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...If this means Tegan shows up on new!Who at some point, I might actually have to watch that episode.

(I loved her because she was so unlovable, okay? Also, I'm pretty sure I'd react a lot like her if I stumbled into the TARDIS and had to travel with the Doctor for years.)

RIP, links

Apr. 19th, 2011 04:43 pm
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I broke up with the whole Doctor Who universe rather badly some years ago, but RIP Elisabeth Sladen. Wow.


Other links, both BoP-related:

Dr. Kate Murphy: I already know you all will be watching #bodyofproof tonight. What's the phrase I'm looking for? .....Something about resistance?

*snerk* Her character (or rather the production person behind the Twitter account) making Trek references is never going to get old.

Also, is this promo photo for 1x09 not completely adorable? Dana Delany is so cute.
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Just watched "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead." Uh...did The Moff mean for the ending to be as creepy and disturbing as it was, or was he just blind to the variety of implications it has?
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I was reading through the prompt list at [ profile] matrithon (which, might I add? Frakking awesome idea), and there's one for a Vorkosigans/Doctor Who crossover, involving Cordelia and any version of the Doctor.

If I did ficathons, I'd be all over that, for sure, because, I mean, really. How awesome would that be? The Doctor would end up half in love with and half terrified of her (as so many people do), and it would be hilarious and touching and wonderful all at the same time. She'd certainly know how to take Ten's cockiness down a peg. (Or, heh, can you see her traveling for a bit with Six and Peri? That would be hilarious.) I hope someone writes that prompt.

Part of me is still tempted to write fic where Cordelia Vorkosigan, Laura Roslin, and Susan Ivanova meet in some manner. It would be amazing. And involve airlocks. Hee.
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I finally got around to watching "Blink" (hooray for Netflix's streaming video), and...that was pretty good. Much better than the other two Doctor-lite episdes I've seen. Has it made an entire generation of children scared of statuary?

I think I could probably use it as an example of both time travel and SF's intersections with horror in the class, so onto the list it goes! (I'm probably gonna have to pare down this list before next semester...)
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Maybe it's just late, but this is cracking me up. I was reading this page, and I came across the following sample of what might happen if the Doctor appeared on Babylon 5:

Kosh: "Who are you?"
Doctor: "Exactly!"
K: "Who are you?"
D: "Indeed!"
K: "Who are you?"
D: "Right again!"
K: "Who are you?"
D: "Have we met?"
K: "Who--ah, screw it!"


ETA: Also, the Chekov/Bester one! BWAHAHAHAHA!
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Daleks in Futurama!


Hmmm. I think I need a Futurama icon.


Jul. 29th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Aw, man. (Second paragraph contains a spoiler for an upcoming Eighth Doctor audio.)

I knew there was a reason I had a bad feeling about that title...
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Given the seeming increased focus on having the Eighth Doctor star in those shorter audio plays for the BBC, does the title of the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio coming out in December--"The Girl Who Never Was"--strike anyone else as rather, well, ominous?

*clings to Charley*

Also, C'Rizz isn't listed as appearing in that one, although he's going to be in the one that comes out in October. That...doesn't break my heart, really. He's cool and all, and his arc looks like it'll get really interesting any moment now,* but he's not Charley, whom I love to a probably-unhealthy degree.

Ack! If she gets written out, where will I get my India Fisher fix? Quick, someone get her on a really popular show I can actually see!

* Er, not to damn with faint praise or anything...


In other news, I got a haircut. Yay! It was about two months overdue. And now it apparently has turned into sunflower hair. The ends curl under in the mornings, and by afternoon, they've flipped completely out. I don't get it.
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I can't do it, y'all. I watched the first fifteen minutes of the latest DW episode, and I can't bring myself to watch the rest. Does anyone not know how that will end? If so, have you ever seen or read any other sci-fi, ever?

But Martha looked pretty in her party dress. That's nice.


General question for PC users: is there a way to exchange the functions of the control key think it's the option key? The one next to the space bar. Command/open-apple on a Mac. They're exactly the opposite of what I'm used to after two decades of Mac keyboards, and it's been driving me batty at work. I've heard murmurings about some way to do this sort of thing around the internets, but I fail at Google today. I'd prefer not to have to download a program to do this. Is there something in the control panel to do it, maybe?

DW 3x03

Apr. 15th, 2007 07:34 pm
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DW 3x03: Gridlock )
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Brrrr. I guess this sudden cold snap is nature's way of making up for the week of 80s we just had, huh? *shivers* Too bad it had to happen for Easter; people who bought new Easter dresses made out of skimpy material with short sleeves are going to be Put Out come Sunday, I think.

So...apparently the new Doctor Who season started? Hmmm. I'm not sure whether to watch. The idea of watching it all at the end is attractive. Mostly, I'm still a bit pissed off at how last season ended (misogyny for all!), and just not interested in seeing any more of it. The more Old Who I saw, the less I liked the new version, and "Doomsday" really did a number on my appreciation for anything connected with RTD.

