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Fandom stockings have been revealed! Yay! I received some lovely graphics and recs for poetry and books which look interesting indeed.

I volunteered as a pinch-hitter (pinch-stuffer?) and thus ended up doing more than I thought I would for this fest; specifically, I wrote twelve fics and made one vid. Here's everything I wrote/vidded, with links to the AO3 because it's simpler than chasing down comment threads, especially for those that are broken into multiple comments. (Unless otherwise stated, these are 1,000ish words or fewer. All are, at most, PG.)

Babylon 5
And thou, O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall for [ profile] perverseparagon – Londo's life is full of mazes now.

If Equal Affection Cannot Be for [ profile] rivendellrose – Five poems Marcus Cole knows by heart. One-sided Ivanova/Marcus.

Soldiers for [ profile] bessemerprocess – In which Susan Ivanova and Olivia Dunham meet in a bar. Angsty and apocalyptic. Crossover with Fringe.

...In an Elevator for [ profile] debirlfan – Castle and Beckett, stuck in an elevator. UST.

Murder Most Kindergarten for [ profile] soobunny – Five-year-old Alexis writes a story. It gives her father cause to worry.

Corner Gas
Baby, Baby for [ profile] livii – Someone leaves a baby on the steps of the Dog River Police Station. Chaos ensues. Everyone appears, but it's Karen- and Davis-centric. (3,000 words; also at LJ.)

Doctor Who
Second Star to the Right for [ profile] jenavira – Eight, Charley, and a low-gravity planet.

Follow the Fleet
Side by Side for [ profile] idharao – Sherry and Bake are having a trying Christmas, but they make the most of it.

Soldiers for [ profile] bessemerprocess – In which Susan Ivanova and Olivia Dunham meet in a bar. Angsty and apocalyptic. Crossover with Babylon 5.

Northern Exposure
I Feel the Sky Tumbling Down for [ profile] oxoniensis – An alternate explanation for Maggie's vertigo in "I Feel the Earth Move." Joel/Maggie, Ruth-Anne.

The Reality of Experience for [ profile] juniperphoenix – Roslyn and Cicely share a life lived through books.

Slings & Arrows
All in a Day's Work for [ profile] wiliqueen – An all-too-typical day for Anna Conroy.

Sea-Changed (vid) for [ profile] loneraven – A vid about Geoffrey, the theater, and even Oliver. Set to "Full Fathom Five," by Hem, feat. Audra McDonald and Anne Hathaway. 1:30 long, 19 MB Quicktime file.

The Heart of Saturday Night for [ profile] ruuger – "John Doggett requires a cautious, quiet approach, like sneaking up on a bird or squirrel to take its picture." Doggett/Reyes UST.


Jul. 29th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Aw, man. (Second paragraph contains a spoiler for an upcoming Eighth Doctor audio.)

I knew there was a reason I had a bad feeling about that title...
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Given the seeming increased focus on having the Eighth Doctor star in those shorter audio plays for the BBC, does the title of the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio coming out in December--"The Girl Who Never Was"--strike anyone else as rather, well, ominous?

*clings to Charley*

Also, C'Rizz isn't listed as appearing in that one, although he's going to be in the one that comes out in October. That...doesn't break my heart, really. He's cool and all, and his arc looks like it'll get really interesting any moment now,* but he's not Charley, whom I love to a probably-unhealthy degree.

Ack! If she gets written out, where will I get my India Fisher fix? Quick, someone get her on a really popular show I can actually see!

* Er, not to damn with faint praise or anything...


In other news, I got a haircut. Yay! It was about two months overdue. And now it apparently has turned into sunflower hair. The ends curl under in the mornings, and by afternoon, they've flipped completely out. I don't get it.


Sep. 17th, 2006 01:05 am
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Probably only [ profile] tarzanic will get why this is quite so hilarious.

From the TWOP recap of "Hollywood AD":

Mulder ignores him and asks his partner what Skinner needed her for that morning. "Just paperwork," she shrugs. If that's what the kids are calling it these days. Paperwork with the Skinman.


