May. 18th, 2006 02:13 pm
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I was right. Today does hurt. *pokes sore shoulders*

Today hurts more because Senior Week hates me. As I was walking down to the FRA for "graduation rehearsal" (aka a verbal description of events), I ended up falling on the sidewalk and cracking both my bum and my head. A security officer happened to be there, so of course it became a much bigger production than it needed to be, with bags of ice, an athletic trainer coming by and emulating Janet Fraser with a penlight I had to stare into and follow, etc. etc. Obviously, I need to do this kind of thing when other people are around. The previous two times I've fallen in the exact same way and injured myself in the same manner (on ice, those times) on campus, I got none of this. *g*

I swear, the back of my head must be made of iron.

Now, if I can just keep myself in one piece for graduation, that would be good...
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Once I get my waterproof disposable camera film developed, I'll have pictures from this afternoon's canoe trip.

I say "I'll have" rather than "I took" because it was actually Brian and Peter who took the pictures.

Because they found the camera floating downstream and fished it out.

Because my canoe flipped over less than twenty-five feet from the put-in point.

Oh, the shame. )

Speaking of tomorrow, I...apparently get initiated into Phi Beta Kappa tomorrow. Or perhaps that's Friday. From what I understand, it's the super secret smart people society. Dad says it'll look good on my resume, particularly if when I apply to grad school. Sounds good to me.
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So. Senior week. It's been raining steadily since last Thursday. That's...kind of it.

It was sort of nice for a bit Sunday afternoon, so I climbed the BFEC hill, finally. It was a bit less interesting than I thought it would be, although I'm glad I did it and can now check it off my list.

I have a few pictures from the three-hour walk Kate, Peter and I took yesterday, setting foot in every building on campus any one of us had yet to visit. That was fun, if wet. I had no idea Leonard had such nice lounges on the fourth floor.

I finally ordered food from Middle Ground (the cafe) today. It only took three years. Er, yes. (Well, two, technically, since I was 4,000 miles away all of last year. Whatever.) I went there much more often in freshman year when it was still the Red Door, I have to say. But the wrap I had was pretty good, and the salad had the most amazing sweet garlic dressing. Yum. I need to find a suitable replacement at Kroger sometime. Also, vegetables for the first time since Friday, yay! The senior week meals seem a bit lacking in the vegetable department. Ah, well. After lunch, I came home and packed a bit. Bah, packing.

Wow, that all sounds horribly boring. Uh, canoeing tomorrow! Whee! Well, if it's not raining. If it's pouring when I wake up, I reserve the right to roll over and go back to sleep. (I've been doing a lot of that this week. That and listening to DW audios. I finished Zagreus and listened to my favorite parts of Scherzo for the eleventy-first time yesterday, and got through The Creed of the Kromon and three of the four parts of The Natural History of Fear today. It's good for packing to.)

ETA: Grades are up, and I...made an A+ in Mongols. I have no idea how. The second essay of my final was an abomination. Whatever; I won't argue! I got an A+ in Choir, for obvious reasons, and A's in Fiction and Practice & Theory, which I pretty much expected. This year has been awesome, gradewise. My final average is 3.76, which means I graduate magna cum laude. Eeeexcellent.
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I finally made it down to the "new" used bookstore behind the market today. It only took me nine months. All paperbacks were 25 cents, all hardbacks 50 cents. Brilliant. The selection was larger than I expected, if more esoteric. It definitely had the feeling of someone who'd bought most of their books during an ill-advised period in the 70s cleaning out their library. Most of the fiction section was made up of people I'd never heard of. But I got a copy of Andrei Makine's Dreams of My Russian Summers (a beautiful memoir I read several years ago), a time travel book involving 1882, and something by Holly Lisle that looks like it'll be awful, but in an entertaining way--all for 75 cents. You just can't beat that. It almost makes up for only getting $16 from selling all my books for this semester. There were also three Doctor Who "New Adventures" books on the shelves; two of them mention Bernice Summerfield, and one of them had a horrifying picture on the front cover which I think was meant to be some future incarnation of the Doctor. I may go back next week and get them; for 25 cents each, it's hard to resist. Even if it does mean I'll have three more things to lug home a week from tomorrow...

After making my soggy way back to my apartment (it's been pouring all day--and apparently will be raining ALL WEEK, which certainly puts a damper on most of my plans. Grrr. If it rains on graduation and we have to have the ceremony in the KAC, I will hurt someone), I settled down with some tea to finish Brideshead Revisited. Fairly extensive spoily babble, with quotation )


All the underclassmen have to be out by tomorrow at noon. Campus is definitely quieting down; some of that may be the rain, but gradually it's returning to the state it was in for the first days of orientation at the beginning of freshman year. Whitney's off campus, Ellen's recovering from her last all-nighter, Chandra's holed up in her room on the phone, and all the lamps are off in the common room, so I kind of feel like my single is the one bastion of light and life in the flat, or possibly the world. Hmm. Perhaps I should go poke people and see what they're up to..
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I just turned in my last ever assignment for undergrad. Meep?

To do in the nine days; very boring to the majority of you )

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