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First of all: Go here. Scroll down to #4. Watch the video.


(The woman looks like she's reading off a script on her laptop, so I assume the conversation was staged. EVEN SO.)


In completely unrelated news, somehow, over the past couple days I ran into the fact that some industrious YouTubers have posted every single episode of the early 1990s cartoon version of Beetlejuice. YOU GUYS. THIS WAS MY CHILDHOOD. I LOVED THIS CARTOON. No, really, I think I can directly trace my love of puns and other wordplay to this show, as well as my fondness for visual gags.* I went trick-or-treating as Lydia when I was eleven, wearing a red tablecloth I had cut a hole for my head in and drawn spiderwebs on with a Sharpie.

Representative example, which is going to be all the more appropriate as of the next paragraph: To Beetle or Not to Beetle, the Shakespeare episode. PUNS FOREVER. Also a gazillion references I know I never got as a kid, but which are hilarious to me now. (BTW, if you've seen the movie Beetlejuice, throw out basically everything you know about it. The only thing it has in common with the series are a few character names and Tim Burton. It is verrrry Burtony.)

Slings & Arrows fans, you may be interested to know that Stephen Ouimette, aka Oliver, voices Beetlejuice. I recognized his name when I first saw S&A, and I think I spent about a week wandering around in a daze over this fact. If you know in advance that it's him, you can recognize his voice, but wow, does he sound different.

Word to the wise: don't go searching for fanfic, because much of it is of the Beetlejuice/Lydia variety. Think about that for a second. She's twelve. He's...well, he's dead, so it doesn't really matter, but he sure appears to share many characteristics with the over-21 set. GAAAAAH. I hear tell the people in charge intended the admittedly rather obvious romantic subtext, but I heard it from such bastions of accuracy as TV Tropes, so in response I am just going to put my fingers in my ears and sing LA LA LA LA LA.**

* Some examples: the "gross-ery" store; a punch bowl that grows arms and boxing gloves and punches you in the face when you get near it; Beetlejuice telling a tree to "pack your trunk"; "Julius, seize her!"; "that kid's sharp" (child bares fangs); characters named Mayor Maynot and Judge Mental; a "punk-in-pie" that grows a be-mohawked head festooned with piercings and stomps off muttering, "Oy, outta me way" (oh, 1989); etc. etc. One of Beetlejuice's powers is that every time he says a figure of speech, he turns into a visual representation of it. If he has a brainstorm, he gets rainclouds over his head. If he says his foot's asleep, it starts snoring.

** Speaking of lalalala, THAT THEMESONG. It is in my head. It will not leave. Aaaaaaah.
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Haha, they added bells to the themesong for the Christmas episode of Corner Gas!

...Oh, shut up. After FOUR. FREAKING. HOURS. of reading Puritan nonsense, I'm finding just about everything funny right now.

However, this is just disturbing.

*sends quick-power-restoration thoughts to Texans*

Big Bird

Dec. 10th, 2007 12:16 am
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I was browsing the Pleistocene Megafauna article at Wikipedia (because after all, that's what you should always do as a reward for finishing the SOP), and was linked in turn to the article on Phorusrhacos.

Check out the picture. I'll wait.

Done? Yeah. Notice that the bird has just killed a goat. It could easily pick up the goat with its foot.

I'm gonna be seeing this bird in my nightmares tonight.
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Number one on the list of "Things I'm really glad I didn't know about that one time I waded out into the ocean."

Those black things? Sharks. Schooling sharks. Off the coast of Florida (Deerfield Beach, I think this is). Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


I love how LiveJournal has suddenly started sending me comment notifications in HTML format. Because I don't have it set to "plain text," or anything. (And yes, I checked to make sure that LJ hadn't "helpfully" reset my settings. It's still plain text. Theoretically.)

At least my e-mail program doesn't download images automatically; instead, it leaves an unsightly red "X" and says at the top, "Images not downloaded because I'm a smart program and I don't want to enable idiots to protect your privacy." But it tries and fails to translate other HTML, so the e-mails have become just this side of unreadable.


Between this and StalkerBook, I appear to be surrounded by incomptence in my online experience.