I think I've become more monogamous (if serially so) over the years in regards to fandom as well. I used to be able to juggle a half a dozen different ones, even if they were all airing at the same time, and now I'm like, "Eh, Who. Hey, more due South fic!" Possibly this is compounded by actually being in the process of writing fic for that show... But yes, now it's like I can have one full-time fandom (watching/reading source, reading fic, writing fic), one or two where I just pay attention to the source and nothing else, and then maybe one more where I'm just casually reading fic. I suppose now that BSG's over for the season, Who could be my "just the source" fandom...

Apropos of nothing: [ profile] alto2, I finally started A Passage to India this week. Mmmm, so good. Well, good through the first third, anyway. That's as far as I've gotten just reading it at lunch and for a few minutes before bed. I'm both glad and not glad that I read Orwell's Burmese Days last year for British Empire; glad because I have a more thorough understanding of certain words and concepts referenced here, and not so because I have a feeling I know how this one's going to end.

I'll probably finish it this weekend, because I have tomorrow off! Yay!
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Question for all Old Skool Who fen who've seen "The Hand of Fear": You remember Sarah's "Eldrad MUST live" thing? Well, is it just me, or, when you're driving around, do you also see those "Right lane MUST turn right" signs and say them to yourself--sometimes out loud--in possessed!Sarah's voice? 'Cause even months after seeing the episode, I still do that. And there are a lot of mandatory right turn lanes in this town.


Mostly for [ profile] rensong: I found out why Thatcher wears her Sam Browne belt in the opposite direction from everyone else on the show! According to a post on, officers carry (or at least have a place for) swords on their belts instead of gun holsters (so yes, Turnbull was wrong in MOTB). Thus, where a right-handed person with a holster would want the belt slanting from left shoulder to right hip to facilitate drawing a gun, that same person with a sword would want it slanting right to left in order to draw the sword.

So with all the things dS got wrong about the RCMP uniforms, this bit they got right, only to confuse the hell out of everybody. (Okay, me. I don't know why that niggled at me so much, but it did, and I'm glad to finally have it answered.)

Other ways Thatcher's uniform differs from the non-coms's: there's the hat, obviously, and also an inch or so of black fabric at the ends of her sleeves, and a little crown on her epaulets. I have yet to get a good look at her right sleeve, but I imagine there's some kind of badge there indicating rank as well.

I am not a geek. Not. Totally not. I am...observant. That's the word. Yes.
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Well, I just saw [ profile] rowdycamels off home. :(

We had a good time, though. Did a bit of walking at Radnor Lake. Then we came back and watched a lot of TV. I have thoroughly introduced her to Northern Exposure, I think. We watched...ten episodes? Ish? In twenty-four hours? We took a tour through some of the more dysfunctional episodes of seasons three, four, and five. Plus there was Blackpool horror. I'm scarred for life now.

We also watched the DW Christmas special.

Runaway Bride )
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RTD: Alien planets are "too expensive."

And a Slitheen ship crashing into Big Ben isn't? Or a massive CGI wereworlf? Or the sun blowing up and incinerating the Earth? I'm sorry, that doesn't fly. Try again.

P.S. Avast, me hearties! *walks around with peg leg and parrot*


Sep. 17th, 2006 01:05 am
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Probably only [ profile] tarzanic will get why this is quite so hilarious.

From the TWOP recap of "Hollywood AD":

Mulder ignores him and asks his partner what Skinner needed her for that morning. "Just paperwork," she shrugs. If that's what the kids are calling it these days. Paperwork with the Skinman.


Listening to "The Next Life" again. I'd forgotten that Louisa Pollard makes another appearance here, and that Charley mentions her sisters in more detail. Canon Sissy is totally different from my Sissy, what with the whole hunting thing. And crap, their father was still alive when Sissy was thirteen. My little fanon world comes crashing down around me. (I was totally thinking he'd died by the time Charley was twelve or so, and since she's pretty obviously older than Sissy...)

Ah, well. I never claimed she bore any excess resemblance to canon anyway. ;)


Sep. 6th, 2006 11:34 pm
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Charley: "These sort of cows don't stampede, C'Rizz."
C'Rizz: "What sorts of cows do?"
Happy!Doctor: "Angry ones."

Charley: "We need different names. You be Tigger."
Happy!Doctor: "Tigger? Tigger was always my favorite!"
Charley: "And you be Eeyore."
Irritable!Doctor: "Are you implying something?"

Caerdroia for the win! (Re-listening, 'cause it's awesome.)

Irritable!Doctor: "This is only the surface. It could be nothing but a thin veneer over a cauldron of seething evil."
Charley: "I don't think you can have a veneer over a cauldron."

'Kay, not quoting anymore tonight, because this could get really long.

ETA 2: I lied.

Normal!Doctor: "I don't seem to have a number two pencil. Could you loan me one?"
Bureaucrat: "That is not under the jurisdiction of this department. You need to go to the Department of Communications-Enabling Devices."

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