Jun. 12th, 2017 07:19 pm
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Good news: Yesterday I wrote almost 800 words on the Northern Exposure fic I've been working on in various iterations for at least ten years. (Like most, I have a "Joel returns to Cicely" story in me; mine's just taking a while to expurgate itself.) I also pulled out the not!drawerfic for the first time in almost three years and added about 200 words to it. I may finish it one of these days.

More good news: I added a folded-up blanket to my computer chair and reduced my hip pain by about 80%. (The chair has a mesh seat, so it dips more in the middle than at the sides; I evened it out so it's relatively flat now.) I still went to my first PT appointment, but we didn't do much besides add a couple of stretches, and he reminded me of how to properly do some of my exercises. We have a follow-up appointment next week, and then I'll probably be sprung.

Mixed news: I got a big girl bed (a full) instead of the twin I've had forever, and the mattress is VERY firm. Ultimately I think this will be a good thing, but wow, did I ever have a backache when I woke up this morning. To the point where the first thing I did upon getting out of bed was order a 2" memory foam topper.


Feb. 6th, 2017 04:55 pm
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Arrrrggghh. Teeth, why do you keep trying to escape? The molar I had a filling in a few weeks ago, and which hasn't settled down since, is either developing an abscess and will need a root canal, or has a crack and will need to be pulled. Since it's me, my money is on the more complicated one, but the round of antibiotics I'm about to start should be diagnostic (feels better = infection = root canal; feels the same = fracture = implant).

I told my dentist that if it's the latter I'm skipping the attempt to save the tooth with a crown and going straight to the implant. He said that ordinarily he'd recommend trying to save it, but in my case, he agreed we might as well go straight to pulling the damn thing.

Ugh. In less annoying news:

1. My dad took me to Memphis on Saturday to visit the new Ikea store and get a dresser and nightstand, then we put it together on Sunday. Not only do they look nice, they are all wood for a great price, AND I didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought I would after either the 6-hour round trip drive or five hours of putting furniture together. Maybe the Humira is working after all.

2. I've seen two coyotes in the last three days. One was on the way to Memphis, in a field by the interstate, and one was trotting along a path in the golf course I drove by on my way home from the dentist today. So pretty and fluffy!
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My physical therapist, while poking her fingers into the muscles around my tailbone: "This is the same muscle dogs use to wag their tails."

My life these days. I swear.

It's been slow going, but on the whole, I think I'm doing better. I slept through the night every night last week, which is an achievement I haven't managed since prior to all the surgery. Alas, I woke up every night this week except the night before last. Still, my bladder symptoms have basically stayed away for almost two weeks now (minus getting up at night), and I'm back to doing knee exercises that also help with back stabilization, albeit modified to place less stress on the pelvis and therefore now way too easy, but at least it's something. SI and pelvic pain come and go and haven't changed a lot, but I also haven't really been doing any strengthening exercises yet, so I suppose that's to be expected. I have had a couple of really good days over the last two weeks.

I also noticed that my PT actually seems to align my pelvis when she has her finger deep in unmentionable places. There's a definite (good) difference in how I skate on days I've had a session. We're going to take a look at my leg length discrepancy and possible pelvic torsion next week.


Today I got this fantastic thing at an arts and crafts fest. Isn't it cute?


My Yuletide fic kept growing and growing, but I think I'm close to done with it. Maybe 1,000 more words. I was hoping I could both finish the assignment and a make a treat out of the earlier fic I abandoned for this one, but I suspect the other one is going to have to be a New Year's Resolution unless I can really power through the assignment this weekend and be writing the treat up until the second the archive opens. Next weekend is probably a bit of a lost cause, because there's the skating show on Saturday (I'm watching this year, not in it--I didn't want to add any more stress to this year, and I didn't quite trust my back and pelvis to carry me through rehearsals and the performance itself), followed by a party one of our adult skaters is throwing on Sunday.


My new favorite Christmas carol, a parody of "Silent Night" about the sun's light.

