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Muppets with People Eyes.

I'll warn you, this just about creeped me out of my chair.


In what is becoming increasingly apparent as my Attempt to View All Cult Classic TV Shows of the 1990s Ever, I got The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., from Netflix. This is a steampunky western that exists somewhere on the spectrum of quirkiness between due South and Jack of All Trades/Xena. If Fraser were just this side of insufferably cocky, and not nearly as polite/morally rigid, he might be something like the main character (who, by the by, is on the trail of his father's killers, has a horse he seems able to communicate with, and is essentially the McGuyver of law enforcement--and, by virtue of being a former lawyer, knows a crapload of random facts).

...All that aside, Bruce Campbell putting a saddle on a dynamite-powered rocket and riding it down a railway track (minute-marker 2:45) completely sold me on this show.

The old Wile E. Coyote paint-a-rock-with-a-railroad-track trick done in live action helped as well. (See here, starting around minute-marker 4:05.) Though if the second episode is any indication, those two stunts are where they spent their entire special effects budget. Awww. But low-budget goofiness can be just as entertaining.

Despite his cowboy Superman antics, Brisco is not in fact my favorite. I'm rather smitten with both Socrates and Lord Bowler, who are both so adorably hapless.

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