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So, last night's Fringe led me to do more research on numbers stations, which led me to the "Mein Fraulein" game/hoax. Someone at Wired speculated that the Craigslist posts directing "Mein Fraulein" to call the telephone numbers provided, which then spewed numbers at the caller, were the product of "some young cryptanalysts...sending love notes and taunting Mossad, the NSA and the phone phreakers at the same time." The idea of people sending encrypted love notes intrigued me, and while I don't know enough about cryptology to write a story about it*, nor do I really desire to learn, I figured I could get a few stanzas out of the general concept, and make it more interesting by encrypting part of the poem.

The result is manifestly not great poetry (although I'm somewhat fond of the second stanza), but I had fun, and perhaps you will too.

19217613481918 221915687

Others may use roses, letters,
telephone calls or birthday cards.
Our love is by numbers:
one time pads and sixty-four-bit blocks,
logarithms and PGP;
sweet secrets, numeric thrills
where others more adventurous than we
found life or death.

Remember that time in New York
when we pretended we were spies in East Berlin?
The café was dark, needing only smoke for ambience,
and there was German Chocolate Cake on the menu.
(What we lacked in authenticity, we made up for in enthusiasm.)
I loved you then as I never had before.

82219 7232937 17961019 320 15 8113, 82219 1615172511156187 26334 320 15 72312,
82219 21263623397 921921823221 2623219 320 152 192321228;
82219719 15619 13619 161915982320926 83 119 822152 637197 36 182315132187,
13619 86978113682213 822152 2619881967 822158 162615619 82219236 2328192823327
83 82219 11362618. 74191525 83 119 232 291161967, 74191525 83 119 232 1731819,
15218 23 11232626 2619151019 1339 82219 251913 83 113 22191568.

Click here if you want a big hint for the code. )

First to comment with the decrypted translations wins an internet. :)

* Although if I were to do so, the young cryptanalysts in love would totally get sucked into some kind of crazy spy adventure because of their fooling around with personal ads and number codes.
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This time from [ profile] sleepingcbw.

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Feb. 4th, 2007 04:39 pm
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Okay, first you need to read this. I'm not--well, okay, it's Gertrude Stein, so there's probably some mocking involved, but actually, playing around with stream of consciousness and repetition was sort of fun for its own sake, and I may do again sometime. If I get famous, you can say you knew me when.


Dog in the grass, alas--
yellow grass
green grass
blue grass
pluck, pluck, pluck
dog lying in tall grass
shorter grass
goldenrod and clover
munch munch munch
honey comes from clover via bees
bees in the grass
sting the dog, alas.

For the sheer hell of it, here's a photo to illustrate.

You are free to call me either pretentious or completely off my rocker. ;)

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