Sample lyrics:
UV light, shortwave light,
Causes sunburn when it's bright.
Used for sterilization
And forensics with irradiation.
Flowers reflect it for bees,
Flowers reflect it for bees.



Finally, I want to recommend Ian Tregillis's The Mechanical, which is the first of a trilogy I've been describing to people who see it in my hands as, "If the Dutch rather than the English controlled North America, and they had robots. And one of those robots gains free will." In addition to two of my favorite sci-fi concepts ever, there's lots of action and many sympathetic and amusing characters (the foul-mouthed French spymistress is the best). I also like that Tregillis obviously made an effort to make at least half the stock and background characters--cart drivers, leather tanners, construction workers--female rather than defaulting to male.
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Back outside three turns are mine! I successfully managed the turn and a runout in both directions at two different sessions yesterday, so hopefully they have some staying power.

Unlike me. The Big Annual Work Event was Friday, and while it went very well, it also entailed getting up at 4:30, being at work at 5:30, and not getting home until 4 PM, so I've been POOPED this weekend. I wanted to go to the session this afternoon and maybe take BF's freestyle class, but I didn't have it in me. Instead I watched the latest disc of Lois and Clark that Netflix sent me, this one with "Tempus Fugit," which was as fantastic as the interwebs promised. Lois is so close to knowing the secret!


I did take the free Curry class offered by P and BF at Other Rink yesterday, though (part of the reason I couldn't drag up the energy to skate today), and we did this horrible exercise with waltz jumps in both directions, followed by a back crossover, because apparently John Curry was a goddamn sadist. WHO THINKS TO PUT A CROSSOVER AFTER A JUMP LANDING?

It did make me appreciate even more how P, a clockwise jumper, can do all the jumps and most of the spins in the direction that isn't natural for her. (The only one she isn't able to do, at least consistently, is backspin, and since I can't even do it in my direction I can hardly blame her.) I'm sure she learned it of necessity, since 85% of skaters are counter-clockwise jumpers and spinners and she has to coach us, but it's still very impressive.


I bought a giant bag of Halloween candy for $6.50 today at the post-holiday sale. I'm going to take some to work and give it away, but until then, Kit Kats, Whoppers, Mr. Goodbars, and peppermint patties are mine.


Driving home from the grocery, I saw a murder of crows. At least six or seven hanging out on the traffic light rod. They looked appropriately spooky.


I have the germs of several ideas for my Yuletide assignment. I need to reacquaint myself with the canon and do some research before I flesh them out and settle on one.


Pelvic PT starts tomorrow. I imagine I may be told to cool it on loop jump attempts since the twisting in the windup really seems to stress my abs, which will be fine with me. P is great about letting me work on what I want to work on and what my body will let me work on, so it's really me who's been bullheaded about trying to make this jump work--even though I hate it--mostly because I know I need it for the Bronze Freeskate test unless I feel like deploying a flip, which is supposed to be even harder to learn.

I did learn today that the half loop, which I can do (poorly), is actually considered a single-revolution jump the same as the loop, but for various historical reasons doesn't get the same credit. The difference is that you land on your left foot (for CCW jumpers like me) rather than the usual right foot landing. It feels easier to me for some reason. They're mainly used in single-rev format so you can have a salchow, which requires a left inside edge takeoff for CCW skaters, in the back end of a jump sequence rather than having to default to the two that take off on a right back outside edge, toe loop and loop. (That's the reason the jump combos the people on TV do always have those on the back end.)
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I somehow missed this nugget of information about how Barnes & Noble no longer lets you download ebooks you have purchased to your computer to load onto your ereader of choice via the USB cable. You have to download it on your actual device. So today I bought an ebook, only to wonder where the hell the download button is.

Okay, so I have to turn the wireless on on my Nook. Fine, whatever, I'll just turn it and its battery-draining qualities off as soon as the book downloads.

It doesn't download.

