a long time, and so I should try to keep it and get used to it and maybe stuff on the right outside edge will get easier.
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My physical therapist, while poking her fingers into the muscles around my tailbone: "This is the same muscle dogs use to wag their tails."

My life these days. I swear.

It's been slow going, but on the whole, I think I'm doing better. I slept through the night every night last week, which is an achievement I haven't managed since prior to all the surgery. Alas, I woke up every night this week except the night before last. Still, my bladder symptoms have basically stayed away for almost two weeks now (minus getting up at night), and I'm back to doing knee exercises that also help with back stabilization, albeit modified to place less stress on the pelvis and therefore now way too easy, but at least it's something. SI and pelvic pain come and go and haven't changed a lot, but I also haven't really been doing any strengthening exercises yet, so I suppose that's to be expected. I have had a couple of really good days over the last two weeks.

I also noticed that my PT actually seems to align my pelvis when she has her finger deep in unmentionable places. There's a definite (good) difference in how I skate on days I've had a session. We're going to take a look at my leg length discrepancy and possible pelvic torsion next week.


Today I got this fantastic thing at an arts and crafts fest. Isn't it cute?


My Yuletide fic kept growing and growing, but I think I'm close to done with it. Maybe 1,000 more words. I was hoping I could both finish the assignment and a make a treat out of the earlier fic I abandoned for this one, but I suspect the other one is going to have to be a New Year's Resolution unless I can really power through the assignment this weekend and be writing the treat up until the second the archive opens. Next weekend is probably a bit of a lost cause, because there's the skating show on Saturday (I'm watching this year, not in it--I didn't want to add any more stress to this year, and I didn't quite trust my back and pelvis to carry me through rehearsals and the performance itself), followed by a party one of our adult skaters is throwing on Sunday.


My new favorite Christmas carol, a parody of "Silent Night" about the sun's light.

Sample lyrics:
UV light, shortwave light,
Causes sunburn when it's bright.
Used for sterilization
And forensics with irradiation.
Flowers reflect it for bees,
Flowers reflect it for bees.



Finally, I want to recommend Ian Tregillis's The Mechanical, which is the first of a trilogy I've been describing to people who see it in my hands as, "If the Dutch rather than the English controlled North America, and they had robots. And one of those robots gains free will." In addition to two of my favorite sci-fi concepts ever, there's lots of action and many sympathetic and amusing characters (the foul-mouthed French spymistress is the best). I also like that Tregillis obviously made an effort to make at least half the stock and background characters--cart drivers, leather tanners, construction workers--female rather than defaulting to male.
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Good skating weekend. I finally, with P's assistance, got my camel to feel like a real spin yesterday. It's hard to explain, but before, the entrance was really jerky and unstable, and now it's strong and sure. Not coincidentally, I get 3-4 revolutions in it now. My leg isn't quite at hip-height, but it keeps inching upward.

Of course, I took BF's adult freestyle class today and he taught a completely different and weird entrance and now I'm all confused again. Sigh. I get what he's going for, it's just odd. What I don't get is this insistence on starting a spin with both arms stretched out. All of my momentum comes from holding my left arm across my body and flinging it out! Bah. Even P, who is actually his student right now, was like, wait, what? How does that even work? I feel validated.

I'm not sure I'll take the class every week, if only because 3.5 hours of practice to 30 minutes of lesson per week has been a really good ratio for me for the last several months (and there's no way to squeeze another hour in since they cut the Friday evening freestyle at my main rink), but I can certainly see doing it every other week or so. He had some good jump technique corrections for me, and the power stroking exercises at the beginning were interesting (and thigh-burny). He also actually got us all to do baby layback spins! They're called attitude spins.

When working on jumps, he has everyone get into them using various patterns of crossovers and other speedy things, which was horrifying because waltz jump is the only one I'd ever done not from basically a standstill. (Not counting the three turn into a toe loop, etc.) So I got thrown into the deep end of the pool there, but managed it without landing on anything but my feet, so that's good.

