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So apparently the cost of living in Nashville rose by $9,000 in the last year.

That is not a typo. There is not an extra zero added on to the end there.

It's been real, transplants, but y'all can go home now.
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Oh my God. The city is planning to build a rink in my neighborhood. I literally live ten minutes, if that, from the proposed site. AHHHHHHHH.

Other skating things: Flist, it is time for you to help me choose music again. I'm planning to compete in the competition put on by the rival skating club in town in late April. I could just use the Amelie music again, since I'll be competing in the same division, but I had fun choreographing with P and kind of want to do it again. Here are the other options.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 2

Which music should I skate to?

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It's been overshadowed, as usual, by what the same storm system's doing to the east coast, but Nashville got its biggest snowstorm in almost fifteen years yesterday. We topped out at eight inches. It snowed from about 7 AM to after 9 PM, which I don't remember ever seeing down here. It was quite impressive.

I took a lot of pictures. The first several are from about 10 AM yesterday morning, when we had 3-4 inches. The middle ones are from 3 PM or so, when we were up to almost 6". The last few are from just now, when the sun came out.

Click for pics

The only downside is that I can't skate today and probably won't be able to skate tomorrow afternoon, unless there's some serious melting today and tomorrow. Poo.
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It snowed, sleeted, and freezing rained last night, changing over to rain sometime early in the morning. The ice from earlier this week is half-melted, many storm drains are blocked, and we are now under a flood watch.

Well done, Nashville.

More pictures from Tuesday (when it was icy and sunny) are on Flickr.

Since the rain had changed everything on the side roads to slush and the main roads were clear (if full of standing water), I was finally able to skate this morning for the first time in over a week. I think B somehow sharpened more rocker into my blades, because I got a good pop off some waltz jumps--the kind that usually takes a lot of effort--without even really thinking about it. I also had more pop off the Salchow.

Not much else changed from the last time. I'm still spinning on my toe pick. Really good checking on my three turn pattern is still a distant dream. Backspin is maybe a bit closer to actually getting all the way around before I bail. P did get me to go about 3/4 of the way around on each lobe of the outside circle 8, which is better than I'd been doing before.

In other news, I may be writing Agent Carter fic that's trying to turn plotty on me, but I don't know enough about the Captain America 'verse to know exactly what to plot. I think it's time to invent a bad guy/bad organization.

Iced out

Feb. 16th, 2015 03:00 pm
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Well, thank you, Mother Nature. Instead of the 5" of plowable snow I was promised, you gave me half an inch of unmelting ice, some sleet on top, and maybe snow to follow, though frankly they've been saying that for a while and it's still a sleetfest/freezing rain fiesta at my house. That's just great. I'm having visions of '94.

I'm using a vacation day to stay home from work today (some vacation), and it looks like it'll be too icy to pick up my skates from the sharpener tonight. THE IRONY.

Anyway, pictures:

See everything at Flickr.


May. 5th, 2014 09:06 pm
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My actual root canal this morning was actually much less exciting than the "getting numb" part. I warned the endodontist that it takes "kill an elephant" quantities of anesthetic to numb my mouth, and he responded by doubling his usual dosage. Which gave me a mild reaction from the epinephrine used in the solution to make it last longer, but at least that was over after a few minutes of trembling and feeling sick.

Still wasn't numb, though. He gave me more, waited for it to sink in, started drilling. ABORT ABORT ABORT. He gave me a worried look, said I was already almost at the maximum, and made noises about getting one of the other dentists in the practice to put me under for this procedure. Then he gave me one last shot in the roof of my mouth--he said this was all he could give me before dire side effects could occur, and if it didn't work I was definitely going to have to be put to sleep--which luckily did the trick. (The dental assistant claimed I would be numb for hours and hours after it was over. Yeah, it started wearing off on the drive home. I definitely suspect I have this mutated gene.)