After some investigating, I find that this would be because my B&N account is under one email address, while my Nook is apparently registered under another. God forbid.

"You can read it on your iPhone or iPad or Android!" the site chirps at me when I query what to do. Well, that would be great if I had any of those pieces of technology. I do not. BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE AN EREADER AND A LAPTOP.

Well, maybe I can lend it to myself. Haha, wait, what am I thinking, that would require something to actually work and not throw errors at me when I try to use the function, which is apparently not B&N's forte.

Last ditch effort: Google a way to merge accounts. Miraculously, find that there is a way! It appears to require signing up for a Microsoft account of some stripe, and the fine print probably requires payment of my soul, but whatever, sign up, verify, back to the page for merging accounts. Click.

"Connection was reset. Try again?"

Congratulations, Barnes & Noble. You have just ensured I will never buy anything from you ever again.

Good things

Nov. 2nd, 2014 09:38 am
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You know what? I am going to post some good things, because the last month here has been a litany of woe and I'm tired of it.

1. Between my surgery and the post-op ER visit, I met my insurance's deductible and out of pocket maximum over the summer, and since then all my medical care except prescriptions has been free.* My ER visit two weeks ago had a sticker price of $2,000, and for me it was totally free, as were the followup appointment with my gyn and an unrelated appointment with my allergist. I think this also means my upcoming physical therapy will be free, as long as I can complete it by December 31.

(I am half-seriously thinking about trying to get my gyn to schedule a hysterectomy for December to take advantage of this...)

* Well, okay, I still pay the $60 premium each month, but you know what I mean.

2. If there had to be a year where we needed to use up all of our banked PTO time because they're going to stop letting it roll over, it's a good thing it was this year. I've taken almost a week of unscheduled sick time in the last month, but I can still have vacation time in the spring.

3. I hit 25k on the angst!fic. (I should really stop calling it that. It is about 40% angst by volume, but it's also fluffy in places, and features lots of kidfic and humor and introspection and other stuff. It's a post-series AU for, what else, China Beach.) I think I might be 3/4 done.

4. I definitely have an idea for my Yuletide assignment that I'm going to let marinate for another week or so (while I hopefully finish the other fic...) and then start writing.

5. I bought a bag of half-off Halloween candy yesterday. This is actually more bad for me than anything, but it sure feels good, and I kind of don't care after all my recent troubles.
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First lesson with P went well! It's nice to switch things up occasionally, because different people have different metaphors and ways of describing things, and some metaphors work better than others. She gave me new ways to think about checking after three turns and shifting my weight to prepare for a one-foot spin. I also got to work on the half flip for the first time in ages, and it looks a lot better now. And she is not going to let me get away with not rolling up onto the toe pick before the waltz jump, argh. I mean, that's good. But argh.

In retrospect, skating two back-to-back 45-minute sessions was not my greatest idea when this is only my second time on the ice in almost two months, but it was that or start my lesson the moment I walked on to the ice, and exhaustion seemed the lesser of two evils. That said, I may just give up the first 15-20 minutes of the first session next week, or take a long break in the middle, or something. Today I got on the ice at 8:15, warmed up, did moves for a while, and thought, "Gosh, I'm tired! Surely it's been almost an hour!" It was 8:30.

(Speaking of exhaustion, while I am absolutely not looking the gift horse of OUR RINK IS BAAAAAACK in the mouth, I am looking forward to the full freestyle schedule being reinstated once Rink B is up in August. Getting up at 6:30 on a Saturday is inhumane.)

It was fantastic being one of the first to skate on the brand new ice. The paint on the concrete underneath was so clear! The lines were crisp, the blue of the goalie pits was an actual blue instead of looking like old wash water after a load of darks, and there was no embedded grit or dirt. SO. PRETTY. The ice itself felt a little funky--crunchy, actually, like skating on frost--but not a big deal. It's probably not quite as hard as they typically keep it yet, and will improve over the next couple of days.

