Oct. 11th, 2005 02:47 pm
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Guess what.

Really, guess.

Give up?

I'm typing this from my VERY OWN COMPY!!!!!

*bounces about*

Except various put-backed-up-hard-drive-contents-on-the-new-hard-drive programs aren't working at the moment, but hopefully will be once Dad gets home from work and can tell me what new username I need to use and such.

At any rate, COMPY!!!!!


Oct. 11th, 2005 09:36 am
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Aaaand the US Mail hates me. No computer today. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they're snowed under by extra mail from Columbus Day and go back at three, but I have little hope. *defeated sigh*

At least I mostly have non-computery work to do today...

Speaking of computery things, I heart the library's hours of excessiveness. I was definitely there until 12:30 last night reading Firefly fanfic while I was printing articles off of JSTOR and entering quotes from my research, and they still had an hour and a half left before they closed by the time I left. Ahhhhhhh.
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Typo of the day: "Adama Smith."

Yes, in fact, I am still in the library. Well, I left at 6 and just came back about an hour ago, but whatever. I'm on hour seven or something like that. I'm actually doing work now, anyway, as evidenced by the typo. I may or may not have broken out into a chorus of "Dancing Through Life," since it's kind of DEAD down here, 'cause who besides weirdos like me actually study during "October Reading Days," especially after dark?

I feel like I had something more interesting to put here, but it's left me now, sucked away by statistics of lbs/year of legally-imported vs. smuggled tea in Britain, 1741-1784. Mmm. Tasty.


Oct. 7th, 2005 07:45 pm
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Hooray for real food!

We went into Mt. Vernon tonight for some Fiesta Mexicana. We'd planned to go to Wal-Mart, but...uh...no. I think Coshocton Avenue is a lot like Brigadoon--it likes to hide itself whenever we want to find it.

My computer has been all fixed up and sacrified to the vagaries of the US Postal Service, which can't get it here before Tuesday. Grrr. So, more camping out in the library for me! (Although I think I might actually get more work done when I'm there than when I'm at my own computer, so this may end up not being a totally bad thing.)

You may have noticed that I changed out my icons to emphasize the fact that it's fall. Yay, fall! I took a bunch of pictures yesterday of the trees and such, before the cold front moved in last night. They turned out pretty well. I'll post them...sometime soon...

Yeah. That's about it. Happy October Break!
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Ah, choir. Doc was in fine form tonight. To wit:

(To the sopranos, who kind of mouthed confidently)"Next time you mess up, look confused."

(To the basses, who enter a quarter note behind the sopranos) "PRetend you're coming in with the sopranos, and then you'll come in on beat."

(As an alto) "It's not the melody; why should I care?"

"Basses, so early in the piece to fail!"

"Not bad, facial expressions still look like creeping death, but..."

"Sopranos, that's how jazz got started, with people making up notes and doing their own thing."

The last three are all from the Evil Handel. Naturally.

Anyway. It looks like my computer might get here on Saturday, complete with spiffy new 80 GB hard drive (oooooh, ahhhhh), so no more living in the Mac lab for me! Or, rather, not really living there, 'cause I have more reading than anything to do at this point...but whatever. More frequent e-mail checkage, anyway.
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You know, the super secret Mac lab is almost like having my own computer alive and kicking. I've got my iPod hooked up and charging and playing, I was able to get files off my Firewire drive and onto my network drive yesterday, I changed out the one-button mouse for my own two-button-plus-scrollwheel mouse, and I can even use iJournal instead of posting this via the web update page.

And I'm pretty sure there's nobody else on the entire first floor. Nobody. At all. Even in the PC lab. It's beautiful, I tell you. And if it's like this on a Sunday afternoon, prime working time for Kenyon students, then probably it'll be fairly similar for the rest of the week. Ahhhhh.

In less thrilling news, I realized that I lost a poem for comps I'd been working on this week that I really liked, and it's proving difficult to recreate. I think I've got most of the better half of it back into this computer, but it's not as good as it was. The second half of it, I don't mind losing, 'cause it was pretty much crap anyway, but...urg. And I lost the large versions of some pictures I really liked from one of my photography outings, though at least I still have the 800x600 versions of them. Still. Blah.

Also, the only library in the OhioLink system that has a copy of the 1830 exposé Deadly Adulteration and Slow Poisonings Unmasked, or Disease and Death in the Pot and Bottle won't let it be taken out of the library, so I can't request it. Searching for it online has pulled up little of interest. It's not vital to my paper, but how coool would it be to be able to cite that? Really. It would be awesome. Also, it would let me cite someone besides Moxham for that particular section, which would be nice, as I think I'm going to have to do great battle with Ibid. again this semester.

Back to work. At least I'm actually getting stuff done instead of fooling around online like I usually do in my room. This whole experience might be good for me in the end.
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Guess what I spent last night doing.

If you guessed "trying to ressurect a dead, deader, deadest hard drive," you win the big prize. Yeah, my laptop's hard drive? Completely dead. Beyond dead. Not interested in being found or starting up or doing anything at all.

Luckily for me, I have a complete backup of my hard drive on my firewire drive. Done this week, in fact, since the HD has been making those awful "flipflipflipflipflipI'mgoingtodiesoon" noises for a while. So all I lost was a few photos that weren't very good anyway, and maybe half a page each on two of my entries for Advanced Fiction, which should be easy enough to recreate.

*big sigh of relief*

The super secret Mac lab in the basement of the library even has nice, modern Macs with multiple Firewire ports, so I can actually retrieve all the files I saved this week to work on while ye old laptop gets shipped home for repair. Best of all, it is super secret, so there is never anybody down here. Brilliant. So yes, I will be living here for the next week, I think. Which means I may be able to keep up with the flist, but probably not, so don't expect to see me around much. I still love you all, though. ;P

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