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All right, campers, there's a story behind this one. Over the past week, I've been trying to finish or make significant progress on no fewer than ten fics in three different fandoms. I have literally managed about five sentences on each of them, and it's driving me up a wall. So I looked through my files for something, anything, I could finish, in the hopes that it would jumpstart my writing process on things I actually wanted to finish, and I came upon this, which needed only a few paragraphs more.

I wrote about three quarters of this roughly a month after Atlantis started airing. I have not seen or really even thought about this show for...three? four? years now. So the chances of this resembling canon at all are slim. Mainly I wrote it as an exercise in finishing something, for the love of god. It does not even pretend to aspire to greatness. But hopefully it will still be amusing!

Title: Camping Indoors
Author: [personal profile] icepixie
Rating: G
Word count: 1,597
Pairing: Sheppard/Weir UST
Summary: Early S1. John and Elizabeth amuse themselves during a blackout on Atlantis.

That was NOT an invitation to drool on my jacket. )
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This weekend, I got two new pairs of shoes in as many days. This necessitated reorganizing the upper shelf of my closet, where I keep shoes I don't wear at least once a week neatly in their boxes, to fit two new pairs in. (Both pairs are Not Sandals, which are of course the only thing practical in the current weather.)

Since I was in an organizational mood after that, I decided to bring some order to my computer. I'm not quite there yet, but at least my "downloads" folder is down from 500+ items to 168, the rest having been either deleted or put into subfolders. To complete this organization, I ended up watching a lot of vids with names I didn't recognize, and skipping down memory lane in the process.

- Atlantis had such potential. Awesome-looking, completely unexplored city built by the ancient ancestors of humans, a whole new galaxy to explore, interesting characters who were totally cut off from Earth...what went wrong there? It went from super-cool to utterly meh in about two seasons. Boooo.

- You know what I miss? The Invisible Man. Remember that one? It was so goofy and funny! And then Vincent Ventresca's hair was another source of amusement all by itself.

- I think I've half talked myself into rewatching all of BSG before the TV movie in December. There are large chunks of the ongoing plotline I need to get myself back up to speed on.

- I'm also heading toward (one day) rewatching all of Farscape and all of the X-Files. ...Well, most of the X-Files. Minus almost all of S8-9. And probably minus a few Farscape episodes as well (Lobster of Truth, anyone?).
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Apparently something went boom in Atlantis and/or SG-1 fandoms today. Anyone care to clue me in?


Sep. 17th, 2006 01:05 am
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Probably only [ profile] tarzanic will get why this is quite so hilarious.

From the TWOP recap of "Hollywood AD":

Mulder ignores him and asks his partner what Skinner needed her for that morning. "Just paperwork," she shrugs. If that's what the kids are calling it these days. Paperwork with the Skinman.


Listening to "The Next Life" again. I'd forgotten that Louisa Pollard makes another appearance here, and that Charley mentions her sisters in more detail. Canon Sissy is totally different from my Sissy, what with the whole hunting thing. And crap, their father was still alive when Sissy was thirteen. My little fanon world comes crashing down around me. (I was totally thinking he'd died by the time Charley was twelve or so, and since she's pretty obviously older than Sissy...)

Ah, well. I never claimed she bore any excess resemblance to canon anyway. ;)
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Bits and pieces about Atlantis )


Dear Ballyk Season Three Writers )


In other news, I am currently loving Vanity Fair. Although the plot is completely disimilar, it's like if Persuasion focused on Louisa Musgrove, aka the only interesting character in the whole book, instead of the oh-so-perfect Anne Elliot. It even has an Anne sort of character in Amelia, but Thackeray continually takes pot-shots at her. I love it. Okay, Becky Sharpe may be on her way to a complete lack of morals, but as of page 45, I'm in love.
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SG-1 )

Atlantis )

Quiz, just 'cause )
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Giving up on To the Lighthouse. It's become almost as incomprehensible as The Waves. I think I'll give it a few years and try again, though. I think my root problem with this and The Waves is that they both start out int he minds of children. Not only do I dislike children on general principles, but Woolf's characterization of them as unreasoning, ruled-by-their-emotions sorts, which certain true to life, is just not as much fun to read as other things, y'know? I dunno, it's just off-putting from the very beginning, whereas Orlando, which starts from when the title character is a teenager or young man, not a young child, and more importantly is told from the POV of a "biographer," not from inside his head, exactly, was not.


