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Amusing signs seen around Knoxville today:

"Texting Dictionary: Want 2 Know What UR Kids R Sayin?" - Indie bookstore.

"Air Quality Alert! Try Carpooling." - One of those digital traffic report signs over the interstate. I love the half-heartedness of it. "Smog is infesting our city because of all the cars (and the fact that we're in a valley that traps it all). You might think about reducing your auto emissions. You know, if you feel like it. We don't want to tell you what to do or anything."

"Right lane closed." - This is not funny on its own, but because of the context: someone placed the sign three feet behind a utility pole. You cannot actually see it until you're next to it, and by then you need to have merged unless there's no traffic whatsoever. Oh, TDOT.
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It is pollen season down here. A representative photo of my car:

Beneath the cut )

And a close-up:

Also beneath the cut )

It rained last weekend, so this is about five days' worth of buildup. The past two years, I've seen all the multitudinous trees in my neighborhood bloom, and thought, "Ah, so many trees! How I love living here!"

And then the oak and pine trees start this, and I think, "Ah, so many trees! How I hate living here!"

(Okay, the pollen isn't too bad, since this year I wised up and started taking a daily dose of generic Claritin/loratadine back at the end of February in order to let it build up in my body. I am snot free for the first April in my life and it is glorious. And even on the car, the only real annoyance is having to use my wipers/wiper fluid to clean a swath off the windshield before I go anywhere, which eventually gums up the wipers until I get the worst of it off with a paper towel. Still, trees, you could stop this any day now...)
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Yesterday I finally made it out with my camera before all the fog burned off for the morning.

Click for a few more.
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I finally managed to get my Knoxville pictures from last month up. Wahoo!

I also put up an album of flower pictures from this month, including the picture I made into the icon you see here. It's mostly tulips, actually, along with some trees.

Yay spring!

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