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I wrote two of the three Cupid fics in the collection. I don't suppose this is surprising to many. ;)

What Happens in San Jose (5671 words) by icepixie
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cupid (TV 1998)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Claire Allen/Trevor Hale
Characters: Claire Allen, Trevor Hale
Additional Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unresolved Romantic Tension, Original Character(s), School Reunion

Trevor tags along to Claire's high school reunion as her totally-just-friends date. Things do not go as planned.

Love After Death (4421 words) by icepixie
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cupid (TV 1998)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Trevor Hale, Claire Allen, Champ Terrace
Additional Tags: Ghosts, Humor, Comedy, Romance

Even the dead need a little help in the romance department. Trevor tries his hand at matching up two ghosts; Claire thinks he's even crazier than before.

"Afraid of what we'll find?"

"No, afraid of feeding into this delusional idea that ghosts exist, and especially that they can speak through a mass-produced children's toy."

Trevor put his fingers on the planchette and said, "Wait, I'm getting something." He started moving it frantically around the board, calling out the letters as he went. "C-L-A-I-R-E-I-S-A-P-A-R-T-Y-P-O-O-P-E-R."

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[Note: I am icepixie across LJ, DW, and AO3.]

Dear Yuletide Writer,

THANK YOU for writing for me! I love all these fandoms and characters dearly, and I know I'll love whatever you come up with for them. I'm offering specific prompts for each fandom if you're the kind of writer who prefers them, but please don't feel constrained by them if you're not.

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China Beach )

Cupid (TV 1998) )

Northern Exposure )
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I couldn't get anywhere on any of the fifty-nine squillion fics I'm working on, nor could I squeeze out even one line of poetry that didn't make me want to spork myself in the eye. I've read everything I have out from the library. So I wound up watching an episode of Cupid ("End of an Eros," IMO the best one), as someone has put them all up on YouTube, even the one that only aired in, like, Israel back in the day.

...Now I want fic. Fic that I haven't read. I have a feeling there isn't any. :(
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So, Star Trek. I went to see it in iMax today (which, as far as I can tell, was not significantly different from watching it on a regular screen--perhaps it was a bit more "high def," since I'm not sure you could see, like, chicken pox scars on people's faces on a regular screen, but it wasn't worth the extra money, IMO). Despite it being all over my flist, I haven't really been paying attention to the publicity or the buzz about the film, so I went in unsure what to expect--I'd seen the trailer when it came out, categorized it as "teen action flick," and went about my business until it came out and I heard murmurings that it was actually good. My history with the Trek franchise skips rather prominently over TOS; I've seen all of TNG, most of DS9, and most of Voyager, although I've been trying to block out much of that last one (Janeway's holoboyfriend for the LOSE). I have, however, seen enough bits and pieces of TOS (and been exposed to it through cultural seepage) to figure out the majority of the jokes and references in the film. Although I was embarrassingly fannish about TNG, DS9, and VOY for a time in middle and high school, I haven't seen an episode or anything for something like a decade now.

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A few spoilers for Castle )


And some more for Cupid )
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Quick reaction to this week's episode )


Back to The Tempest, which I have somehow managed to overlook until this point in my life. I think it's the last of the major plays that I haven't read, so I feel accomplished. Oh...wait, no, I haven't read Merchant of Venice. Although one might quibble whether that's major in the same way that, say, Hamlet or Lear or even the Henriad are.

At some point over the course of my life, I'm going to read them all. Might as well get all the use out of my Big Book O' Shakespeare as I can.

Cupid spec

Apr. 8th, 2009 05:20 pm
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Something I forgot to mention in my last post: someone on TWOP suggested that one of the couples of the week on Cupid be made up of Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall.

That...would make me love the new version forever. I would watch all of the other episodes without whisper of complaint if they would just do that. Are you reading this, Rob Thomas/ABC?


Apr. 8th, 2009 01:22 pm
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Spoilers for 1.2 )
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Three things:

1. No one has written on the spectre of divorce in The Odd Women? No one? Wow.

2. This act was totally passed ten years before the book was written, and has such OBVIOUS influence on it that I can write my paper on just that factor. How has no one else written on this before?



