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1. Exmouth and Bath photos are up at the usual spot.

2. Next week, it's going to break the 60F mark for the first time since I got here in September. Woo-hoo! *is ready for endless 50s to end already*

3. I discovered yesterday that Woolworth's sells Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Eeeeeeee!!!
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Bath was lovely, as usual. Why didn't I study abroad there instead of Exeter? Okay, so it might not be so nice on a rainy day (yesterday and the day trip in December were both gorgeous, warm, sunny days), but. Still.

I took lots more pictures, which I shall post soon. I got to wear another corset at the Museum of Costume, and I saw the Jane Austen Centre (which might have been more fun if I'd read anything Austen besides Pride and Prejudice and that less than four years ago). I was especially impressed with the Royal Victoria Park, which was green and leafy and dotted with Romanesque sculpture. Why doesn't Exeter have any nice parks like that? There are the gardens down by the castle, but they're tiny in comparison to this. There were even some Botanic Gardens, although they weren't nearly as nice as the ones in Belfast (partially because it's currently the limbo between the tulips and the roses at the moment, as far as I can tell). They also have a nice walk along the River Avon. And the Bath Abbey is simply gorgeous; it might be the prettiest church I've seen in this country, if not this year. The ceiling has some incredible carving in it that must be seen to be believed.

I did some shopping, too, mostly looking for a birthday present for a Certain Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless, but ended up getting gifts for myself. Bath has a Christmas store, which I was drawn to like iron filings to a magnet. I ended up with a purple and green jester ornament and a beautiful one of a girl in Edwardian dress doing some kind of cross between a spiral and an arabesque. I wandered into some charity shops and ended up with yet more books, although at least these two paperbacks were only 50p each. (For the curious, they're The Railway Children, which I'd heard of but never run into in the US, at least not when I was still reading children's books with any regularity, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which I've never read before.) Hey, I need some books for June...

Spekaing of books, note to self: see if neato used bookstore in Topsham or guy who sets up used book stall in Cornwall House every month will buy books for cash. I have almost 40 that I have to get rid of, because I'm going to have to mail packages of stuff home as it is, and getting even a little money for them would be lovely.

Oh, and there was a dollhouse store on the Pulteny Bridge (a bridge with shops on it--how awesome is that?). I drooled at all the tiny tea sets and food and furniture of all sorts. One day, when I'm filthy rich, I'm going to have one of those doll mansions that were on display and decorate each room perfectly in line with various periods of history and architectural styles--an Edwardian nursery, a Georgian dining room, a High Victorian parlour, etc. etc.
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Dad reminded me that I never put up my Bath pictures. Whoops!

Lots of pictures of buildings in this batch, both because of my recently-found love for Georgian architecture and because the sun was out the day we were there, hitting the yellowy limestone just right and making it absolutely beautiful. I think if I were to ever live in the UK for an extended period of time, I might want to live here, just because the city is so beautiful.

Photos Ahoy! )

Also, Merry Christmas! Happy Day of a Whole Lot of Chocolate! ;)
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Well, I was going to try and upload all my pictures of today's trip to Bath before I left, but with about fifty of them, even cutting out the bad ones, I just don't think that's going to happen. But at any rate, we had a good time; Bath is gorgeous, and even just wandering around was fun. We saw the Roman baths, of course, which were stupendous, and a museum of a Georgian House. Didn't have much time for anything else besides lunch and a little strolling, but that was okay. It's not too far by train; we can come back if we want, which do, I do. I want to get up on one of the hills outside of town and take a picture of all the steeples. Oh, and go to the markets. Heh. The people here who said Bath was more like Continental city than a British one were looked different in some way I can't really put into words.

One cool thing on the way there--we changed trains at Bristol Temple Meads, and there was a steam train waiting at the platform next to ours! We had just enough time to take a few pictures before it blew its ear-piercing whistle and chugged off, passengers hanging out the windows and waving. Very cool.

All right, last minute packing tonight, then a loooooong train ride to Edinburgh tomorrow. I may try to find an internet cafe or use one of the computers with internet access at the hostel, but if not, see you all again on the 20th!

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