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LJ: I've been crossposting for years and plan to continue doing so. You can comment at either place, though I suppose I would prefer you do so at DW if only because I have a paid account there and can use different icons. LJ will, I suppose, keep tottering along.

Skating: BF and P are both very happy with my program for Skate Nashville next weekend, as am I. Unfortunately, my flight back from a work conference in DC lands a nervewracking four hours before my first event (compulsory moves; freeskate program is the next day). If all goes as planned I should be fine because it's 10 minutes from the airport to my parents to eat and pick up skates I will have left there, then thirty minutes to the rink, but please cross your fingers the plane doesn't get delayed.

And then after the competition I'm going to get my skates sharpened, because dear god do they need it.

Arthritis: Currently playing another round of "is it arthritis or something fixable?" with new foot and ankle pain. The timing is suspicious, because this started right around the time I noticed my skates were breaking down. But while Achilles tendonitis from that makes sense (and was partially alleviated by adding yet more moleskin to the heels), second toe pain does not. It seems to also be tendonitis-like, and I suppose the real cause could be somewhere further up the foot or ankle where the broken-downness of my skates would affect things and referring to the toes, but it's also kind of stiff and arthritis-y, so...I dunno. I see the rheumatologist the Monday after my competition, so I'm hoping to limp along until then.

Also I want to get off Humira and onto Xeljanz, because it's a daily pill instead of a biweekly injection and short-term studies have shown significant AS improvement for a large chunk of the study populations, so plz to sign me up! (Come on, insurance, cover this one!)
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I let my paid LJ account lapse this week and decided not to renew because frankly, the platform has been so unstable over the past year that I'm not entirely sure there's going to be a LiveJournal after the next six months or so. But now that I have no paid account, I can't override the default comment page style on my journal with my own style. What the HELL is LJ smoking and why does their site look like crap now? All the text is flush with the left margin, which makes it near impossible to read easily. All the white space is ugly too, but at least it doesn't interfere with readability. Is this their way of getting more paid accounts? Make the default so ugly you can't stand it anymore and pony up just to get something that looks halfway decent?

I may need to break down and install Stylish or something. Ugh.
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Oh, for crying out loud, LJ. You do not need to help Facebook take over the world.

I'm joining the chorus of "Please do not repost comments you make in my journal to Facebook or Twitter, especially not on flocked entries." I try to keep one-way anonymity; I don't care if y'all know my RL identity, but I don't want people in RL who don't already know about it finding out my username here.

I have seven Dreamwidth invite codes if anyone wants them.
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I'm testing out this crossposting thing. I have no plans to completely abandon LJ, but I would like to start posting to both LJ and DW at the same time, rather than importing entries every few weeks. We'll see how annoying it gets to change my icon each time I crosspost to LJ, though.

In other news, argh, titles. I cannot think of a suitable one for my Northern Exposure vid, and that's all it needs to be finished. Woe.
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As far as I can tell, Dreamwidth doesn't have reading filters set up yet. Since more and more of my flist is moving to posting at DW only, I think what I'm going to do is "subscribe" to just those folks, so that reading two flists/circles/other geometric shapes won't lead to a lot of repeats. (I was doing RSS feeds from DW to my LJ flist, but I found out recently that that doesn't let me see flocked/protected entries.) Once filters get set up, I'll re-subscribe to everyone who has an account over there and then set up a filter for those who don't crosspost to LJ.

So could those of you with DW accounts do me a favor? If you aren't crossposting to LJ, or if you post different entries on each service, could you drop a comment here to let me know? Basically, if I would miss something if I don't have you on my DW reading list, I want to know.

As for me, I'm staying here for the foreseeable future. I back up my entries to DW roughly every month, but other than that, I don't go over there too much. That might change as more of LJ fandom migrates over to DW, but for now, check here first for thesis progress updates, teaching stories, fic, and all the other ephemera I bombard you with on a daily basis. :)
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Are any of y'all with Dreamwidth accounts posting some or all of your entries solely over there and not crossposting to LJ? I'm thinking I may have to look into figuring out some way to RSS feed entries back and forth between the two services, because no offense, but I'm way too lazy to read through a bunch of crossposted entries on each site, love you all though I do.


May. 2nd, 2009 01:03 am
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By the way, I'm over at Dreamwidth on the same username, but I'm basically namesquatting. I have no plans to move or even crosspost unless all y'all up and move over there permanently. Some day when it is not bedtime I'll go around and add people and whatnot.

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