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I'm not sure how I went from "writing Yuletide fic" to "rewatching Bunheads," but here we are. (No, my fic has nothing to do with that show.) May I also say that I'm also not sure why no one has written even a smidgen of Michelle/Truly. COME ON, it would be hilarious and perfect.

Although that said, I would also like to roll around in fluffy, snarky, friendshippy gen for ages, and there is unfortunately very little of that as well. What small amount exists is Boo/Sasha as far as the eye can see, and while I don't object to it, I also don't quite see it, so...yeah.

Anyway. Such a sweet show. I wish it had lasted longer, though I vaguely remember a quality drop towards the end, so maybe it was a good thing it didn't...
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Yuletide update: I finished my assignment and a treat! This is awesome! I had a plan for another treat, but it went down in flames. On the other hand, this morning I woke up with an idea for yet another treat, which should be fun. And I may yet find another way to write for the fandom of the Doomed Treat.

In the meantime, in space pilots news, I've plotted out all the new stuff I want to happen to them on their journey, which is still going to make a very short novel, but nevertheless, the pacing should work better once I write all of this and insert it. To get myself back in the mood, I'm reading Atlantic Fever, which is mostly about the publicity surrounding Lindbergh and his competitors as they prepared and made attempts to cross from New York to Paris. Highly relevant to my interests!


I finished all ten episodes of Bunheads last week. It definitely has flaws--you rest the entire emotional payoff of your midseason finale on a reference to someone else's movie, really?--but I've somehow fallen in love with all the characters, annoying as they can be in their own ways. This show got me to care--nay, to angst--about a teenage romance! (It was Boo and Carl, like that's any surprise when they were basically playing out an iteration of every Astaire/Rogers movie ever made while also doing ballroom dance--although I question whether anyone behind the scenes actually watched the movies, if their "Fred and Ginger Dance" is a waltz. Everyone knows their stuff was mostly foxtrot-based! Um, for subsets of "everyone" that exclude "people who are not dance geeks.")

Anyway, cuteness! I look forward to its return in January, especially since Fringe will be ending around the same time.


Since I haven't taken/posted many pictures lately, have one of my cute food:

Teeny tiny turkey sandwiches )

Also have a photo I'm calling "Post-Apocalyptic Patio with Scarf."

Here. )


Nov. 11th, 2012 08:51 pm
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I've been meaning to watch Bunheads pretty much since it premiered, but kept forgetting about it. Tonight, though, was finally the night.

Spoilers for the first two episodes )

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