I must ask my regular dentist if he shoots me up in a different place than normal or if after fifteen years of experience with me he just pegs my dosage at the maximum right off without fiddling around with normal amounts, so I can give better instructions to new people.

After that, it was really only about twenty minutes of drilling and poking and pouring bleach down the empty canals (seriously, it smelled like a swimming pool even through the dental dam), all of which I could vaguely tell was going on but at least didn't hurt. The process of how a root canal is done is actually rather fascinating (they fill the empty root canals with gutta-percha! How very Victorian!), but I must admit I wasn't keen on getting a blow by blow description while it was happening to me.

It definitely seems to have fixed a lot of my problems, anyway. I'm still on massive amounts of ibuprofen and the odd half a hydrocodone because my gums are swollen to twice their normal size again, and I still can't chew anything tougher than an overcooked noodle on that side, but at least my tooth no longer hurts when I so much as touch my tongue to it, or when my cheek rests against the rim of real tooth exposed above my temporary crown. And the pressure under the crown is gone too, which is a major relief. They reseated my temp more comfortably, as well, and my bite feels less off than it did before. I should, they say, be back to normal in a week and then I can get the permanent crown.


In other news, this weekend I went to Music City Crepes, which is the closest I've come to those awesome food truck crepes in Paris. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure anything here could quite compare to a warm gob of Nutella wrapped in pastry on a freezing spring Parisian night, though. Anyway, these guys could use more Nutella in their Nutella crepe, but the veggie crepe with mushrooms, black olives, pesto, and spinach was delicious. I will definitely be going back sometime.

I also saw a bottle of real maple syrup there for much less than grocery stores usually charge, so now it is mine and it is delicious.


Jan. 2nd, 2014 08:04 pm
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Oh, COME ON. (Metric peeps, keep in mind this is in Fahrenheit.)

icepixie: ([Photos Stock] Sunflower field) just revised its ten-day forecast to look like THIS. Seven straight days of temperatures above one hundred, including one day of ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN? Surely someone over at the National Weather Service is on some really excellent drugs. SURELY.


But tonight was not so bad. There's a breeze, anyway. I walked the dog (reluctantly on both our parts), and saw a raccoon out in broad...well, dusk. I stayed well away, because I seem to recall racoons being out at any time when you can actually see them without artificial light can be an indication of rabies, but it was nifty-looking. We also saw the requisite many rabbits, because the neighborhood is infested. My mother's current theory is that the rabbit she kinda-sorta tamed this past winter with rabbit snacks used his food advantage to breed prolifically.


Some YouTube links, all of The Piano Guys:

Cello Wars - Truly, special effects have come down in price so much that musicians on YouTube can afford them.

Me and My Cello - Happy Together (The Turtles) Cover - Awww! Frolicking through the fields with a cello!

Beethoven's 5 Secrets - The one I most enjoy the actual music of. The video's not bad either. Playing an electric cello on the moors? WHY NOT?
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As promised, photos from my expedition the other day. We just missed the peak fall foliage there; it was perfect in the yard, but the lake is a tiny bit colder and thus a tiny bit further along, apparently. Plus the dry summer didn't make for the most spectacular colors. Still, there were pretties to be photographed, and there's a setting on my camera that gives yellow leaves a nice glow. My graduated neutral density filter helps a lot as well.

20 total under the cut )
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Some pictures from Nashville's Centennial Park, as well as leftovers of neighbor dogs and plant life.

39 photos of ponds, pigeons, geese, squirrels, dogs, flowers, and a Parthenon )
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Meme from all over:

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. -- Alfred Hitchcock, 1899 - 1980

If I wrote fic/drew art/vidded/folded origami/etc today, the readers/viewers would immediately be looking for... what?


This is happening in a few weeks. I'm tempted to go--hey, free admission!--but these things always wind up disappointing me. I think I didn't get the "appreciation for live music" gene. I like to be doing something else while I listen to music, or else I just get bored. Plus, bugs and heat. Maybe I'll just stay home and listen to YouTube videos of these artists? The Quebecois band is very cool, as is the East African dude.


