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So I've been hunting down clips from the Alias season finale episodes. Oh, my. Ellen, don't read this. )

Speaking of Alias-y things...I'm ready to get the full storyline on Irina, 'cause I'm getting conflicting impressions from fanfic, and we all know how reliable fanon is when trying to figure out canon. Specifically, Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2, I suppose )

*glances at [ profile] chiroho, [ profile] besyd, and [ profile] rowdycamels*

Kent trip

Jun. 9th, 2005 07:50 pm
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Oof. So I stayed up until 4:30 last night reading Alias fanfic, and I paid for it by having action-packed spy dreams. Except I think all of the spying might actually have involved Jaye and Eric from Wonderfalls, or at any rate characters from a show that's not Alias. There was something about photographs hidden in a ceiling and evil grandparents and someone getting nearly run over by a bus, and there was a lot of running around and jumping off buildings and climbing into underground tunnels.


Kent trip )

So, yeah. That was Kent. I took lots of pictures, which I will upload at some point when I get off this Alias fanfic bender (courtesy of the fine folks at Aequabilis).
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Kate Fox, in her anthropology book Watching the English, describes American toast as "sweaty and indiscreet and emotional."

Forgive me, British types on my friends list, but only a citizen of this fair isle could describe toast as "emotional."


I finally remembered to go check out what happened in these last few Alias episodes that's had everybody so excited, and...ow. Spoilers ) My mind, it is blown.

I think I might actually have to watch next season. Huh. Along with SG-1, Atlantis, and BSG, that makes...a lot of TV. Even if the schedules don't exactly mesh, that could still be very painful. Are they airing Alias January-May again this year? It would be so nice if they'd air it mostly September-December, as Skiffy's stuff is on hiatus then... (Uh, right? I think that's right. I haven't really watched any TV since August, so I can't recall.)
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So I'm writing my theatre review on Sweeney Todd for Matz's class (while I love the idea of the assignment, how am I supposed to get 1500 words out of this one production? Augh!), which as far as I'm concerned, means I need mood music--the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. And after an afternoon of Victor Garber-as-Antony, I'm have really, really, really strange Alias fic ideas. Irina has yet to start singing about green finches and linnet birds, but it's only a matter of time. Oy.

Also, quiz!

You scored as Euterpe. You are Euterpe, the muse of music. You are an inventor, and you constantly come up with new ideas. You are happy when everyone else is happy.




















Which of the Greek Muses are you?
created with

The ranking doesn't surprise me a whole lot, I have to say.
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So Matz kindly loaned us the soundtrack to Sweeney Todd (wheee!)...and Victor Garber is playing Anthony on it. Victor. Garber.

It's no use; Alias and meat pies made of human are now forever associated in my mind. I am officially not allowed to listen to any more of this soundtrack until I finish my paper, because I'll just laugh my way through the whole thing and never get any work done.

(Oh, and for [ profile] rowdycamels: Garber also played Bernard in a production of Arcadia. I'm having trouble controlling my amusement even now.)


I love you all, but comments and e-mails must needs wait until after Friday, 'cause I'm swamped with this paper and filming tomorrow and presentation on Wednesday and... *head explodes* Why does the English system insist on having everything come due in the same week? I truly don't understand.

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