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Today I learned how to fly.

You see, being descended from birds, the Lenarii have a tendency to settle in high and difficult to reach places. Unfortunately, a few millennia ago they lost the ability to fly, so it's not easy to get to those mountain dwellings. So over the years, they've perfected the small plane to the point where it's about as common as cars are back on Earth, and with the help of computers even easier to operate. Not being able to get to some of the higher neighborhoods of La-Lor City because I don't have a pilot's license has been a small but niggling annoyance since I got here, so today Dor took it upon himself to teach me to fly. He claimed that as my older brother (no, really, after last year's tukka fruit debacle, apparently we really are considered relatives), it was his duty to teach me.

So we squoze ourselves into his little red monoplane--not, I might add, sized for Humans--and before I had time to think about what a bad idea this could turn out to be, he'd talked me through setting the flaps and the fuel mixture and everything and we were off.

You guys, this planet is beautiful from the air. It's beautiful on the ground, too, but up high you can really appreciate the rolling, varied landscape, and the way all the glass used in the buildings sparkles and flashes in the sun. The reddish-purple leaves on the trees made these wonderful sprays of contrast over the blue-green grass, and in a field outside the city, the wind caused the tall grass to ripple so that it looked almost like an inland ocean.

I almost didn't want to land, but eventually we touched down in Zenni Heights for lunch. And while we were there, I saw something that convinced me I just had to get my license. Much in the way that Humans are pretty close on the evolutionary tree to chimps and other primates, the Lenarii have an evolutionary relative in the sanga bird. These guys never developed sentience--at least not as it's currently defined--or opposable thumbs, but they did keep their ability to fly. And opportunistic foragers that they are, they're fond of nesting near Lenarii settlements in the mountains. They are small and multicolored and like to perch attractively on rocks in the sun.

Yep, I'm getting my pilot's license so I can take better bird pictures. No one is surprised.

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(Apologies if this appears twice; I'm testing to see if problems updating are limited to crossposting or more widespread.)
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Of the internet pranks I've seen so far today, Hulu's is far and away my favorite. I think the frames were the best part.

Google's is pretty good, although I feel like it's not as outlandish as some they've done in the past. But for a subtle prank, do a search for "helvetica" or "comic sans" and see what happens.

I really like YouTube's 1911 button. :D

I haven't been through all of Think Geek's fake products, but I think my favorite so far is the Tribbles & Bits cereal. (...Someone tell me that's actually a fake. Their offerings are so strange usually that I'm not entirely sure.)

Have you seen any good ones?
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So. My life has officially turned into really bad fanfic, because I appear to have accidentally gotten married.

Apparently if you eat a tukka fruit at the same time as the person you're standing next to, it acts a marriage ceremony. Somehow, the Lenarii don't consider this essential information when handing out those tasty little plum-like things, so I bit into mine right after Kurt, who was with me on this little cultural exchange program to the city of El-Naar a few hundred miles to the west of our embassy, and poof. Married.

Everyone at the reception started cheering, and a few of them even ran outside to pick some flowers and throw them at us. Kurt and I, of course, could only stand there staring at each other wondering what the hell was going on.

Dor got a big kick out of it, because he's a JERK (I hope you're reading this, Dor). Then he informed us of the reason everyone was acting like we'd just won the lottery or something equally magnificent.

I must have looked really pissed, because my little purple penguin friend quickly said that divorce was just as easy should one find oneself in this predicament. All Kurt and I had to do was throw a tukka fruit at each other, and we would be legally separated. Kurt's a nice guy and all, but I feel no particular compulsion to be married to him, so we tossed the fruit at each other. Then, with what I must admit was a certain amount of glee, I lobbed another one at Dor.

...Apparently that means we're now brother and sister. I guess I'll be invited to the Lenarii equivalent of Thanksgiving with his clan this year.

In other news, I heard that a round trip flight out here has gone down to a couple hundred dollars. You should all come visit me. It'll be like Vegas, but with aliens!

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First, there was this video report, in which the reporter tells us that at the flooded Opry Mills mall, the fish tanks at the Aquarium Restaurant all broke, and now there are flesh-eating piranhas swimming around the mall. PIRANHAS. SWIMMING AROUND THE MALL.

Sadly (well, no, not sadly, but certainly less-amusingly), this is not true, according to the owner of the restaurant. (Extra good news: most of the fish survived, contrary to the report.) However, the phrasing, with the word "contained," makes me wonder if they were swimming around the mall at one point. Which means it could retain its aura of bizarre awesomeness.
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I was browsing the WriteRCastle Twitter feed, and whoever's behind it re-posted a joke that was so amazingly bad, I had no choice but to stick it up here. To wit (or at any rate to groan):

Two philosophers walk into a bar. One asks, "Can you mix me a Nietzschean Cocktail?" The bartender shrugs. "Kant."

It almost makes up for the frustration I've felt today while trying to a.) find Millay criticism in online databases*, and b.) finish this frakking B5 fic.

* I've decided to write on her celebrations of transience. Wish me luck, especially considering there is literally a book of essays on her, and that appears to be it, aside from two biographies. Good thing this paper appears to be intended as a mainly formalist analysis.


Oct. 22nd, 2009 08:18 pm
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We were reading this in my poetry class today, and when asked to characterize it, one guy said, "Icarus didn't fail. He just decided to stop succeeding."

Perhaps I should starting writing that on my students' papers.

Oh, brain.

Sep. 19th, 2009 10:31 am
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People I really ought not to confuse: Pico della Mirandola and Tamara de Lempicka.