ETA: The support board has a few people already mentioning this. Excellent; now I don't have to.
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'The Hand of Fear' and some general Sarah Jane ramblings )


Somewhat concomitant with that last bit, this entry from [ profile] nostalgia_lj and the comments on it are really quite fascinating. I don't agree with everything said there, but it's interesting to think about. (Obviously, I am missing academia today.)

Speaking of academia, a link in the comments to that post led to [ profile] whileaway, which led to this "seminar" on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. The articles are not always the most well-written, but Susanna Clarke's response to them is really interesting.


Can someone explain this to me? (Scroll down on the page a bit and click on "Background Explanation.") I...okay, I've run into weird fic before, but this is just utterly bizarre. Doesn't taking away the whole idea of regeneration and having each incarnation of the Doctor be split up into separate people, called by the names of the actors, some of whom are evil and some of whom work for Gallifrey, contravene essentially everything about the show? And then an extended plotline with a romance between Peri and Legolas (yes, that one)? I...WTF?

I mean, AUs are all well and good, but even the AU-est AU is generally not these. In this case, I think fiction is very much stranger than truth could ever dream of being.

*wanders off, boggling at the bizarreness of it all*
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Note to self: Reading vampire books late at night? Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all.

I'm 150 pages into Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian, which is a bit like The Da Vinci Code would be if it had well-written prose and interesting characters who are more than just ciphers to move the plot along, were about Dracula and the history thereof, and were generally not crap. (I don't dislike it because it's popular, I dislike it because it's bad.) It's very good so far, and I hope the following five hundred pages won't disappoint.

However, vampires, when well-written, are just about the only horror genre trope that can genuinely scare me. So, in addition to Kostova really knowing how to reel out tension, this book is really quite creepifying. I think it goes back to childhood. Remember that series of "Scary Stories" books (Scary Stories 1-3)? The ones with the really quite spooky illustrations that were basically just urban legends retold? Mostly I just thought they were kind of disgusting, but one of them did actually get to me. It's the one where there's a girl on a lonesome farm in the middle of nowhere (naturally), who has to face various vampires, whose glowing red eyes she can see at night through her window, coming towards her. I think her two brothers, and probably various farm animals, fall victim to the vampires (who are randomly showing up from a cemetary nearby, or something like that) before she does herself. Anyway, we used to live on a fairly busy road, and out my window at night, I could see the brakelights of passing cars, which, to my eight-year-old mind, looked exactly like glowing red vampire eyes. The fact that they were inevitably going away from me didn't really help things much.

So, yes, vampires, not so much. But the book is still really good.

(Actually, the whole "go into a bathroom, turn off the lights, chant Bloody Mary/Mary Worth x amount of times, spin around a few times, and then look to see her escaping the mirror to scratch your eyes out" always kind of freaked me out as well. Remind me again why this is a popular sleepover game?)


A quiz stolen from alto2 )


May. 7th, 2006 01:14 pm
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So there was a bird outside my window this morning as I was waking up whose call very definitely sounded like the overly-loud ticking of a clock. Or possibly of an evil clockwork robot. It freaked me the hell out.

I think I might watch too much TV.
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As I suspected, I'm wearing what we fondly refer to as "The Pink Monster" for the trustees dinner. Hey, they asked for us to wear our big poofy Standard dresses.

Cut to save your eyes from bleeding )

Yes, it is in fact that exact shade of atomic pink. Most of our spiffy donated Standard dresses are better, or at least not quite so neon. Sadly, none of them fit me. Of course, "Matilda" also doesn't fit me, which is good, as it is..."hideous" doesn't do it justice, but it'll have to do. It is in fact both a Latin and a Standard dress, which means, yes, it has a rip-away skirt. Yes. The top/Latin dress portion is made entirely of large sequins. Entirely. They are teal blue, with a silver diamond in the middle. There is a little tail of dark blue satin and, because the "dress" only goes down to one's crotch, there's a little...front-tail? Frontispiece? Codpiece for girls? in the front made out of satin. Yes. HIDEOUS. It hardly gets better with the teal blue Standard skirt (with more silver sequins) attached.