This rink is doing a holiday show with BF as the director. I hear he already has the music and choreography done (unlike the last two years, where our choreographer was still cutting the music halfway through rehearsals and changing the choreography the morning of the show), but it really does take up all your weekends until Christmas, so I think I'm going to pass. At least unless there's something else really enticing about it.


Excited about Yuletide! Depending on which characters were requested by one person in one of the fandoms I offered (post your letterrrrr), I could be matched to one of two people in one of two fandoms. One's a stronger possibility, given the usual pattern of requests for the one I'm waiting on a letter for. Either one would make me happy to write for.


My back still hurts in exactly the same spots and ways it did before the cortisone shot, but now also hurts in new spots and ways thanks to the shot. (It's like I have a bruise above both injection sites, especially the left one, so it doesn't hurt much regularly but smarts like hell if I put pressure on it, which is basically every time I sit down.) So that was a bust, though granted I already knew it probably would be. If I still have the extra pain in a week the pain clinic who did these is getting an irate call.

On the upside, either learning to consciously relax my pelvic muscles paid dividends or this episodic bladder thing was reaching the end of its episode, because that is much better. The pelvic pain has gotten worse (toilet paper = razor blades), and I am hoping that someone, somewhere, will deign to give me a freaking painkiller that works, but am not holding my breath. Kidney doctor's getting a call tomorrow since the office ignored my message last week. Perhaps there's a way to get everyone in all my different clinics on a conference call.
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The first three days back at work went better than I feared but worse than I hoped, recovery-wise. (Work is fine. I picked a great week to come back.) I did okay in the mornings, but my abdomen started hurting by noon, so I ended up taking three halves of a pain pill each day to cover afternoon, evening, and night.

This would be so much easier if I could take ibuprofen or Aleve right now. Instead, I have to wait until the pain gets bad enough that I feel justified in using my dwindling Percocet stash on it. Tylenol by itself is a waste of time; frankly, I'm not even sure why that alleged painkiller exists.

I see my gyn late next week for another follow up, so maybe he'll give me something. I don't think he wants to, and honestly I don't want more--I'd much rather not be hurting. Maybe Tramadol? Something to step down with? Or maybe I can tough it out until I see the kidney doc in two weeks and with any luck get permission to take NSAIDs again.


Apparently there's now a trailer for the new "adult" Muppet show coming out this fall.

I like the idea of a new show, but actually hearing Kermit say, "She turned my life into a bacon-wrapped hell on earth" is just bizarre. I always think of the Muppets as completely G-rated.

Speaking of which, I fell down a Muppet-shaped hole in the internet and discovered that these days, Oscar the Grouch occasionally pops out of recycling bins. The times, they are a changin'.

Good pills

Jun. 18th, 2015 03:10 pm
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Good, fear-relieving gyn appointment today. Doc says my lingering pain is just "surgical bed pain" because they did a lot of cutting and stitching in that area and it's just going to be sore for a while. I got more drugs and another week off work; now I'm to go back on July 1st. (This makes for a two-day week, since everyone including me will be gone the Friday before the fourth, so that works out well.)

He showed me pictures of the crap they pulled out; they were gross but fascinating. Apparently the endo had actually come back even within three weeks, and it was part of the infectious complex righty had built around itself and smushed up against the pelvic wall. I got to see how my poor, hapless appendix had been pulled into it as well, all stretched out and sad-looking. Now that I'm back on the combined bc pill, I shouldn't have any more endo flares. We'll see. Here's hoping. The evil ovary is gone, and lefty usually behaves itself...

I'm really hoping I can wean myself off the oxycodone soon. Half a pill every three hours does reasonably well now, so hopefully I can gradually extend that until I'm done with them by next weekend. I'd like to go out to lunch with my skater friends that Saturday, but I need to be able to drive to do it. (Ugh, I haven't driven in a month. It feels like forever.)
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I'm hooooooooome! I have to follow up with the kidney people this week to be sure my labs still trend in the right direction, but other than that I'm free as a bird. Really hoping this is all behind me and I will have no more complications from any of these surgeries or treatments or whatever.
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I haven't been posting because I haven't had the energy, but in short, my medical saga continues. Three days ago (two? Four? Time runs together here) I was diagnosed with something called acute kidney injury. In other words, my kidneys were overwhelmed by one of the drugs I'd been getting, probably one of the IV antibiotics, and I have to stay in the hospital until my labs look better. This will hopefully be in the next day or two, but no one really knows. It shouldn't be serious or permanent, at least.