(I suddenly feel the need to draw the great chain of being in Art Deco style. And maybe animate it with a little Italian dude floating up and down the chain.)


Apr. 11th, 2009 12:20 pm
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I finally have a Marcus icon!

...Of a sort. *g*

Right. Ulysses and grading. Back to work...
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This morning a bubblebird got in through the imperfect screen in my bedroom window. These little guys are kind of a cross between a jellyfish and a pufferfish, but they live on land, not water. Their bodies consist of a clear membrane that they can fill with air, and thus float. They, ah, expel gas in order to propel themselves while they're puffed up. They can also let all the air out of the membrane and flutter down to the ground, or in this case, my window ledge, where they become small enough to fit through a little hole in the screen.

The Lenarii consider a bubblebird in the house a sign of good luck. I, who spent twenty minutes trying to chase it out the door before it sprayed poo all over my little cottage, consider them a sign of needing new window screens. Or possibly air conditioning. (These people invented space travel, and they can't come up with some freon?)

In a way, though, I guess it did bring me luck, because I found out at work this afternoon that my boss is sending me and a couple other translators to the northern continent next week for a business meeting. Richard Branson is aiming to start his own spaceline, and he's sending some people to negotiate for rights to a new deposit of krondalite that was found up there last year so he can use it for the ships. We're going to be there for at least a week, which means a weekend, which means I'll be there for the Festival of Lendii. I hear there's dancing, and my god, if you've never seen a Lenarii dance, it's a trip. Dor showed me one of his clan's sacred dances a few months ago, and the idea of thousands of Lenarii banding together and doing something similar sounds hilarious. I know I'm a horrible, horrible person for finding it funny, but you watch what is essentially a little fuzzy penguin with chicken feet and opposable thumbs hop around for a while, then stand on his head and wave his feet in the air while making a noise that sounds so much like a yodel that I can't believe there wasn't some intercultural contact between these people and the Swiss at some point in the distant past--and try not to laugh. I dare you.

Anyway. Aside from that, life continues as usual. I've recently become addicted to this Lenarii TV show about two detectives solving murders in La-Lor City (yes, even two thousand light years away, there are buddy cop shows) and obviously having UST liek whoa. The guy is from the Renii clan and the girl is from the Dakii clan, and it's a bit scandalous that they're being written as a potential couple. The internet is a-buzz with people talking about it. Maybe one day it'll make it to Earth, although the ratings would probably tank. Somehow I don't see a network airing a show where the episodes are three hours long and have no fewer than eight musical numbers in them...

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Dec. 26th, 2008 04:03 pm
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Apologies for the spam today. But check out this photo from Disneyland.

Heh heh. Too funny.
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[ profile] rowdycamels, knowing my dS obsession (and having one of her own, thanks to me) sent me a DVD of an old serial called Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders*. I watched the first of the twelve episodes tonight.

The acting is hilariously bad. Near the end, the bad guy starts an avalanche, and the camera holds on that for a while, then switches to the two people who are about to get caught in it. After about a million years, the Mountie looks up and says, all hero-y, "Avalanche!" He and the woman he's with sort of wander off slowly into the distance.) However, it does have some nicely scenery-chewing bad guys, one of whom gets into a whip-fight with the Mountie. No, seriously, they run around and crack whips at each other. It's very funny.

Interestingly enough, either the Mountie dress uniform changed at some point in the past fifty years, or they just didn't care about accuracy. (I'm bettingit's the latter.) It's fairly similar to the one Fraser wears, but instead of the velcro mandarin-type collar, the coat has labels, and there's a dark necktie involved. (I realize I'm the only one who would notice or care about that.)

In the next episode, we find out if the inevitable lovers escape the avalanche! Gee, I wonder what will happen. :D

* Despite what the title suggests, they aren't fighting aliens. It's all a Communist plot.
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I have obviously been hanging out at this website for far, far too long.
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In a discussion about childhood dreams and current realities:

Person A: I wanted to be an astronaut. I work in a call center.

Person B: Some people write whole novels to express what you managed to in two sentences.
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Tonight, on Inappropriate Places To Build A Nest:

Pictures under cut )
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(No, it's not real. I don't think, anyway.)


Nov. 17th, 2006 11:24 am
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Best. Sheet Music. EVER. (Link goes to a PDF file.)



Today's edition of "Oh, the Things You Can Find on YouTube":

Someone made a music vid from clips of programs done by Marina and Gwendal. I was at first unsure of how that would work, but whoever made this managed to make 90% of the clips look like they could conceivably come from a routine choreographed to this music. Too bad the music is kind of bleh. Still, though...


Natterings on breaking the fourth wall in NX 2.06, 'War and Peace' )


Nov. 12th, 2006 12:36 am
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This bookshelf made from hardback books has me cracking up so hard. And once you see the photo, you'll realize the pun I just made.

Speaking of puns, I found One Of The Worst Puns Ever the other day. It requires a bit of setup first.

Person A: I saw a tern in my backyard yesterday! I wonder what'll show up next?
Person B: An otter.
A: Why?
B: Because one good tern deserves an otter.

*ducks the flying pots and pans*


Completely unrelated to any of the above, I found out the other day that the choir I'm in is going to be doing Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil (Vespers) starting February.


I wasn't sure about coming back for another round, but, um, I think I might have to. Because it's THE ALL-NIGHT VIGIL, OMG. *babbles incoherently*


Nov. 7th, 2006 02:29 am
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Get Fuzzy is especially hilarious today. Puns and politics. Hee.

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