After I finished the second session, I went out to McKay and spent $45 to get 20 books. Woo. My ratio of excellent:lemon from them has been rather poor lately, but hopefully it's improved in this round. I stayed away from the bargain section, which frequently leads me astray. ("Well, it's looks kind of weird, but it's only a quarter, so why not?" THERE IS ALWAYS A WHY NOT.)
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My coach, C, is leaving in July to go to medical school. If P, who taught the edges and MITF class, is taking new students, I'd like to switch to her, but if not then perhaps T, who taught a group class I liked and whose specialty is spins. Right now, I need all the spin help I can get.

I did at least learn the usual back crossovers to an inside edge, step forward into the spin spin entry this weekend. I just...don't really have a spin to go with it yet. But I feel totally legit while I'm setting it up!

Other big things: I'm all signed up for allergy shots and just need to wait for them to make my serum. I'm going to have to get three shots at each visit (because I REACT TO EVERYTHING), which sucks, but I work less than a block from the clinic, so I can easily get myself through the induction shots more quickly by going three times a week rather than two, and then it's only a maintenance dose every other week for a few years. With luck, this will mean less medication over time. And if I could get to a point where I could ditch the dust mite cover on my mattress, that would be great, because sleeping on what is essentially plastic is hot.

And my laparoscopy is Monday. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to the anticipated results.


Seen around:

That Crucial Movie meme...Everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

The Cutting Edge
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
(for my aesthetic!)
It Happened One Night
It's hard to pick just one Astaire/Rogers flick, but perhaps Shall We Dance
You've Got Mail
The Sound of Music
Alice in Wonderland
(Disney animated version)
The Thin Man (or really any Myrna Loy/William Powell comedy)


May. 24th, 2014 09:58 pm
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My new sports bra is the most expensive item in my wardrobe, but it is also very, very nice. It's this one, and I may have shed a tear when I found one in my size. It's both comfortable and locks everything down like Fort Knox.

Okay, I didn't cry, but I also didn't blink when I paid the price. Hooray for bra manufacturers who understand underwires are not optional for some of us, and also that there is not a global fabric shortage, we can stand to have a little more in front, thanks.

I had to go out to Nordstrom to get it, because that is literally the only store in my entire metro area of 1.7 million people that sells such things. (I tried the "Ta-Ta Tamer" at Lululemon, but in addition to having a painfully twee name, it was worthless; my regular bras have more scaffolding than that thing, and their idea of DDD is everyone else's idea of C at best.) I suppose it could be worse; we didn't even get a Nordstrom until three or four years ago, so I could've been stuck hoping for the best while ordering online.

Since I was out in Green Hills, where I never go, I took the opportunity to go to Trader Joe's, about which I have heard good things. They had the Pacific Rose apples I love and can rarely find here! And for a sane price! Plus other fun things like these delicious chocolate-drizzled lemon cookies, which I've had far too many of already today. I'd gotten the impression it sat somewhere between regular grocery stores and high-end stuff like Whole Foods, and was delighted to find it's more of a really spiffy Publix. If I'm ever out that way again, I shall return.
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Got my permanent crown today. Since the tooth was still sore when I bit (despite no longer having a nerve inside it) and my gums were still swollen and had started bleeding again when I brush my teeth, my dentist hypothesized that I might be allergic to the material the temporary crown was made of, which was causing a lot of my pain.

Somehow I can't say this surprises me.

(Dear immune system: CHILL. OUT.)

He had to numb me to get the crown on, so I still have no idea if my bite is okay. He says it is, but he's said that before. *shifty eyes*

Since I'm on the topic of medical news, Jolivette (minipill) and I have had a violent and permanent breakup. I could live with a bit of spotting when it was making my period much less horrible than it had been previously, but I can't live with a week of spotting at the midpoint of the month that is heavier than my real period, and when both of them have the pain turned up to 11. Which I suppose is better than the eleventy billion it was before, but twice in a month? Nope. 4 out of 5 women on this pill don't have a period; obviously they send them all to the fifth woman, i.e., me, in some kind of cruel cosmic zero sum game.

