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Ohhhhh, man. I just discovered that the entirety of BSG is up on Netflix Instant Watch now. It's like they know exactly how to suck away all of my time. (Yes, I think a rewatch might be coming. Perhaps after I watch, er, The Dresden Files? I heard the series was terrible, but that was from a fan of the books, which I believe I've mentioned my love/hate relationship with before.)

From [personal profile] settiai, five ways you can tell a fic is by me:

1. Literary reference (or occasionally song lyric) in the title, usually footnoted because by now it feels WRONG not to cite my sources.

2. Fluffy, schmoopy, (hopefully) funny, plotless G-rated cuteness. The highest rating I've ever slapped on something I wrote was PG-13.

3. Hand-holding. Failing that, dancing. No, really. I'm surprised no one's pointed out how often those two things crop up in my fic, 'cause honestly, I'm not sure I've written more than five without either one. Hand-holding is apparently my go-to shippy maneuver. Oh, and poking, tickling, and play-wrestling come up fairly often as well. (I think this explains why I ship so many pairings whom I can imagine interacting with each other as if they were both twelve, because it's kind of all I know how to write.)

4. SEMICOLONS. They are my favorite punctuation mark. I use them probably too much, and should try not to have such ridiculously long sentences, but you will pry my semicolon key out of my cold, dead hands. (Also, em-dashes. My love for em-dashes is infinite. I will fight you for them, Emily Dickinson.)*

5. Snarky banter and dryly sarcastic narration. Even in my few angst-fests, I'm always trying to make people snicker at least once. It's just not fun unless I smile a couple times while writing it. Hell, I have no fewer than six fics which exist purely for the purpose of setting up a punchline at the end. There's a reason "humor" is the number one free-form tag I've used at the AO3.

* Not really for fic, but during informal writing such as this, I am also over-fond of the noble parenthesis. Not to mention the footnote.
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Make toast with your computer. Really.

The day our Cylon overlords take over just came a bit closer.

(If only it had a red light moving side to side, it would be perfect.)
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Having no interest in any sport involving a ball, I've been ignoring the World Cup hoopla. However, I have heard enough about the vuvuzela controversy to find this LOTR parody absolutely hilarious. :D


In fic-writing news, I...appear to be writing kid!fic. For the fic in question, a kid was always going to be in the background, but now there have been several straight paragraphs featuring her. Given that the last time I actually interacted with a child under school-age was when I was a small child myself (No, really, I remember the last time. It was 1989. I was five.), this is rather inconvenient. I am having to look up things like, "When do kids start speaking in sentences?" and "When do they get too heavy to pick up?" and "Two-year-olds eat solid food, right?"

There are many, many reasons you never want to ask me to babysit. These are some of them. (Another big one is because my response would probably be along the lines of, "Sorry, I was looking forward to cleaning my bathroom. With a toothbrush. And some spit.")

The other fic torturing me is less a fic than an idea--the "Susan Ivanova, Laura Roslin, and Cordelia Vorkosigan meet up and send bad guys out an airlock (or to some equivalently bad end)" idea I keep wanting to write. Except I'm not really sure how to do such a crossover without a lot of explanatory gobbledy-gook. Maybe they all stumble across the same interdimensional portal and have to kick the ass of someone trying to close it down? Or perhaps the Doctor--Ten, I think--brings them all together somehow, and they kick his ass. (That may have something to do with me just wanting to see Ten get beaten up by someone. Anyone would do.)

Maybe I could just start in medias res with Susan's boot on someone's neck and take it from there, leaving the explanation for how all three of them came to be in the same place to your fertile imaginations.


Oct. 29th, 2009 05:30 pm
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Hooray! I got my 102 course proposal approved without any revision necessary.

Speaking of that course, in spare moments over the last few weeks, I've been composing the syllabus. I've had my schedule for a while (since I needed to figure out what books I'd be ordering), and now I'm copying, pasting, and revising my policies from 101. Currently, my policy on participation is, "If you don't come to class prepared, I will turn into President Roslin and throw you out an airlock."

...I have a feeling I'll have to change that or the department will give me grief, but for now, it amuses me.

Other teaching things: yesterday we did "The American Scholar" and a tiny excerpt from Emile. It went surprisingly well, especially considering how lackluster they've been at discussion lately. Part of it was that these are actually interesting, as opposed to the drivel the textbook contains (and, because it costs an incredible amount of money, I feel obligated to use). I'm starting to think the other part was that they weren't always understanding everything in the earlier readings, but didn't feel comfortable saying so (or just figured I might let them out early if they faked it). These, I went into it figuring half of it would fly over their heads, and so I spent the first half of class asking questions that directed them towards the main points of each piece, then writing them on the board as they were mentioned. Discussion went pretty well after that.