Listening to "The Next Life" again. I'd forgotten that Louisa Pollard makes another appearance here, and that Charley mentions her sisters in more detail. Canon Sissy is totally different from my Sissy, what with the whole hunting thing. And crap, their father was still alive when Sissy was thirteen. My little fanon world comes crashing down around me. (I was totally thinking he'd died by the time Charley was twelve or so, and since she's pretty obviously older than Sissy...)

Ah, well. I never claimed she bore any excess resemblance to canon anyway. ;)


Sep. 6th, 2006 11:34 pm
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Charley: "These sort of cows don't stampede, C'Rizz."
C'Rizz: "What sorts of cows do?"
Happy!Doctor: "Angry ones."

Charley: "We need different names. You be Tigger."
Happy!Doctor: "Tigger? Tigger was always my favorite!"
Charley: "And you be Eeyore."
Irritable!Doctor: "Are you implying something?"

Caerdroia for the win! (Re-listening, 'cause it's awesome.)

Irritable!Doctor: "This is only the surface. It could be nothing but a thin veneer over a cauldron of seething evil."
Charley: "I don't think you can have a veneer over a cauldron."

'Kay, not quoting anymore tonight, because this could get really long.

ETA 2: I lied.

Normal!Doctor: "I don't seem to have a number two pencil. Could you loan me one?"
Bureaucrat: "That is not under the jurisdiction of this department. You need to go to the Department of Communications-Enabling Devices."
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Title: Flowers in Summer
Author: Icepixie
Rating: G
Spoilers: "Time of the Daleks" and "Neverland"
Word Count: 4300
Pairing: Eight/Charley is mentioned, but not to an extent exceeding canon. Of course, "Scherzo" is canon...
Summary: Charley comes back to Earth. Cecilia Pollard reports.
Notes: I know that Sissy Pollard appears in one of the Gallifrey audios, but as I haven't heard it, I'm blithely ignoring everything in it. ;) Also, this is set some months after Something Inside, and assumes that C'Rizz left the TARDIS team, at least temporarily, at some point before this begins. (C'Rizz is awesome, don't get me wrong, but unfortunately I couldn't cram him in!)

Thanks to [ profile] elflore for the beta!

Flowers in Summer )
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Hee. "Terror of the Zygons" is soooo cheesy, but so much fun. And I'm only halfway through. Love the monster that's barely half a step up from the old black and white Godzilla movie.

Is Huckle supposed to be American, or Scottish with an accent that got blown very off-course?

"The Armageddon Factor" also showed up from Netflix today. Hey, it's both Romanas! Sort of! But not really! The ending was a bit...anticlimactic, but oh well. And it was totally not written near the height of the Cold War. NOT AT ALL. *coughcoughmutualassuredestructioncough*

ETA: Aw, according to the commentary, Mary Tamm's a Harry Potter fan. Hee!


Why are Charley and the Doctor arguing about architectural styles in this fic I'm trying desperately to finish that has NOTHING TO DO with architecture? Why has Frank Lloyd Wrong entered into it? Why do I have the Doctor actually calling him "Frank Lloyd Wrong"? *facepalm* (Although you know Eight would be all, "Dude, your houses are boring. Give them a few arches, or a turret somewhere, or some decorative trim!")

Still soliciting a beta for it, BTW. Preferably someone who can cut out the overly twee bits, but anyone who's good at noticing my sentences of excessiveness would be grand.
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Since I cannot seem to write any fic in any fandom these days without some mention of dancing (usually it's ballroom) or at least a ball, it was inevitable that I ended up doing the same for Doctor Who. Blame four years of ballroom dance club.

Title: That Kind of Dancing (Another Mystery)
Author: Icepixie
Disclaimer: The BBC owns all characters and concepts belonging to *Doctor Who*. I'm making no money from this.
Feedback/Archiving: Constructive comments are loved. Archiving is fine, just tell me where it's going at icepixie[at]livejournal[dot]com.
Word Count: 1497
Era: Eighth and Ninth Doctors, Charley and Rose. Mostly Eight's era.
Spoilers/Timeline: It begins after "The Doctor Dances" and moves back to right after "Seasons of Fear." There is a mild spoiler for TDD, but no plot spoilers for anything in the audio series.
Rating: All Ages.
Categories: G for Gen! Eight&Charley friendship.
Summary: How did the Doctor learn to dance, then? There is absolutely no innuendo in this summary.

