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I went for a walk this evening down by the Tennessee River. While I was there, I spied a log caught near the shore. It had a hump sticking up out of the water in a vaguely serpentine manner. I decided to call it (wait for it...waaaaaaait for it...) TENNESSIE!

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all night. Please stop throwing rotten fruit.


Mar. 15th, 2010 11:39 pm
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Pun of the day: a record company called "Shamrock-n-Roll, Inc."
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I am NOT ALLOWED to call either of the two nearly-finished fics on my hard drive "The Pint of No Return." Not. Allowed.

I have a feeling it should bother me that either of them could be called that.

(Also, I'm pretty sure this is crack in HTML form, at least for me.)
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Fine, fine. You all have twisted my arm enough that my paper is now called "Thoroughly Modern Millay: Edna St. Vincent Millay and the Modernist Moment."

So going to hell. But at least it's finished

And after reading back over it, I found it's not as bad as I thought. It's something I would've been proud to turn in as an undergrad. Still slightly ashamed to turn it in as a grad student, but at this point, it's time to cut my losses and get on with the thesis.
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No, self. You cannot end your paper with the pun "Thoroughly Modern Millay."

No, you can't title it that either. I need to keep some self-respect.
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I just titled the half-finished fic I've been working on in between paragraphs of my Millay essay* with a really, really terrible pun. It's so bad that even I don't want to admit to it, and I'll admit to just about any pun. Aside from that, it doesn't entirely fit the general mood of the fic, though there is a section of dialogue it matches ever-so-vaguely. The pun fairy in my brain must have been putting in some overtime lately.

* Four pages down! Only six left!
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I was browsing the WriteRCastle Twitter feed, and whoever's behind it re-posted a joke that was so amazingly bad, I had no choice but to stick it up here. To wit (or at any rate to groan):

Two philosophers walk into a bar. One asks, "Can you mix me a Nietzschean Cocktail?" The bartender shrugs. "Kant."

It almost makes up for the frustration I've felt today while trying to a.) find Millay criticism in online databases*, and b.) finish this frakking B5 fic.

* I've decided to write on her celebrations of transience. Wish me luck, especially considering there is literally a book of essays on her, and that appears to be it, aside from two biographies. Good thing this paper appears to be intended as a mainly formalist analysis.

I'm sorry.

Feb. 23rd, 2009 06:38 pm
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Y'all KNOW I can't resist a pun. They're like my kryptonite.

I'll go write my paper now.
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One nice thing about work is that today it allowed me to make the following pun: "The circuit breaker section in this package really tripped me up."

(And it did, too. That one had all kinds of little pieces I'd never seen before and which would not pull up in the online digest, and...urg. Evil little section.)

This was the same package that had a panelboard schedule* with approximately fifty million little drawings, all of which came in out of order, and which took roughly forever to straighten out. I grow to dislike panelboards, yes, I do... (Think of it this way: imagine importing a 30-page story which you've never read into Acrobat, having the pages come in all out of order, and then having to use a tiny little page number in the corner to put them in order. Only it's not a number, it's something like 5KL1-Sect 4, and the next one is 3MR2-Sect 3, and you've got to put them in order according to a schedule from earlier in the package and not, like, alphabetically or anything rational, and do you see why it makes me a bit crazy? Although on the other hand there is feeling of vindication after I've sorted all the little buggers out, and that's kind of nice at 9:30 in the morning...)


This is a deceptively simple, yet astoundingly addictive little game. I don't know whether to hate you or love you, Peter.


I decided that I had to have the rumba RayK and Stell dance to at the end of "Strange Bedfellows," and it's actually on iTunes! Woo! It's so cool. *wiggles a bit* *has unfortuantely forgotten just about every cool move she ever learned for American Rumba*

* Panelboard = essentially the breaker box you have in your home, only bigger. Sometimes much bigger.
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On my usual travels around the internet this evening, I came upon the phrase "an ostentation of peacocks." I of course had to know if that was the real word for it or if the writer was making it up.