Tiny spoiler for SG-1 )

Slightly bigger spoiler for Atlantis )

I spotted the actress who played Gretchen (the "Christmas and Easter Jew" from Wonderfalls) in a Philadelphia cream cheese commercial. Hee. She's still playing a ditz.


Grrr, argh, prickly heat. *scratches legs*
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Fandom Addiction Fairy strikes again!

Or at least the justwatchoneepisodecomeonyouknowyouwanna Elf, or something like that. Mwahahaha. *sprinkles Doctor Who throughout the land*

Also, tell me someone has done a Doctor/Rose vid to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." It's so obvious. Someone's done it. Right?

BTW, since I have no self-control and can't wait until I get episodes 4 and 5 to keep going in order, I went ahead and watched 'Dalek.' )

In addition to all that, I finally watched my tape of Atlantis and BSG. Couldn't watch it last night 'cause every TV everywhere was tuned to the Olympic opening ceremonies, and I couldn't find where people were watching Sci-Fi. Sigh. Anyway:

Atlantis )



Believe it or not, I did actually manage to get some reading and some work on my comps done today as well. Unless someone at our editing party tomorrow tells me to revise more, all I have left to do is make a table of contents and I'm all done. Woot! Although tomorrow and Monday I do have lots of reading to catch up on, and my proposal and annotated biblio. is due on Thursday, and I'll probably have to turn in 10 or 20 pages for Fiction a week from Tuesday...
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Even shorter than usual this week, since to say I am overwhelmed with things to do is an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Plus, after spending an hour out in the cold taking pictures of a befogged campus, I'm tired and wanna go to bed.

Sci-Fi Friday )
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*goes back to outlining answers to questions for British Empire exam, many of which cannot even begin to be completely addressed in one hour, but would require twenty-page paper, and one of which I have in fact written a 23-page paper on before*

But before I do that, two things which are not eating my soul, but rather are making me gleeeeee!ful:

Spoiler images for Atlantis 2.17, "The Long Goodbye"

Spoiler images for the the back half of this season's BSG, I think from "Resurrection Ship"
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Shorter and shallower comments than usual this week. *shrug*

Also, why was I not watching this in a room with a couple hundred Scapers? *pouts*

SG-1 )

Atlantis )

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SG-1 )

Atlantis )



Jul. 11th, 2005 10:15 pm
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Inside Sci-Fi Friday - casting spoilers, mainly )
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I had no intention of doing so, but somehow I ended up making icons tonight. Hmm. I haven't done this in a long time, so they aren't spectacular, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The last three use lyrics from my current musical obsession, a band called Hem. Go check them out at Amazon, iTunes, or their site. Songs are, in order from 3-5, "Idle (The Rabbit Song)," "Leave Me Here," and "Pacific Street." (I still want to make a Shep/Weir vid to that last one. Probably still a good thing that I don't have any programs with which to do so.)

The regular rules apply: save to your own hard drive, credit in keywords/comments, share and share alike.
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So in a fic I'm reading, Weir is "the first to reign [sic] in her amusement." The sentence isn't meant to be funny, but it's conjuring up images of Lizzie marching around a carnival or circus or something in queenly robes that are too big for her, wearing a crown and waving a sceptre, making the circus performers cringe into the shadows. This is way funnier to me than whatever it was she was laughing about in the story.

It is so time to go to bed.
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First of all: Avast, me hearties! Yarrrrr! And other suitably piratical things in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Now, to reference the the subject line...yesterday I managed to find an Earth 2 fanfic list that I'd never heard of before in my near-eight years of belonging to that fandom. So, yes, I've been on a fanfic bender, and I'm only about halfway through the list archives. And of course, someone had posted a story wherein Alonzo riffs on that Ricky Martin song, which has been summarily running through my head for the past twenty-four hours. I may shoot something. Preferrably Ricky Martin. Argh.

Also, the crossover fairy that spins the hamster wheel in my mind is talking about how there are weird similarities between Devon and Danziger and Sheppard and Weir --not the least of which is that Danz's first name is also John, but also the fact that Shep and Danz both play similar second-in-command-who-argues-about-everything roles to their respective leaders while having a whole lot of UST going on. Devon and Lizzie don't strike me as particularly similar--Devon is more, well, pig-headed, and was originally a business executive-type person, while of course Lizzie is a diplomat--although Torri Higginson might resemble Deborah Farentino a wee tiny bit. But it's enough for the crossover fairy to get all excited, anyway.

So Muse is giving equal time to mumblings about an Atlantis/Vorkosigan xover and an Atlantis/Earth 2 xover. Perhaps I'll shoot her instead.

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