May. 13th, 2010 09:46 am
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I just got the proof of my book review (i.e., how it will look in print, with the journal running heads and my name and everything). AHHHHHH, SO EXCITING!
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You know you're sick when you're willing to head to the grocery store at 2 PM on a Friday afternoon, the day before snow is called for*, over a route which requires negotiating a giant clusterfrak of a road closure, all in order to get kleenex.


I remembered today why I really like working at the scholarly journal I help edit. We're currently reading through the first round of proofs, and I got to read a fabulous article about the "secular faith" in fictional worlds and narratives of history in Braudel, Auerbach, and Tolkien. On some level, this is basically what I always end up writing about in my own scholarship, from the thesis to the Millay paper of late. (Well, it helps that Braudel's ideas and postcolonial theory are fairly incestuous, and...apparently I've fallen by default into postcolonial scholarship. Don't look at me; I just wanted to write about Irish stuff, and that's where I've landed.)

Anyway, I almost certainly would never have read this on my own, but I'm glad I've read it (and fixed its typos and formatting errors). :)

* For those not from the south, any time snow is forecast, everyone down here--and I do mean everyone--rushes out to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk. It's a ritual akin in ubiquity to, I dunno, high school graduation or something, despite the fact that being truly snowbound around here happens maybe once every couple decades.
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Long but productive day today. I met with the managing editor of the journal I'll be working for next year, and in addition to more prosaic things, like the job duties, I found out that they always try to let the editorial assistant publish a book review in their last issue, so I'll get a publication credit out of this gig in addition to the class release in the spring. Woot!

My thesis director also invited me and a doctoral student working on Irish poetry to have lunch with today's speaker, David Caplan, who was both informative and full of entertaining stories. We both came away with some more names and titles to add to our lists of sources for our respective thesis and dissertation. His lecture was cool too; it was on Anthony Hecht, a Kenyon grad of the '40s. Caplan teaches at Ohio Wesleyan, so we got to chat about Kenyon for a while too.

And now I am reading articles on The Odd Women, because soon I will be writing a paper on it. Everything will be ooooooover on April 29th. Hurray.


Name a fandom and I'll inform you as to my:

One True Pairing Ship
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Ahhhhhhhhhh! I have an e-mail in my inbox saying that I got the editorial assistantship for Soundings next spring!

(This means that I get to do all kinds of things for the journal, like read and edit/copyedit manuscripts, and in return, I only have to teach one section of 102 in the spring rather than two. Awesome publishing experience and thirty fewer students giving me papers to grade! This is amazing!)

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