Tonight I start Lo Loestrin, and I get to skip the placebo pills, so in theory I will not bleed while on this pill. Frankly, I'm pretty sure my body makes enough hormones to bleed through anything, possibly including complete hysterectomy, but we'll see. Maybe it will work.

I'm probably allergic to it.


May. 5th, 2014 09:06 pm
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My actual root canal this morning was actually much less exciting than the "getting numb" part. I warned the endodontist that it takes "kill an elephant" quantities of anesthetic to numb my mouth, and he responded by doubling his usual dosage. Which gave me a mild reaction from the epinephrine used in the solution to make it last longer, but at least that was over after a few minutes of trembling and feeling sick.

Still wasn't numb, though. He gave me more, waited for it to sink in, started drilling. ABORT ABORT ABORT. He gave me a worried look, said I was already almost at the maximum, and made noises about getting one of the other dentists in the practice to put me under for this procedure. Then he gave me one last shot in the roof of my mouth--he said this was all he could give me before dire side effects could occur, and if it didn't work I was definitely going to have to be put to sleep--which luckily did the trick. (The dental assistant claimed I would be numb for hours and hours after it was over. Yeah, it started wearing off on the drive home. I definitely suspect I have this mutated gene.)

I must ask my regular dentist if he shoots me up in a different place than normal or if after fifteen years of experience with me he just pegs my dosage at the maximum right off without fiddling around with normal amounts, so I can give better instructions to new people.

After that, it was really only about twenty minutes of drilling and poking and pouring bleach down the empty canals (seriously, it smelled like a swimming pool even through the dental dam), all of which I could vaguely tell was going on but at least didn't hurt. The process of how a root canal is done is actually rather fascinating (they fill the empty root canals with gutta-percha! How very Victorian!), but I must admit I wasn't keen on getting a blow by blow description while it was happening to me.

It definitely seems to have fixed a lot of my problems, anyway. I'm still on massive amounts of ibuprofen and the odd half a hydrocodone because my gums are swollen to twice their normal size again, and I still can't chew anything tougher than an overcooked noodle on that side, but at least my tooth no longer hurts when I so much as touch my tongue to it, or when my cheek rests against the rim of real tooth exposed above my temporary crown. And the pressure under the crown is gone too, which is a major relief. They reseated my temp more comfortably, as well, and my bite feels less off than it did before. I should, they say, be back to normal in a week and then I can get the permanent crown.


In other news, this weekend I went to Music City Crepes, which is the closest I've come to those awesome food truck crepes in Paris. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure anything here could quite compare to a warm gob of Nutella wrapped in pastry on a freezing spring Parisian night, though. Anyway, these guys could use more Nutella in their Nutella crepe, but the veggie crepe with mushrooms, black olives, pesto, and spinach was delicious. I will definitely be going back sometime.

I also saw a bottle of real maple syrup there for much less than grocery stores usually charge, so now it is mine and it is delicious.
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Impending root canal on Monday. Well, in theory the endodontist can say I don't need one, but realistically, I'm getting one.

30, I liked you. This was going to be the year I fixed lingering medical problems, not acquired new ones. Why you gotta do me this way?

(At least I now have sweet, sweet narcotics for the pain...)
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Why did no one tell me getting a crown hurts this much? I thought it would be like getting a filling! Instead, it falls somewhere between "getting braces tightened" and "getting wisdom teeth removed." Leaning, unfortunately, towards the latter. I miss chewing. Also not having my cheekbone and all the teeth on my left side feel like a boxer punched them.

The dental assistant said it should calm down by Friday (I got the prep/temporary cap done yesterday morning). I'm not sure I'll last that long. Also, the local anesthetic started wearing off before the end or the procedure yesterday, which the dentist made a frowny face at and said could indicate I actually will need a root canal. If so, I hope that need comes to light before they put the permanent crown on in two weeks, because the last thing I want is to pay for two crowns on the same tooth.