So at least I'm not wearing that one. And this one's skirt spins out nicely; I must get at least a six-foot skirtspan when I'm going full tilt. That cross-body spinning step in Foxtrot is going to be entertaining, oh yes.
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Fox to premiere "Skating with Celebrities" Jan. 18th.

Utterly horrifying, and yet strangely amusing at the same time. Pairs skating in six weeks? Ouch. They have a very flexible definition of "celebrity," I must say. An LA weather forecaster? Meh? The only two of them I'd heard of were Kristy Swanson and Debbie Gibson (which...DUDE).

But Renee Roca's doing the choreography, so that ought to be pretty. Speaking of pretty, John Zimmerman's one of the skaters. Lloyd Eisler (of the pairs team Brasseur and Eisler, aka the "OhmyGodIcan'twatchshe'sgoingtohitherheadaaaaiiieeeee!" team) and Kurt Browning round out the male skaters. Jenni Meno (who's blonde now--again, everyone changed their hair color in the past four years!), Nancy Kerrigan and Tai Babilonia (talk about a blast from the past) are the poor girls who get to be tossed about by the inexperienced guys.

I...think I have to watch this. Or, more likely, record it to watch over spring break, since any time I'll have for TV-watching this semester will probably end up devoted to the Olympics. (Which conflict with this. What bozo scheduled that? Anyone who might be watching this is going to be far more interested in the Olys.)

Speaking of horrifying things: The Cutting Edge II: Going for the Gold exists, and will come out in March. It's about Kate and Doug's teenage daughter (who, despite the earliest possible birthdate for her being the beginning of '93, looks considerably older than thirteen), a bitchy pairs skater (hmmm, this is starting to sound familiar...) who's scared off all potential partners (very familiar...) and must resort to a washed-up inline skater (now where have I seen this before?). Not only that, but Kate's not in the movie at all, and Doug is being played by some random guy, not D.B. Sweeney.

It's a direct-to-DVD release, which is prudent, because there is no way this can be good. None. Although I will probably watch it anyway, because I'm pathetic.

There were ways to make a sequel to this movie that might not have sucked quite so badly (Kate and Doug at the '94 Olympics? Kate and Doug go on tour with Stars/Champions on Ice?), but they bypassed all of them and went straight on to this. My brain hurts.
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There is fic out there pairing Sam (SG-1) and Major Roger Healey, of I Dream of Jeannie fame.

Just thought you needed to know that.
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The new WB kids show "Loonatics" "reimagines" Bugs Bunny & co.

I have no words. Completely speechless in horror.


Well, at least I've now found a conclusion for my Looney Tunes/Farscape essay...

ETA:: Trailer. I'm going to go off and cry now...
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Mom sent me this link to the most frightening article in the world.

"Hick hop"? Mixing the two most loathsome musical genres into something that can only be even more horrible?
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What is this crap?

Bah. Never thought I'd want to see English weather over Nashville weather this week. There's going to be snow tonight/tomorrow morning, and then it's not going to even wave hello to freezing until Sunday, so theoretically, we'll have a white Christmas. (Well, okay. Patchy brown-and-white Christmas, but whatever.) Scary thought, that. I can only remember one other, five years ago, also of the patchy brown-and-white variety. Ack.

Oh, well. More excuse to hang out by the fire with my fuzzy Highland blanket and the cat...
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You know you're in the midst of some heavy-duty paper-avoidance when you not only go to The Pit of Voles, but you go to it for Phantom of the Opera fic. Shut up. And yes, it is as bad as you feared/remember from the last time you read in this fandom (six years ago), because the whole premise appeals to angsty teenagers and fairly screams out for Mary Sues. Heck, it makes it easy for the badficcers, because the story gets rid of Mary Sue's main competition for them!

But even with that in mind, I still can't wrap my brain around the idea of a Phantom songfic to Pat Benatar. My brain just refuses to process the idea.

Edit: The following comes from a summary: "Erik has the chance to love and be loved by one who knows him better then Christine: a VulcanBetazoid officer from the Enterprise D." Brain...not...functioning...


Sep. 3rd, 2004 04:37 pm
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This? So frelling wrong. Vastly amusing, but very, very wrong.

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