More music recs! All of one artist, this time, because I have had a bit of a Natalie Merchant renaissance. (I was such a huge fan in middle school and high school. Tigerlily was one of my very first album purchases, and I wore that CD out.)

Apparently she gave up writing original lyrics sometime in the past ten years, because after an album of folk songs, last year she set a bunch of children's poetry to music. Thankfully, by "children's poetry," I mean "poetry about or aimed at children," not poetry by them.

Not quite half are things you might find on CDs that are actually for kids, but the rest of the music is meant for adults. The styles range from jazzy to folky to a sweepingly symphonic in a way that reminds me of a movie soundtrack. My favorite is Spring and Fall: To a Young Child, which is a setting of the most depressing poem ever, thank you so much for making me want to slit my wrists, Hopkins. The song's pretty, though. Sad, but pretty.

If, after that, you're longing for old school, 10,000 Maniacs-era Natalie Merchant, have Headstrong, which has recently become one of my favorites.

And finally: Heaven, a duet between Brett Dennen and Merchant. The lyrics are basically a riff on the less-interesting half of "Imagine," or possibly a song Band Aid contemplated doing before settling on "Do They Know It's Christmas?", but if, like me, you're good at ignoring treacly, hippy-dippy lyrics, the music is good. Merchant's low alto and Dennen's super-high tenor blend well together, and I really like the light dissonance they produce in the chorus.


Apr. 14th, 2011 09:45 pm
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Via Jeri Ryan's Twitter, which is proving to be an unexpected wealth of entertainment* (she's giving Nathan Fillion a run for his money in Twitterland): party truck.

Let me assure you that if I saw that tooling down the road somewhere in town, I would be less surprised than one might think, unfortunately. After all, today as I was walking to my car from my job downtown, I saw a big white pickup truck with American flags attached all over, several Support the Troops magnets, an NRA sticker, the words "Sarah Palin" stenciled in huge black letters on the sides, Israeli flag flying from one of the windows. I admit that last one threw me for a loop.

Oh, Tennessee. I'd say "never change," except I actually do want you to change. ASAP, preferably.

* I associate her so strongly with Seven of Nine that I keep expecting her to always come off as emotionless and totally not fun, even though I know better. I also remain surprised to see her wearing normal clothes and not having Borg implants on her face and hands in Body of Proof.**

** Speaking of which, I saw the idea floated on Tumblr that Kate Mulgrew should play the Commissioner of Medical Examiners, or Mayor of Philadelphia, or whoever would be Kate Murphy's boss. To which I can only say YES PLEASE, because although Kate Mulgrew kind of scared me on Voyager, that would be hilarious and awesome.
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This weekend, it was actually nice out--sunny, in the mid 60s--unlike today and tomorrow and all of next week, when it's supposed to snow a-frakking-gain. You know the implicit contract in my moving back south was that while summers would be dreadful, I would not have to deal with frozen precipitation more than two or three times per year. Argh.

Anyway, I took advantage of the nice weather and went downtown to see if there was anything I hadn't yet photographed. There was in fact very little, but I persevered. Et voila:

We are a kitschy, kitschy city. )
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Dear Mother Nature,

In case it's escaped your notice, this is Nashville. Will you quit with the snow already? Good grief.

Shiveringly yours,


Dear Long, Clause-Laden Sentences in the Fic I Am Writing,

Where are you coming from? How can I make you stop? One or two for effect are nice, but the fic is starting to read like a Cormac McCarthy novel (only with punctuation), and that is NOT A GOOD THING.

Yours in desperation for periods,


Dear Jack of All Trades

HOW did you get the Marquis de Sade episode past the censors? Just wow.



Icon meme from [personal profile] fallingtowers. Let me know if you want your own.