The forums at TWOP tell me that Cupid came in last in the ratings last night, and lost two million people at the half-hour mark. Ouch. I guess we won't be seeing more than seven episodes...


Apr. 1st, 2009 12:26 pm
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New Cupid pilot thoughts )


I had something to say on this week's Castle as well, but I can't remember what it was. I did enjoy it, though. They should just give up on this pretense of solving cases and spend the hour making me laugh.
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ABC has the first ten minutes of the remade Cupid pilot up here and...oh, dear. Much of the dialogue was held over from the last incarnation, but after seeing Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall do it, it kind of sounds like these two are on Valium. They perked up a bit at the end, especially Bobby Cannavale, but...I have a bad feeling about this. I hope I'm just judging them too harshly against their antecedents, and they'll settle in better as the new series diverges more from the old one.


Mar. 11th, 2009 01:13 pm
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Soooo...this is pretty much going to be a gender-swapped Bones with novels instead of forensic anthropology, isn't it? Right down to the rich civilian-who-can't-stay-put and the bad rock music at the end. Not to mention the rampant UST and amusing bickering.

I can live with that. It's weird to see Nathan Fillion playing sleazy, though.

The kid is unbelievably precocious, but I still like her. The mother reminds me of Mommy Adler on Will & Grace.

Did they pay royalties to Alan Ball for the bit with the roses at the beginning?

I also watched some of the promo material has on Cupid, and...I dunno, y'all. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this. Bobby Cannavale was not holding a candle to Jeremy Piven in the stuff they had up there. Maybe it'll be better in context.
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I found this from the Futon Critic on the script for the pilot of the new Cupid. Apparently Felix and Lita are siblings, so I guess my speculation for them in the last post I made about this show can be thrown out. Oops. And I guess the location has been definitively changed from LA to NYC, since "covering up the Hollywood sign" has transformed into "fiddling with the New Year's ball drop" in the trailer.

I want mooooaaar publicity stuff for this show. Even if it's weird not having Piven and Marshall in it, I'm way excited. You should all watch it. Hopefully it will be almost as good as and last longer than the original.

(Also, you know how this should would have been perfectly scheduled? Next to Pushing Daisies. Dammit.)

And, in related news of the odd, Jeremy Piven has to leave Speed the Plow because of mercury poisoning. Ouch.
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Googling for other Cupid news led me to the factoid that Hart Hanson (aka the creator of Bones) wrote for the original series (specifically, the Lisa Loeb episode and the one with the twin kids).

...Suddenly I see Booth & Brennan in a whole new light.
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Things have been happening with the new Cupid! I, being in a grad school haze for the past four months, had not been paying much attention, but IMDB has, and here is a summary of/reaction to all the news:

- The pilot premieres on Tuesday, March 24th at 10/9 Central on ABC.

- There are 21 photos up there, and may I just say it is very strange to see what is obviously the singles group set with all different people in it.

- In the pictures, Bobby Canavale doesn't look as puckish at Jeremy Piven, but perhaps the camera just didn't capture his particular brand of Trevor's madcapness.

- Can't tell much about how Sarah Paulson's Claire is going to work out, but again, odd to see her there when the last time I saw her was ten years ago on Jack & Jill.

- There are two supporting characters, "Felix" and "Lita." From the pictures, I think they might have split up Champ's role, giving the coworker half to Lita and the roommate half to Felix, but that's just speculation. Lita, at least, appears to work in the bar. (My other bit of speculation is that there will be at least a season-long attempt by Trevor to get them together, and then they will be the show's beta cople.)

