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Amusing job titles I've had e-mailed to me in the last few days:

Medical Examination Editor (My first thought: OH MY GOD, how does CareerBuilder know I've become completely addicted to Body of Proof?? And then I actually read the listing and realized the company wants someone to edit tests med students take. Which actually sounds kind of cool, so I'm going to apply.)

Assistant Laundry Specialist (It's not even the fact that a university has a laundry specialist that gets me; it's that they go through so much laundry that they need an Assistant Laundry Specialist to help with the load.)

...If you guessed that my temporary job with the Senate ended yesterday, you win a prize. Back to the application grind.
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OMG. KSAs. I am going to diiiiiiieeeeee.

(The job I'm applying for wanted six. It took me three. freaking. hours. to write them this afternoon. I still have to write a real/general cover letter, and I think I also need to re-format my resume. The closing date for the position is tomorrow. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.)
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The editor took my revised book review with only minor stylistic changes! Woot! And I turned in the dance paper while I was up on campus this morning, so my semester is ooooooover!

...Except for grading. I'm pretty sure Coleridge's albatross was named "grading." But by tomorrow evening, once I blitz through the twelve or so papers I'll be picking up in the morning, I'll never have to grade another one!

Of course, now the agony of the job search starts. If anyone knows of editorial jobs (in any genre--nonfiction, fiction, poetry, whatever), or of university-related administrative-type positions, will you send them my way? I think I may also try to track down a couple freelancing jobs in the next couple months as I hunt for a full-time job, if only to have some writing samples that aren't academic in nature.

My other goal for the month is to turn the dance paper and part of my thesis into journal articles and send them off to my first-choice journals for each of them. Sadly, scholarly journals generally don't pay for articles, but I figure, since I'm looking for jobs in publishing, it can't hurt and might help to have some experience on the other side of the process.
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A kind soul is holding a job fair in his comments. If you're looking for work, or will be soon, you can leave a comment with what kind of work you're looking for, and then people who know of job openings and/or have advice will be able to see and respond to the comments. Better than nothing, right?

(Thanks to [ profile] wintercreek for the link.)


Jun. 7th, 2006 01:46 pm
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Life Stuff:
Grrr, argh, knees. Obviously the exercises are going to have to be resumed every six months or so. Hopefully this will not last for the rest of my life.

My repainted dresser is done! It's preeeeetty. I'll get a picture up here once the varnish dries completely and I can close the drawers.

My job search, on the other hand, is not pretty. It is quite ugly at the moment, in fact. All I can seem to find in town are things like door-to-door sales, which...if I were interested in marketing, maybe, but I'm not, so no. I did apply for an editorial assistant job that I really want, and I have an application for a library and/or state archives peon job (they claim not to be hiring right now, but they keep resumes on file, so...) done and waiting to be turned in, but beyond that... *sigh* I did find a nifty site full of job listings for freelance writers and artists/graphic designers/photographers, but it seems intent on not letting me register so I can do something about it. Grrr, argh.


Who Stuff:
So I listened to "...Ish," and found that Peri has possibly the most annoying voice in all of creation. Honestly, I think she does. It's squeaky and whiny and has a not-at-all-right American accent. I mean, I've heard worse ones, but owwwwwww. This hurts. It hurts my soul.

On the other hand, after listening to "Winter for the Adept," I think both Sarah Sutton's voice and her interpretation of the the character have improved tremendously in the past twenty years. Nyssa doesn't constantly sound sort of dazed and high.

I also watched the DVD of "Earthshock" with the commentary turned on. HEE! They're all so funny. Well, with the exception of poor Matthew Waterhouse, who didn't say much. Janet Fielding especially was cracking me up with her "self-elected fashion correspondant" stuff. And they all seemed to agree with my interpretation of the Tegan/Doctor reunion and ready-to-take-a-bullet-for-her scenes. "That's verging on hanky-panky in the TARDIS, isn't it?" Heh.

Something else they all said was really interesting: I hadn't noticed it before, but when it's pointed out, you can really see that every scene was blocked like the camera was the audience in a theatre. In big group shots, they're all standing exactly in the gaps left by other people, so you can see everyone. And they talk towards the camera, not towards other characters (actually, sort of halfway between the camera and the character standing beside them). I wonder if that's not one of the biggest reasons it looks so different from New Who, or anything much past its time, really.

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