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Using Photobucket for these for lack of anything better. When I started teaching, I tried to to slowly cut any remaining public associations between this account and my real name, because the thought of my students finding my fic or something was faintly horrifying. Though I'm no longer teaching, it still seems like a good idea, so that--and the web editing effort it involves--is why I'm sticking them up on PB rather than my own website, which has my name plastered all over it. (If you're new here and want to see all my Europe pictures and approximately a million of flowers and birds, yes, I might be a little obsessed, comment and I'll happily e-mail you the link.)

Natural Bridge, VA (8)

Washington, DC (116)
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And I see the intertubes are in working order. Excellent.

We were going to go on to Annapolis today to see the boats and the Chesapeake, but a combination of exhaustion and no one being willing to brave the Beltway sent us home today instead. (We left DC at 8:30, and watched the traffic on the other side of I-66 going into town, completely horrified. It was bumper to bumper out past frigging MANASSAS, which for those who haven't ever been to the area, is 30 miles away from DC. [I'm assuming that most of the people still on 66 at that time of day were going to work in the VA suburbs, but even so, my god. We were all a bit disbelieving of the signs indicating that lane restrictions, and thus rush hour, extended from 6-11 and 2-8, but apparently they were not lying.])

I took, apparently, 315 pictures, of which at least half are probably of squirrel and duck butts, and the other half are interesting buildings. We shall see. DC certainly made my inner neoclassical architecture geek very happy. Columns, columns everywhere! Also, museums, museums, and gardens, gardens everywhere. I think I may have reached my quota for the year, and those of you who have traveled with me know how much I love museums and gardens. (For the record, I believe I went into all of the following: American History, Natural History, Udvar-Hazy/Air & Space, the National Gallery, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Botanic Gardens, various gardens around the Smithsonian "Castle," the Spy Museum, and untold numbers of monuments. I think my feet will recover sometime in October.)

I've skimmed the flist/circle, but didn't comment much. If something happened than I should know about, shoot me an e-mail, eh?

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