Apr. 15th, 2014 08:54 pm
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Well, as I suspected he would, after three attempts at sanding my old filling down and managing to get my bite aligned but not actually fixing the pain, my dentist determined that my problem tooth is actually microscopically cracked and will need a crown. Bah. At least it'll get fixed for good this way. (And if this doesn't fix the problem, I may well cry.)

I also scheduled my endo surgery for June. Fingers crossed it does the trick at least for a long time, if not until menopause.


The ice rink closed on Saturday afternoon, and will remain closed until sometime in July if all goes well, August if not. Tomorrow is the first Wednesday in months that I won't be getting up at some insane time to go practice. What will I do with myself?

(Aside from go down to the rink in Franklin...but getting up at 4:30 to do so is beyond even my level of enthusiasm.)

At least I won't have to clean frost off my car at six AM (and perhaps it will have melted by seven), because it's going to be 30 degrees on the night of April fifteenth, Nature, what are you doing??


I'm just going to assume these kids reacting to a Walkman tape player are playing up their ignorance for the camera. Come onnnn, surely they've watched movies or cartoons or something with cassette tapes, right? And seen them for sale in used music/book/etc. stores? Their parents still have some hanging around? I know they must've been around a VCR at some point, that's not too old, and the technology is basically the same.

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Things I Need To Do on My Vacation:

1. Dentist appointment (surely, surely this time my tooth will be fixed)
2. Doctor appointment #1 (ENT)
3. Doctor appointment #2 (Gyn)*
4. Move winter clothes to boxes and drawers, put summer clothes in closet (FINALLY)
5. Deep clean bedroom
6. Something work-related that has to get done, alas (hopefully less than an hour's worth)
7. Go to Eavan Boland reading (OMG OMG OMG SO EXCITED)
8. Skate like a madwoman (I have plans for at least 10 sessions, maybe 12 if I'm feeling ambitious)
9. Maybe get the bass speakers in my car fixed. It's only been four years since they died.

...Suddenly this is seeming less like a vacation and more like a forced march of personal productivity/taking care of life crap, but none of this was getting done on regular weekend time, so, eh.

At least there's lots of skating! For the last week before they close the rink until September for repairs. :( I'm hauling myself out to Franklin on Saturdays for the duration, but they only have one 90-minute session, and I'm sure it'll be packed. Rumor has it that the club down there is going to cap the number of skaters allowed on the ice and give priority to members of their club. I guess I can't blame them, but jeez, way to have sympathy for your skating brethren. (Also, freestyle sessions are fifteen bucks down there! Versus four up here! This session is twice as long as one of our sessions, so I guess I'm really comparing it to eight dollars, but EVEN SO. Yaaaaay for municipal rinks! My tax dollars get me cheaper ice!) There's a crew of adults planning to drive down to Huntsville every Sunday for a session at a special "Nashville refugees" rate, which strikes me as insane. It's almost a two-hour drive each way. I like skating, but I have better things to do with my time than that.

This week, I'm also going to hit 100K on the not!drawerfic or die trying. I've got fewer than 5,000 words to go. And I have books I want to read. And I really, really want to get back on the [ profile] nx_rewatch train.

Woooo, vacation!

* Verdict on norethindrone/the progestin-only BC pill: I may be in love with this drug. I've gained eight pounds, my face is is a mess, and I still have random twingy abdominal pain--though less than at first--but the pain-relieving and less-hemorrhaging effects are definitely working as advertised. I've moved from "barely functional for four days" to "low-to-moderately functional for two days." And if it takes three months or so for this to ramp up, then it might get even better!
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I spent what feels like my entire practice session this afternoon working on waltz jumps from back crossovers going backwards at the pace of a geriatric snail, and by the end, it was finally starting to pay off. The timing of the hips and the arms and the shoulders and the feet is all in sync! I did a couple where I'm pretty sure I took off from my toe pick! They felt like leaps rather than all-but-steps! Hurrah, hurrah.

