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I usually take a lot of pictures on trips, but I was in "too lazy to even pull out the camera" mode on this last one, so there were only about thirty. Of them, ten turned out acceptably.

NYC: Flowers, ships, rain, and fire escapes.

In other news, yesterday I finally, finally, FINALLY had success at finding shoes after months of searching high and low. I try to have two pairs of sandals (one brown, one black) and either two pairs of boots or one pair of boots and one of winter shoes (same color schema), all of which look nice with business casual stuff and yet are still comfortable enough to walk around in and preferably hike up any mountains that need hiking. Unfortunately, ALL of my shoes basically decided to die at the same time. I had my brown sandals (starting to come apart) and an extra pair of brown winter shoes that are less than comfortable, and that was it. I'm going to get the sandals stitched back together and the hole in the bottom of my brown boots patched up, but that still left the problem of black versions of each of them.

Let me preface this by saying that I loathe shoe shopping. Boring whining. But there is a picture at the end. )


I saw this meme somewhere, and though I know I've done it for other fandoms, I don't think I've done it for B5.

One True Pairing Ship: Ivanova/Garibaldi. Oh, ship of my heart. They might well be my OTP of OTPs, actually; I've certainly written more about them than any other pairing in recent memory. Individually, each of them make me go OMGYES (admittedly, Ivanova more than Garibaldi, but he's no slouch), and together it's like an OMGYES explosion of flirty, playful, snarky, cynical awesome.
Canon Ship: Ivanova/Marcus. I think if it had ever been requited, I wouldn't be nearly as interested, and of course I can't see any other way for it to end than the way it did. But its epic tragedy is certainly very appealing.
If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork Ship: Bester/Garibaldi. I get the whole hatesex thing, but I just don't see Garibaldi doing anything besides murdering him.
You are one sick bastard Ship: Vir/Lennier/Na'Toth (hehehehehehe) (But you know it would be hilarious awesome!)
I dabble a little Ship: Ivanova/Delenn and Ivanova/Talia
It's like a car crash Ship: Delenn/Lennier. I love it so much more than the canon, but we all know it could only end in tears.
Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet Ship: G'Kar/Londo
Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not Ship: Sinclair/Talia and G'Kar/Catherine Sakai
Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it Ship: Sheridan/Delenn. I think I've gone on enough about that already.
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I have returned from the three-quarters Pezmoot in NYC. Instead of the usual running to and fro among museums I usually do on vacations, this one centered on Broadway and food, which was a refreshing change.

Saturday morning, we managed to get student rush tickets for both La Cage aux Folles and A Little Night Music, which Chandra assures me is unheard of. Quite good seats for both of them, too, if a bit off to the side. Needing to change and eat after this adventure, we went back to her apartment, where I made my zucchini/onion/green pepper/garlic and herb dish, which was a big hit.

During La Cage that afternoon, Douglas Hodge (Albin) waved to us, which was pretty awesome--as was he, and Kelsey Grammer, and the Cagelles. Especial kudos to the fellow who played the butler/maid (Jacob?), who was a hoot.

We got tasty Thai food before heading to Night Music, which was a complete 180 in tone. Though Charlotte, who won my heart, was delightfully snarky, in a dark and bitter sort of way. Petra was quite entertaining as well. Bernadette Peters was pretty amazing when she sang, especially during "Send in the Clowns."*

Sunday started with a trip to Alice's Tea Cup for brunch, which was both cute and delicious. (I got the poached eggs with rosemary sauce over ham and cheese scones biscuits, and am currently plotting how to recreate it.) I bought some "Christmas Tea" to take home, and had a cup today. It...tastes exactly like Christmas. It's kind of like if chai and orange and spice tea had a baby. Yum.

From there, we attempted to go through Central Park and see the Met Museum, but the skies opened up on us halfway through. It was kind of like standing in the shower. I had the only umbrella between the three of us, so we were soon quite wet. Deciding that two hours in an air conditioned museum while soaking wet was not that appealing, we got a cab back to Chandra's apartment and ordered Indian food. Then we watched a lot of The Middleman.

Monday, we went down to The Strand, which, after two years of visiting my local used book emporium was, I have to admit, a tiny bit disappointing, though their nonfiction section was excellent. We met up with [ profile] tarzanic (yay!) and went to Max Brenner for lunch, which included the single best cup of hot chocolate I've ever tasted. It was more like chocolate syrup, or chocolate fondue, than hot chocolate, and had some kind of vanilla flavoring added. Wow.

Sadly, after lunch we had to leave to catch planes. But yay for seeing friends, seeing Broadway, and eating tasty things!

* I love the melody, but never thought the lyrics made much sense. In context, they...still don't, really. But it's pretty.

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