However. In the copy of Emile I put up on Blackboard, I included a sentence saying, "If you're reading this, e-mail your professor the secret code phrase: Garlic is essential to avoiding vampire attacks." I had four people e-mail it to me. It turned out that some of the had read it--because they were able to discuss it--but were confused about whether they should do it or not. Gotta admit, I don't quite see how there's any ambiguity in that statement, but whatever. I was going to use it for a quiz grade, but since the people who talked the most were ones who hadn't e-mailed me, I thought that was unnecessarily cruel. They'll just get quizzes all next week. Sucks to be them!

(Actually, what I'm doing in the next unit is having everyone come in with three written questions about the reading and/or something related to writing, which I will take up and address [they'll be talking about them in groups while I look through the questions]. This will replace the roll book I've been using for that unit, so if they don't have questions, they don't get counted as being present. Other people are doing that now and they say it works really well. We shall see.)


Aug. 14th, 2009 12:12 am
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Muppetstar Galactica.

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...Okay, I want to be part of a choir singing "Diaspora Oratorio." (Listen.) It's amazing just listening to it; I think it would be transcendent to be surrounded by other musicians, helping create the sound.

And there are several other pieces I'd like to choreograph to ("Blood on the Scales" comes particularly to mind).


Some thoughts on sci-fi settings that got long )
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Still going slightly mad, but I've finished the revisions to my syllabus. HALLELUJAH. (Okay, I'm still debating whether to add in a writing reflection of some sort at the end, but...this is harsh, but I don't want to read them. The kids don't want to write them, and it seems especially futile when I'm already making their last paper due on exam day. Their participation grade is already enough of a gimme, too. I think I'm just going to skip it.)

Still have to reword parts of my last two paper assignments (well...sometime before, uh, October, anyway), and I'd like to get some more done on my thesis before the semester starts. But I feel much better about the syllabus.

In other news, thanks to some finagling by my dad, I got the BSG S4 soundtrack tonight. I haven't gotten to listen to much yet, but the first track, aka the extended and non-acapella version of Gaeta's Lament? HOLY CRAP, THAT IS FANTASTIC. WOW. Alessandro Juliani is amazing.
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I just realized that Bear McCreary was my age when he started composing for BSG. God, I feel inadequate now.

That said, the season four soundtrack comes out at the end of the month! And it has all the cues I wanted from "Someone to Watch Over Me" (Kara's Day, the Final Four theme) on it, plus the Roslin/Adama theme from the end of "Hub," the cue from Laura running through the ship, and two versions of Gaeta's lament. Plus, apparently, practically everything from "Daybreak" on the second disc.

So exciting!

ETA: Also, the soundtrack to Twelfth Night, which was composed by Hem, comes out August 1st. Music, music everywhere!
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Bwaaaaahahaha. The BSG finale in Facebook format..

TEARS, Y'ALL. Bwahahahaha!
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Heh. I'm reading through some more critical essays on SF TV, and just came across the phrase "initiate sex" as a description of what Six does to Baltar on BSG. I...guess it's not entirely an inaccurate phrasing, given her Cylonicity...
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Long, long, long comments )

BSG Finale

Mar. 20th, 2009 10:14 pm
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That exceeded my expectations. More (much, much more) as I finish processing.
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Farscape turned ten yesterday. In another couple of months, it will have been ten years since I joined the FS-Shippers list, which, although it wasn't the first mailing list I joined or the first fandom I read/wrote fic for, was the first fandom for which I attended conventions both in person and virtual, and where I made such long-lasting friends. (I think a third of my flist consists of FS-Shippers folk. Speaking of which, my sixth LJiversary is this month as well.) I started my second year of high school the fall after I joined the list. I was fifteen. To this day, I haven't come across a more welcoming and enjoyable fandom to be a part of. *hugs everyone* *porns some DRDs for old times' sake*

And today, BSG presents its final episodes. I am sad to see it end, but I also don't know how much longer they could've dragged out the storyline. I hope we get answers to some of the questions I've been asking myself, but I also don't expect an answer for everything. I guess we'll find out in a few hours.
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I am apparently doomed to always make the Knoxville to Nashville drive in pouring rain and blinding fog. At least this time it didn't threaten to turn to snow halfway through.

But now I am home, and have watched BSG. Spoilers )
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Forces of fate, why do you conspire against me so? This weekend, I:

- am in the beginning, bleurgy stages of a cold
- have to take the Spanish translation exam this afternoon (gods of pseudoephedrine and ibuprofen, buoy me now)
- need to write my project proposal for the pedagogy class
- have to see the Watchmen movie for the 102 class
- lose an hour thanks to Daylight Saving Time

Uggghhhh. At least I've already done the annotated bib that goes with that proposal.


Thoughts on this week's BSG: spoilers )


Mar. 1st, 2009 10:59 pm
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They have a plan? Wild speculation about the final four episodes. Spoilers through 'Someone to Watch Over Me' )

I am THOROUGHLY UNSPOILED for the final four and wish to remain that way. But please give me your thoughts on my cracked out speculations!
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Laura Roslin, Susan Ivanova, and Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan. A great crossover, or THE GREATEST crossover?

(EPIC political machinations! And "shopping"!)

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