Jul. 29th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Aw, man. (Second paragraph contains a spoiler for an upcoming Eighth Doctor audio.)

I knew there was a reason I had a bad feeling about that title...
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Given the seeming increased focus on having the Eighth Doctor star in those shorter audio plays for the BBC, does the title of the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio coming out in December--"The Girl Who Never Was"--strike anyone else as rather, well, ominous?

*clings to Charley*

Also, C'Rizz isn't listed as appearing in that one, although he's going to be in the one that comes out in October. That...doesn't break my heart, really. He's cool and all, and his arc looks like it'll get really interesting any moment now,* but he's not Charley, whom I love to a probably-unhealthy degree.

Ack! If she gets written out, where will I get my India Fisher fix? Quick, someone get her on a really popular show I can actually see!

* Er, not to damn with faint praise or anything...


In other news, I got a haircut. Yay! It was about two months overdue. And now it apparently has turned into sunflower hair. The ends curl under in the mornings, and by afternoon, they've flipped completely out. I don't get it.
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So apparently there's going to be a new Sarah Jane series. Score!

There was a discussion on page 35 of this topic at the TWOP DW forum (warning: S3 spec. and spoilers) about whether, with so many spinoffs, the DW production team is stretching itself too thin. Some wag (*cough*) came up with this:

Law & Order: Shooty Dog Thing

Maybe you have to read the whole set-up, but I still can't see that without laughing so hard I start crying.


Why is it that half of the things I write seem to involve flowers and gardens and having to know what blooms when and where? Whyyyyyy? Why do I do this to myself? I'm not totally unversed in botany, but I certainly can't think of anything that blooms in southern England in late August/early September off the top of my head, with the exception of "lots of daisy-like flowers, like asters and all that." Oy.

Speaking of that particular piece, I finally managed to write the scene that's been giving me a headache for a week. And by "giving me a headache for a week," I mean, "I have six different versions of this scene, and THEY ALL SUCK." Version number seven finally seems to have come through for me. I would've just scrapped the whole scene, except of course two lines of narration near the end are the heart of the whole story; get rid of them and there's no point in continuing.

Of course, now that I've got that down, I'm starting to think that my narrator--and, thus, the story--is coming off as twee as all get out. She is a sheltered, aristocratic seventeen-year-old girl, so some amount of tweeness is to be expected, but I begin to wonder if I've gone overboard. Anyone who's good at excising that kind of thing, has a passing familiarity with Doctor Who (it's an Eight and Charley story, but is from the POV of and mostly concerns Charley's sister, who hasn't been discussed in canon, so background knowledge is helpful but not necessary), and will have a bit of free time in about a week want to take a crack at this? Please? *puppy eyes*


Drive-by fic rec: Go Fish, by Freelancer, a wonderfully true-to-character and very amusing Dumbledore/McGonagall short. Hee.

[By the way, HOW ADORABLE is my mood icon? This is the first time I've used that mood since I got the set, and awwwww. Eric's puppy face is love. That whole episode is awesome.]

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