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It's that time of year again! If you want a holiday card from me (and my cards are always non-religious winter season-style cards, generally with penguins or polar bears), put your name/alias and address in the comments, which are screened. Even if you've given me your address before, please do so again.

Cards may be a smidge late this year, because, well, see the last post about papers and such being over on the tenth, which is probably the first day I'll have to work on cards. Unless I have more grading, in which case it'll be the twelfth or so. Um. I'll try to get the international ones done earlier if I can so that they actually get there before the new year. :D
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Time for Seasonal-Greeting-of-Your-Choice cards!

Comment with your address if you'd like a card (comments are screened). I usually send them out in the first or second week of December, so if you'll be at different addresses during the month, you may want to leave both and an indication of when you'll be there.

If you commented in years past at either this post or this post, and your address hasn't changed since then, feel free to assume I have it. Or you can also comment here to make extra-double sure.

Seriously, I love sending cards, and I have really fun ones this year, so please enable me! :)
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It's that time of year again, so step right up and leave your address in the screened comments (or, alternately, send an e-mail to author1 [at] comcast [dot] net) for a non-denominational winter season card. [/PCness] I lost everyone's address when my computer went kablooey this summer, so even if I once had yours, I don't anymore.

And at some point, I'll go around and fill out everybody else's address requests...

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