- Apparently one couple of the week will bond over karaoke. Oh, I can't wait. < / sarcasm >

ETA: And there is a trailer! So, so weird to hear lines from the original pilot coming out of new people's mouths. (And they changed their last names? Weird.) It looks altogether more slick than the original, but that could be because it's, y'know, presented as a movie trailer, with the movie voiceover guy and everything. It looks good so far...
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This has been in the works for a lot longer than the length would suggest. I figured that Trevor would approve of it premiering on Valentine's Day--or, as he would call it, Cupid's Day. ;)

Title: Lovers and Madmen (and also Canadians)
Author: Icepixie
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher; Trevor/Claire UST
Summary: Trevor Hale faces one of his greatest matchmaking challenges when he attempts to match up our favorite Mounties.
Spoilers: “All the Queen’s Horses” and “Red, White, or Blue” for dS; nothing for Cupid.
Word Count: 8,000

Fic and a few more notes behind the cut )
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Well, actually, it's not so gratuitous. I've finally finished the Cupid/due South crossover! It should be ready to post soon, if I can find a beta or two. Hint, hint. (I'm actually looking for fans of one but not the other, because I've never written a crossover before and I'm not sure how well I did at explaining the bare bones of the two universes. Well, actually, most of the explaining went into the Cupidverse, because let's face it, there are probably two hundred dS fans for each Cupid fan out there, alas.)
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Many thanks to [ profile] laserhead for forwarding me the following article:

ABC to give Cupid another shot

No, for serious. They're letting Rob Thomas revive the series. Of course, it won't have Jeremy Piven (sob!), and will be set in LA instead of Chicago (boo!), but...Cupid! Again! Run by Rob Thomas! OMG!

*dances in throes of GLEEEEEEEE!*

This may be the kick in the pants I need to finish up that dS/Cupid crossover I'm writing...
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Wow, I haven't posted in a week. I R boring.

Yay, it's the weekend! Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get as much work done on my Cupid/dS fic done as I did last Sunday, when I wrote 1,100 words in one afternoon/evening. (Sadly, in the 4.5 days since then, I've written, er, 400.)

Shut up, 1,000+ words in a single day is a great figure for me, at least since I left college. (Hmmm. Note to self: Find job that includes writing of more than just e-mails.)

I watched a couple episodes of Cupid the other day so that I could get Trevor's voice back in my head. (Of course, now the trick may be getting him to leave...) Every time I watch one of these episodes--and I've seen each of them at least three times now--all I can think is, "ABC! You foolish fools! How could you not see the AWESOMENESS of this show??? In addition to the fabulous premise, I'm worried that my computer screen is going to burst into flame from the UST whenever Paula Marshall and Jeremy Piven are onscreen together!"



I think, after nearly three years, I'm in need of a new mood theme. I enjoy the heck out of my Wonderfalls theme, but it might be time to move on to another fandom. Anyone got links for shareable due South or Slings & Arrows themes? Although I'm thinking about making the S2 DVDs of S&A my response to my mother's question of whether I could buy something from Amazon to help her get up to $25 (and thus free shipping) on her order, so I could just make my own, I suppose. Hmmm.


Random linkies: Mini student documentary on Centralia, PA from YouTube. It's very cool. Check it out.

The Tennessean has put up several hundred Nashville photos from the past century here. I imagine most of you will have no interest, but I thought I'd put it up for the two flisters I have who are from here. It's rather fascinating to watch the city I know take shape over the years--as well as to see what was there before I was around. I find the way the utility poles have multiple crossbars--to support the now unheard-of telegraph wires and/or power lines for the electric trolleys, which have now been replaced with busses--up until the 50s or 60s to be very cool.
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I don't drink, and consequently know nothing about alcohol. Thus, I put this to those who do: Fraser, Thatcher, and either RayV or RayK (I haven't decided yet) walk into a bar. What do they order? Water for Fraser, I know, but what about the other two?

(This has nothing to do with taking advantage of the fact that dS and Cupid are both set in Chicago during roughly the same span of years. Nothing at all. *whistles innocently*)*

Still working on the Yukon one, BTW. After 4,500 words, Fraser and Thatcher are finally setting off on the dogsledding trip that's the whole point of the fic. Er. They kept wanting to talk, and then there were of course awkward silences and half-finished sentences, and a dead body plays a rather large part in the whole thing, so that had to be dealt with...

I'm really not making anyone want to read this fic, am I?

* And yes, I realize that in all likelihood I'm the only person on the whole internet who would want to read such a thing, but writing for one's own pleasure is a worthy purpose, right? Right.

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