Afterwards, I went to hear Clare Murphy, a professional storyteller, tell Irish myths. I had no idea what to expect, but whatever my expectations were, they were blown out of the water. It was kind of like a really, really well-read audiobook mixed with standup comedy, much more of a performance than I thought it would be. I'm a very visual reader (and aural/odoral/tasteual) reader, so I get vivid images/sounds/smells/tastes/textures in my head when I read; this was like that, only more intense. (It may have helped that she mimed throwing a spear, etc.) I see why this was such a big deal before literacy became widespread.

As I left the building, I passed by a group of ten or twelve raggedly-dressed college kids standing in formation with swords, for reasons I could not discern. Between that and the collection of English profs in the audience (especially the one who rather endearingly introduced Clare with a bunch of high-flown language read, haltingly and with many digressions, off a rumpled sheet of paper), I began to miss being in college or grad school myself.

And then I realized I didn't have to write a paper on what I'd just seen. Better yet, I didn't have to grade papers I made my students write on what I'd just seen. The rest of the night was mine to do with as I pleased. Being an adult (at least, an adult without a faculty job) is AWESOME!
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Having the busiest period of the year at work come in the last six weeks of winter really seems to accentuate the seasonal change. By February, everyone's sick of winter (especially this cold, bitter one), all the overtime/work stress is beating us all down down, and everything is generally miserable--and then suddenly I'm walking across campus and there's a hawthorn tree flowering, these white flowers all over what I swear were entirely bare branches the last time I saw it a few days ago, and it's like some fairy creature stepped through the veil and settled here for a while, it's so surprising and otherworldly. Spring! In this land of endless winter and misery!

I didn't stop in my tracks, but there was definitely a hitch in my step when I caught sight of it.

This tree prompted me to notice today that daffodils are blooming in tight little bunches at doorsteps and along sidewalks, down in the little hollows in the neighborhood yards that always have the first of a long parade of daffodils. I've also recently had to switch my alarm clock's alarm sound from birds tweeting to a generic (but thankfully not shrieky) musical tone, because the birds are starting up an hour or so before I normally rise, which leads me to think my alarm's going off. Spriiiiiiing.

And and and, as of today we are finally done with the Big Huge Federal Report that makes life a misery through February, not to mention the Big Annual Program Event and the Big Thrice-Yearly Workshop Events, all of which came within two weeks of each other, and it is as if the sun has come out! Birds are singing, warm breezes are blowing, college students are getting drunk and making embarrassing porn videos in Florida on spring break! (One of these things is not like the others...) I can catch up on non-essential work stuff! I can take a lunch break! Not that it won't still be busy, but it will be a manageable type of busy as opposed to chaos.

(I don't ultimately mind the work at this time of year--it is, after all, job security for the rest of the year, and I suppose it builds a certain kind of team spirit--but it would definitely be nice have it spread out instead of all bunched together. Federal deadlines being what they are, this is unlikely to ever happen.)


I haven't written much over the past couple of months because my brain's been too fried, but this weekend I AM going to plot out the next several scenes of the not!drawerfic and get started on them. I'm so close to at least joining up the ~80K chunk of continuous beginning and middle with the next few pieces of the middle I already have written, if not moving towards the end.

I did at least get some reading done over the past several weeks. Nothing really worth writing about here, but it was nice to do. Well, okay, one thing I did want to say was that I just finished The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt's newest) and thought it was great, but still a bit flawed. The rambling at the end needed to be cut down a lot. She approached Joycean--it was very reminiscent of the style of the ending to Portrait of the Artist, which is always a plus--but I rolled my eyes at some of it. That said, the book as a whole was intricately crafted and rich with interesting and well-realized characters, and despite myself I liked Theo a lot, so it was certainly worth reading.

