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So. Today was my last day of undergraduate classes ever.

(...I'm pretty okay with this, actually. Wheee, only one more assignment and I'm done!)

I celebrated by getting Chandra and my library copy of Brideshead Revisited (been meaning to read that for at least four years now) and heading to the steps of Rosse (and when I got cold from being in the shade, amongst the angels on the lawn) to both listen to the Pealers and read. So yes, this did mean that I was reading about bells and spires and such of Oxford while listening to our own churchbells being used to chime out...the Imperial March from Star Wars.


I went up into the belltower for the last fifteen minutes, mostly so that I could get in on the swinging of the F bell. I have yet to get the rhythm right for that, but it's fun to bounce around on the rope.

Then there was the AVI/local foods picnic which...was kind of awful, but the sentiment was nice, anyway. Also, there's free Mexican food in honor of Cinco de Mayo later tonight, so there will definitely be some second dinner happening.

I had a nice, longish chat with my Practice and Theory professor (who was also my British Empire prof last semester) this afternoon as well. He's such a nice man; he offered to write me a recommendation for any kind of job or grad school, should I ever need it. Given that an MLS/MLIS degree is looking more and more likely the more I learn and begin to dislike about the field of publishing, this is definitely a good thing.

I perhaps ought to get something more done on my take-home final so I can get it done this weekend and laze around all during finals week,'s due Thursday. And I'm lazy now. *g* So perhaps not.
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I went to Pealers today (I rarely go, but I was enticed by the fact that it wouldn't be crowded up in the belfry and by promises of Avenue Q songs transcribed for bells, which sadly did not materialize due to computer glitches). We got to swing on the big F-bell, the one that chimes the hour after the Westminster chimes have gone, which requires allowing the rope to pull you one or two feet off the ground to ring. Heh. Fun times. We were celebrating the start of Thanksgiving break, which began today (er, yesterday). I and various people I'm riding with to the airport all have rather late flights tomorrow (uh, today), so since we get kicked out of campus residences long before we need to be at the airport, we're going to see Potter before our flights leave. Hopefully the lines won't be astronomical or anything...

I should probably finish packing, huh? There's a thought...

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