Caprica getting nuked to oblivion by the Cylons in the BSG miniseries. The quotation is the title to an exceptionally bitter autobiography by a WWI vet, who basically spends the book lambasting everything about the English social order of the time, the war, etc. etc. It seemed appropriately tumultuous for the beginning of BSG.

My favorite Astaire/Rogers publicity photo (from Roberta) paired with lyrics from Swing Time's "The Way You Look Tonight." The pose comes from the "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" dance, which also happens to be my favorite, 'cause I love gloriously slow dances. It came out of my epic icon-making spree. I don't really post about the films much anymore, but I keep it around for somewhat sentimental reasons (always the best reasons for Fred and Ginger, aren't they?).

Scully yelling "Noooooooo!" as Mulder gets shot in "Monday." A product of my sporadic rewatch this past spring; mostly I find the image amusing, because Big Nos are generally hilarious to me.

One of my favorite events from B5: Ivanova, Delenn, and Lyta staging a rescue of Sheridan after he dies at Z'ha'dum. Okay, so it's not successful, but for 1997 or whenever this aired, it's still pretty awesome that they're taking over the war. "Strength" is also an accurate descriptor; not only are they strong in the face of personal grief over Sheridan's apparent death and the consequent near-fracturing of the alliance, all three of them are strong characters in their own ways.

Peter and Olivia from Fringe talking to the nutty Star Trek fan in...uh, whatever episode that was. Late S1, I think maybe "The Road Not Taken"? Anyway, the fact that Peter's enough of a fan to play along with the crazy informant by telling him to live long and prosper makes me giggle. (P.S. Fringe returns tomorrow! Eeeeee!)

More snow

Jan. 10th, 2011 10:22 am
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...Okay, so four inches of snow is fairly impressive even once a year in Nashville. This is the third time. And winter is only half-over.

I suspect the apocalypse.
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Hmmm. Apparently my problem with renewing my account this year had to be referred to developers and "may take some time," so no Scrapbook for me for a while. Photobucket it is.

Anyway, there was snow yesterday. I personally was not any more or less ambivalent about it due to the fact that it came on Christmas, but I did enjoy taking pictures, at least until I couldn't feel my fingers or toes anymore.

Snow )


Dec. 23rd, 2010 08:42 pm
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Is the cultural obsession in this country with a white Christmas entirely the result of that song? To be honest, I have never quite understood it. Perhaps it's a northern thing. At any rate, we're supposedly going to have snow on Christmas for the first time in seventeen years, and only the seventh time since people began keeping records in the 1860s, or so the National Weather Service excitedly informs me every time I visit I will report back on whether the snow is in fact anything special.


In much more interesting news, holy crap, my camera can take THIS PICTURE:

starry night )

It can also take a bunch of other pictures:

like so )
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First, there was this video report, in which the reporter tells us that at the flooded Opry Mills mall, the fish tanks at the Aquarium Restaurant all broke, and now there are flesh-eating piranhas swimming around the mall. PIRANHAS. SWIMMING AROUND THE MALL.

Sadly (well, no, not sadly, but certainly less-amusingly), this is not true, according to the owner of the restaurant. (Extra good news: most of the fish survived, contrary to the report.) However, the phrasing, with the word "contained," makes me wonder if they were swimming around the mall at one point. Which means it could retain its aura of bizarre awesomeness.
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I have been delivered of a bouncing baby revised draft! It is...32.5 pages. That's just about half the length of my thesis, researched and written in less than a quarter of the time. Ooof. I am so watching a movie tonight.


Flood stuff:

The most amazing thing about this video is not the footage of a road in Cheatham County that the flood ripped up and deposited on top of some houses. Rather, it is the fact that the neighborhood residents, rather than wait until the state can fix the road, got some bulldozers and started fixing it themselves. I am officially impressed.

Jon Stewart gave the whole situation his usual amusing color commentary. I particularly liked the Detroit reference. ;)


Some of this is flood-related as well, but check out this person's amazing HDR photos of Nashville and other places. I cannot even tell you how much I want the software he uses to make them.

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