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Well, at least the TNT order has Crusade ending with the best episode they did. [B5 character name redacted] always brings the goods.

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I somehow have almost EIGHT THOUSAND WORDS on the sequel to "Closet Idealism." I figured it would take, like, four thousand at the absolute max. And it's STILL NOT FINISHED. *cries*
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Oh, MY. I don't know why JMS decided to do a parody of The X-Files on his show. It doesn't really seem like something they would have time for, trying to save ten billion people from a plague and all. And yet...I'm kind of glad he did, because that was pretty hilarious. RIDICULOUS, but hilarious.

(The premise of this episode was that there is an alien Mulder and Scully hunting down aliens and conspiracies, and humans are the aliens with an agenda. No, really. Alien Mulder and Scully. Who, given the way she kept clinging to his arm, are obviously going the same route ours did. They have an office, and they use cell phones. Their office window has a "Y" in masking tape on it. There is even a cigarette-smoking man. Plus the non-visual stuff: Durkani ["Duchovny"?] rambling on about how the truth is out there and he trusts no one, Lyssa being a non-believing scientist whom he eventually convinces, etc. etc. Oh, and they went for the green time/location title, but they got the font wrong, so it looked a little weird. Good effort, though!)

And damned if I didn't like the explanation/ending to this episode more than I did the actual series.

I think whatever's in Gideon's apocalypse box is at least part Vorlon. I guess that would've been addressed if the series had continued. Too bad.
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Aha! I remember these episodes! (Remember how I said I shipped Gideon and Lochley hard as a teenager? These were why.)

Ruling from the Tomb )

Rules of the Game )

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Pictures from two weeks ago. (Includes mountains, Gatlinburg, and Pezzers.)


Got my first Crusade DVD from Netflix today. Much to my annoyance, the episodes are in TNT airing order, rather than the order they actually go in. I don't think it's supposed to make much difference from a plot standpoint, but I can already tell there are characterization moments that aren't working correctly in this order.

That said, five non-spoilery observations:

1. So, this is JMS pretty much saying, "All along, I wanted to write a fantasy series, and now I can! Mwahahahaha!" isn't it? Obviously, the technomages are the biggest part of that, but the townspeople in "The Long Road"? Uh, the folks at Stargate called, and they'd like their medieval villagers back, please.

2. So far, my favorite characters are Dureena and Eilerson. Since they're the two who map most obviously onto Ivanova and Garibaldi from B5 (not that I'm saying all the characters do that *coughGalenistotallyKoshandMarcusstucktogethercough* *coughGideonisn'tentirelydissimilarfromSheridancough* or anything...) in thier sarcasm and practicality, this is not surprising. I rather like Galen and Gideon as well. (I think Lochley might've been my favorite when I was watching this back in first-run. Eh, I was like fifteen when it was airing, and I think my first episode might've been the one where she and Gideon, ah, "make contact," shall we say. I shipped them hard.)

3. I...had forgotten the enormous sentient jellyfish that wanted to mate with the ship. I think I will try to do so again.

4. All the questions that are asked in the credits now have much more resonance for me after seeing B5.

5. Okay, this one is a bit spoilery for B5 )
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Crusade fic

Jul. 1st, 2003 10:44 pm
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Cleanin' out the fic folder... Dunno why I never finished this one back in *checks date on file* '99. All I added was two sentences and it was done. Not sure if anyone else watched Crusade, but if you did, and if you get really happy at the idea of the episodes "Ruling from the Tomb" and "Rules of the Game," this is for you.

DISCLAIMER: Not mine. JMS owns 'em.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Please and thank you to both. Send it all to .
SUMMARY: Blatant, shameless Gideon/Lochley mush from Elizabeth's POV.

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I'd write about Life in General, but as fic is currently life, I suppose I'm already doing that. Oh, I got my hair cut today. I wish there was a way to keep the curly look it gets for a few days after being cut for longer without copious amounts of hair products, curling irons, and time. Yeah, it's wavy normally, but I like this look, too...

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