Either the kidney thing or the new oral antibiotics I've been getting have left me with literally no appetite (or worse--let's just say Zofran is my friend right now). I'm existing largely on Popsicles and pudding at the moment. Trust me when I say it's not a weight loss plan I'd recommend. Not helping is the fact that my body doesn't seem to react quickly enough for these doctors, as when I didn't produce a bowel movement in good enough time and they pumped me full of laxatives, with predictable results. Let's just say there was an incident which led me to lose all modesty and leave it at that.

On the bright side, one of my teams of doctors (I now have three) took me off continuous heart monitoring, which meant immediate movement to a much bigger, nicer room in a non-surgical ward. Plus not having to be hooked up to the heart monitor leads every moment is REALLY nice, even if I am still on IV fluids. And I don't think the medical students have found me yet, which cuts down a little on interruptions--those were getting to be a real bear, to the point where I broke down in front of one of them the other day and extracted a promise he would never come back and would tell all his buddies to stay away too. The only downside is this room is kind of hot, which my stomach doesn't like. Boo.

Anyway, being in limbo sucks, and I hope I get out of it soon. In order, I would really like to not be nauseated, have an appetite, and to get the hell out of here. Goat sacrifices, anyone?
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[Copied from Facebook because while I'm in too much pain to sleep, I'm too tired to type much more.]

I can't quite believe I'm writing this, but: my right ovary gave me appendicitis.

I KNEW that little bastard was out to get me.

Long story short, righty got infected, and it sits so close to the appendix that it spread germs. Everything was such a mess that the whole infection palace they had built had to be ripped out by the roots, so I am now without appendix and ovary. AT LAST.

My blood counts got so low (22 hematocrit, woo) that they gave me a transfusion before surgery even started, although to save time they knocked me out before it started, so I didn't get to watch. Thanks, anonymous A+ blood donor!

Supposedly all of this may be the source of my bladder issues, and they'll go away shortly. Cross your fingers for me?
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I go down for surgery in a few more hours. Maybe this is for the best, as there are too many things it could possibly be, and I want to know. The doctors want to know why my blood counts keep going down so fast, too. Something is in there bleeding away.

(Story of my life, right?)
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Thanks to everyone for your comments on my last post. I'm on a tiny iPad keyboard right now so it's hard to respond individually, but I appreciate them.

The eight hundred doctors assigned to my case have decided with what seems to be about 80 percent confidence that my right ovary grew a 5 cm abcsess, rather than a generic cyst. There's a similarly-sized cyst-or-abcsess attached to the pelvic wall right next to it. I've been on vancomycin and some kind of heavy-duty penicillin combo drug via IV for 24 hours now, and I have at least 48 more to go. The original plan was to stick a needle in my gut and drain the things, but the radiologist said there was too much bowel in the way. Now we're going to wait until tomorrow to see if the antibiotics alone kill the infection, and if not, I'll be getting another laparoscopy tomorrow.

At least they've finally found the problem, and hopefully some prong of this approach will fix all the symptoms for good. I guess there are worse things than 4-5 days in the hospital. *crosses fingers*
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If you guessed "admitted to the hospital overnight for IV drugs for an infection no one yet knows the specifics of," you win a prize.

Goat sacrifices will begin immediately.
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I swear to god, I am going to murder my right ovary if this cyst doesn't go away pronto.

To take my mind off the fact that I can't go more than twenty minutes now without having to use the bathroom (and yeah, the pain, sure, but that's nowhere near as awful as the reduced bladder capacity), here are some thoughts on season two and part of season three of Mad Men.

Less conniving than I anticipated )

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