He wasn't. Here is an excellent list of collective nouns for birds. I think my favorite is "an exaltation of larks," although "an unkindness of ravens" is a close runner-up.

Ah, words.

(Also, GIP! Awww, they're so cute.)


Nov. 12th, 2006 12:36 am
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This bookshelf made from hardback books has me cracking up so hard. And once you see the photo, you'll realize the pun I just made.

Speaking of puns, I found One Of The Worst Puns Ever the other day. It requires a bit of setup first.

Person A: I saw a tern in my backyard yesterday! I wonder what'll show up next?
Person B: An otter.
A: Why?
B: Because one good tern deserves an otter.

*ducks the flying pots and pans*


Completely unrelated to any of the above, I found out the other day that the choir I'm in is going to be doing Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil (Vespers) starting February.


I wasn't sure about coming back for another round, but, um, I think I might have to. Because it's THE ALL-NIGHT VIGIL, OMG. *babbles incoherently*
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From my evaluation for Choir: "Doc is a fantastic professor who is instrumental to us making beautiful music. (Also, he makes terrible puns.)"


And in the Doctor/Charley fic I may or may not actually be writing (more about that when I eventually make my catchall audios-and-other-various-old-skool-Who post), I managed to make a pun on COMPOUND AND SIMPLE INTEREST. And the sad thing is that I did not notice this for at least a week. And the econ meaning was the one I had had in mind, not the much more common sense of "to excite the curiosity or attention of."

I win at puns.
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Question. Has there been any New Who fic that has the Doctor and Rose at some point in a cathedral with a rose window? I feel like there's a pun there that's just aching to be made (or at least a reference that would make my inner Gothic architecture geek go "squee!"), and surely would have been by now. Anyone?

Other things that make me go squee: the Doctor, either 9 or 10, and Rose. They are so adorable. They may, in fact, be the most adorable 'ship I've ever seen, with the possible exception of Claire/Trevor. ADORABLE, I tell you. I am a full-fledged fan. Hello, time-suck...after comps, anyway...

Finally, the final movement of Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna is of unearthly beauty. Hopefully we'll recreate at least a bit of that in April...

Now, before I run off for Sci-Fi Friday, a meme )


Nov. 4th, 2005 04:13 pm
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Not only does my British Empire paper quote Frank Herbert, but one of my section titles is a pun. For those of you who have somehow managed to avoid my constant yammering about it in the past month and a half, my paper is about how and why tea began to be cultivated in India by the British. The section about Robert Bruce discovering the Assamic variety of the plant and subsequent early cultivation is titled, "Steeped in Possibility."

*ducks flying pots and pans*

Paper's been turned in now. I returned all my five million books to the library last night, and now my bookshelf looks rather sparse. I very nearly had to make two trips--in fact, I probably should have made two trips--but they're gone! Back to the various Ohio libraries from whence they came! Now, hopefully I won't need any of them for the final draft due on the 30th...


We've had the nicest couple of Ohio November days that I can remember (in my three years of experience...shut up) this week. It's like being at home, only with brighter leaves! It's supposed to still be nice tomorrow, so hopefully we can make it out to that state park Ellen wants to go to. Mmmm, pictures.


Speaking of pictures, I resized a whole bunch last weekend. Will upload today. Since, you know, I don't have too much work to do this weekend. Yay! Although I seem to have inadvertently declared myself group leader of the Nationalist Opera group in Music History. But that's a shortish project, and that class is full of eager freshmen, so hopefully I can be sort of a benevolent dictator/organizer and do the fun stuff instead of the grunt work. Ahhhh, being a senior is nice.


I can't believe it's NOVEMBER already.


Oct. 25th, 2005 08:27 pm
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Is it a sign that I've been working on this paper for too long if I find, " time went on people began to realise that it might be a matter not only of tea-growing, but of tea growing in Assam and adjacent States!" really funny?

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