Feb. 20th, 2007 08:04 pm
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I saw one of these in the sky as I was walking the dogs today. It's the largest mass-produced aircraft in the world, second only to the largest aircraft in the world, period, the Antonov An-225, which is the plane that carries space shuttles around on its back.

According to this page, the particular behemoth I saw was probably transporting aircraft parts for Airbus.

...Hi, my name is Becca, and I'm something of a transport geek. You should see me with trains. (Although airplanes are easier, seeing as I live ~10 minutes from the international airport in town.)


Carnivale: Season Two conclusions )

Speaking of Carnivale, you can download all the available music from the show here, at the composer's homepage. Some of it is great; I know he was nominated for an Emmy for the second season, and he may well have won it. I especially like the "traveling music" motif, an example of which can be found on the second half of "Justin Sees the [spoiler]" (Some of the track titles may be considered mild spoilers, btw.) "Sofie Sees the Cards" and "Miracle Worker" are also lovely, and "Ben Tries to [spoiler] [spoiler]" has a nifty violin line.
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Heh heh heh. I watched dS's "Hunting Season" tonight. Poor Fraser, having his Luke and Leia moment there. Although at least this show doesn't go straight for the ick in that kind of situation, unlike others I could name. *looks at Carnivale* *shudders*

Eee, Jessica Steen. So awesome. I really wonder why she hasn't had more visible roles over her career; she's been excellent in everything I've seen her in.

For some reason, after this episode, I kind of want to ship Meg/Turnbull. I'm going to hell, aren't I?

(Turnbull, along with Dief, may end up becoming my favorite character. I just...the apron! The duster! The pomposity coupled with the complete idiocy! Dean McDermott is hilarious.)

Jealous Meg was pretty funny, too. Although one nitpick...why didn't she run after Maggie, instead of insisting Fraser do it? I assume she's had the same training... (Oh, wait, I know: everyone moves at the speed of plot. Right. Shutting up now.)

Speaking of Carnivale, I finished the second season a couple days ago. I'm still trying to figure out whether I'm more annoyed at or resigned to everything that went on in the second half of that season.
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Carnivale 2x05 and 2x06: Wow. Stuff happened! No, really, it did! (I know, I know. I wouldn't believe it either unless I'd seen it with my own eyes.)

Spoilers, mostly for 2x06 )


Discovered today that Fraser's half-sister is played by none other than Jessica Steen, who, apparently like all Canadian actors, appears to be contractually obligated to appear in at least twelve Canadian TV series per year. May I just say that...she doesn't look at all related to Paul Gross? Even only through one parent? Eh, whatever; Jessica Steen! I love her.


I spent much of yesterday reading Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio... )


Finally, look at the pretty pastels. Pastels were pretty much the only medium I was ever really interested in during the many art classes I took as a preteen and high schooler. I love the way they can be used to make something either eye-poppingly realistic or dreamy and ephemeral, and it's great fun to spread them around with your fingers...kind of like finger painting for adults. Gotta be really sure what you're doing when you use them, though--once it's on there, it's not coming off.


Feb. 13th, 2007 01:19 am
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I'm never watching another episode of Carnivale in the dark again. Little did I know that 2x03 and 2x04 were two of the creepiest episodes of the show so far. Before, the show was along the lines of "Ho-hum, freaks in the desert." These episodes, the guest stars were more like, "freaks in the desert who will kill you." Big difference.

Also, in a feat I didn't think was possible to accomplish, Justin managed to get exponentially creepier in these two episodes. Well, I suppose it's a combination of increased creepiness and revoltingness. It's the difference between "omgcreepy, but kind of in a way I love to hate" and "omgcreepy I don't CARE if I miss something important to the plot arc, I want you off my screen RIGHT NOW." Whatever; I will never look at a glass of milk without shuddering again.

Still moving at a glacial pace on the plot arc. This show could convey the same amount of information it takes twelve episodes to do in, oh, two. Not even joking. Foreshadowing is nice; I have no problem with it. I have problems with the camera slooooowly panning around a scene and focusing on random things that will not ever be seen again and which serve no purpose. Also, whole episodes that do nohting but rehash plot points. Oy with the poodles already. You could watch every other episode and still be up to speed on necessary info. I feel like I'm reading Dickens.

Then again, it is pretty. So, so pretty. So I keep watching, mainly for the pretty, pretty Depression-era set dressing and sepia lighting and awesome, awesome scene transitions and framing and various camerawork and etc. etc. etc. It's a pretty show. I'm also stubbornly determined to be there if they ever give out answers. The plot arc would be totally cool, if they'd ever get started on it.

One nice thing was the vague intimations of Ben/Sofie shippiness at the end of 2x04. Ben is still dumb as a box of hair, but he does seem to have gained a few IQ points over the season break. Sofie is less of a surly teenager with an attitude problem (albeit a fairly justified one) and more of a sympathetic character. I like them together, possibly because they're the only two people on the show who aren't having sex with each other. (...Yet. Surely it's only a matter of time.)

Er. I hope that was all vague enough not to spoil anyone who hasn't made it this far.
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I realized the other day that Netflix finally has the season two DVDs of Carnivale available, and I immediately stuck them at the top of my queue. The first one arrived yesterday, and I got two things from it:

1. I'd forgotten how intensely creepy Justin and Iris are, especially around each other. It still blows my mind that John Danziger can be so creepy and evil.
2. This cap, which I thought just had the niftiest composition. It was so nifty that I cropped it and turned it into the icon I'm using for this post.

I also turned it into seven other icons, mostly as an excuse to try out that icon table generator thing I've seen around El-Jay, and to play with the lighting effects filter. They're under the cut. )

First to catch the "armies of bitterness" reference gets a cookie. I know there are at least two people on my flist who've read the source, 'cause we all had to read it together. Although possibly you, like me, have put large portions of it out of your mind...


In other news, yay for Deep Discount, because in a few short days, I shall own seasons one and two of due South for less than $30. Happy birthday to me! Well, it will be towards the end of the month, when I can open them, anyway.
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Hmph. Get me home, and I hardly update at all. (Although I haven't been doing too well over the last month or two, really, I suppose.) Mundane RL things: Um, actually, there's really just one, and it's how very nice it is not to be sleeping in a cement hammock anymore. It still feels strange not to have a giant hole in the middle of my bed, but believe me, I'm definitely getting used to it.


I watched the BSG rerun on Skiffy last night, one called "Flesh and Bone." A few general comments, not really related to the ep but more to the show in general )

I just realized from a visit to TWoP that season one was only thirteen episodes long. Or they only have thirteen episodes recapped, anyway. Hooray, my chances of catching up on all of them (well, if they quit with the nausea-inducing camera work) at some point this summer just doubled!


I also rented the first two episodes of Carnivále on DVD from Blockbuster. Babble )


And I watched "Before I Sleep" on a much larger screen than the last time, which was lovely. I think I might finally be getting back into Atlantis after not even bothering to read fic, much less write it or make icons or anything, for months now, so yay! I should do something about those Vorkosiverse crossover and McKay babysitting fics...

That is, when I finish the nine thousand books I got from the library today...absolutely none of which have anything to do with my comps. Oops. I need to order them off Amazon sometime soon, so I can mark 'em up and remember what they're about come March and the Giant Test O' Horrible.

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