Right now I'm finally reading Broken Homes, the latest Rivers of London novel. After that is Push Dick's Button, which is Dick Button's memoir and promises to be entertaining.


I voluntarily stepped onto a sheet of ice at 6:15 this morning so I could have a session to practice/warm up before my lesson at 7. How did this become my life?
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C decided I was going to work on spirals yesterday. I, stupidly, demonstrated to her that I have reasonably good extension when I'm holding on to the wall. I'd say I'm at 120-130 degrees right now.

So when I did my paltry, terrified, free-leg-not-even-at-hip-height-because-I-don't-want-to-lean-that-far-forward spirals down the ice, she naturally asked, "Dude, where'd your extension go?"

Here's what the ensuing conversation was like:

Me: Spirals are SCARY. I'm terrified I'll fall forward over my toe pick and break my face open.
C: Yeah, I split my chin open on a spiral once.
Me: ...Don't tell me these things.
C: Well, everyone does it.
C: Oh. Um. It probably won't happen to you!
C: I know you can do it. Let's keep working.

They are a little more conceivable with a really, really bent skating leg (which is not how you're supposed to do them), because a.) more stable, and b.) my body is closer to the ice, so if I fall, maybe I won't break all of my teeth. Perhaps one day I will execute a real spiral. Perhaps one day pigs will grow wings.

Next week: Waltz jumps. Because I've let mine languish and now it's back to being more of a waltz step than a waltz jump.

In other news, my intermittent tooth sensitivity has turned into a full blown nagging toothache, with bonus intermittent stabbing pains somewhere in the neighborhood of my sinus and, randomly, in the front of my jaw. Of course, this would happen on a Friday. And I think the only thing that could get me out of work on Monday or Tuesday is open-heart surgery, and even then maybe not. So it'll be Wednesday before I can get this seen to. And I'm still not even sure who to go to, since both the sinus doctor and the dentist claimed I had nothing wrong. I have a gut feeling this is a dental thing, though. I just really hope I don't wind up getting a crown or something else invasive, painful, and expensive that doesn't actually solve the problem, though. That would absolutely prove the existence of a cruel and heartless universe.*

* I don't actually mind dental procedures all that much, especially now that my dentist and I have determined that yes, I really do have nerves ALL OVER and need about double the novocaine of a regular adult, and yes, both sides of the tooth in question, please, you cannot get away with just one. It's just that I have fillings in every tooth except the six front ones on top and bottom--because my teeth are apparently made of CHALK, since I know damn well it's not neglect that's caused my cavities over the years--and at this point I just want to keep them in one piece as long as possible. Is that so much to ask?
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Good: I don't have a cavity or other tooth problem.

Bad: My dentist, much like sinus!doc, has no idea what's causing the sudden sensitivity to cold in one of my teeth.

The dentist swabbed some fluoride over it and said to come back in two weeks if things don't improve. The hygienist muttered something about the filling in that tooth being kind of big and maybe starting to disintegrate, which would require a crown. But one would think that would show up on the x-ray, so who knows. Dr. Google suggests exciting causes such as a hairline fracture that's exposing the nerve to air (and will eventually crack that tooth in half) or an autoimmune disorder that attacks the roots and kills them.

I think I'm going to invest in sensitive-teeth toothpaste and hope for the best.

Apparently I also have acquired a benign, harmless condition called geographic tongue (warning: vaguely gross pictures).

There's a weak link to allergies, which doesn't surprise me, and a weaker link to stress, which really doesn't surprise me given the way the past couple of weeks have gone. Oh, annual progress report to the NIH, how I hate you. Also the four other big work things that are all happening right around now, UUUUUGH, who came up with this schedule and why were they allowed to plan anything, ugh ugh ugh.

But the end is in sight, and indeed, in two more weeks things should calm down considerably, and then I can move from my cube into the office that comes with my promotion! It's not terribly swank or anything, but it's an office, with chairs and a tiny table and a door and more than one drawer of filing cabinet space, woo! It is very exciting.

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