Swing, swing, swing )
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50 in total under the cut )


I was listening to Stones of Venice again as I was making these. I'd forgotten how much I like that one. It's so cracktastically fabulous in so many ways; I'd love to see it filmed. (Actually, I'd love to see ANYTHING related to Eight and Charley filmed, because dude, Eight and Charley.) And you can play Spot the Literature Title with it! Well, One Hundred Years of Solitude is mentioned in the fourth part, and of course there's the title, taken from Ruskin's work of the same name. (I say "of course," but really I only realized that this week. Does this mean I have to give up my snobby intellectual card?) Probably there are others, and I just wasn't paying close enough attention.

I still love the ending, where the Doctor tells Charley she's his best friend. Awww. While he's doing the gondolier act, I might add; given the footage from Shada with Four and Romana on the river, I think we can totally draw the conclusion that the Doctor likes to take his girlfriends punting when they're on dates. *cough* *g*
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Various Old Skool Who icons, plus a few new series ones. Most are new(ish); some I've been using for a while and have just been too lazy to upload for public consumption. Spoilers through "The Idiot's Lantern."

Six icons from the Four and Sarah Jane episode 'The Pyramids of Mars' )

16 others, Five through Ten (minus Seven, but including the Eight audios) )

and one extra of David Tennant, just because )

Comments and credit are appreciated. Dress them up as you please. Brushes from Hybrid-Genesis, caps either my own or from the DWIA.


Jun. 1st, 2006 07:47 pm
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TITLE: When Once the Young Heart of a Maiden
AUTHOR: Icepixie
DISCLAIMER: Much as I would love my own little Charley and Eight, Doctor Who and its characters are not mine.
RATING: F for Fluff! (G/All Ages)
PAIRING: Eight/Charley
TIMELINE: Set sometime between "Seasons of Fear" and "The Time of the Daleks"; absolutely no spoilers for anything, although it hints vaguely at events in "Scherzo"
SUMMARY: "He could feel her breath on his lips when she murmured, 'You're a better thief than I am.'"
NOTES: Thanks very much to my beta, [ profile] elflore!

Fluffy like a Marshmallow )

x-posted to [ profile] zagreuswaits and [ profile] who_otp
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How's that "no yearnings" thing working out for ya, then?

Heh. (Spoilers for 'Time Works') )
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So I watched a whole lot of TV last week. Sunday night, we showed Kate and Meg "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," because everyone needs to see those. I showed them the Fifth Doctor two-parter (only 20 minutes each, thank God) "Black Orchid," then I showed it to Chandra. (Ellen couldn't take the eightiesness of it and had to leave partway through. Silly girl.) So...lots of TV. Followed by lots more TV, with a side helping of audios.

And here's lots of commentary. Lengthwise, it's the equivalent of a ten-page essay. Yeah. Amazing what a bit of NO MORE SCHOOL EVER until grad school/library school will do for one's time and inclination towards fannish activities. Now I just need to put some of this energy towards finding a job...

Black Orchid ramblings )

On Monday (or possibly it was Tuesday) I also watched Earthshock )

I also got my hands on a copy of the parody, The Curse of Fatal Death )

One more thought about TEC/TDD, with a reference to TGitF )

And finally, the promised Eighth Doctor Audios spaz post. Spoilers through 'Other Lives.' )
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Ah, Doctor Who night. We snared [ profile] laserhead, [ profile] pezprez, and Meg for "Dalek." Hee. Then we blew each other up with Nintendo. Ahhh, fun times in the flat.


In other Wholiganisms, I've been listening to a few of the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audios (namely Scherzo, The Chimes of Midnight, Storm Warning, and Neverland; why yes, I am going in a very erratic order).

I'm truly amazed at how well-done these are. I've tried listening to radio drama before on two occasions, and it never took. One was some forgettable contemporary sitcom I ran into on iTunes radio when I was bored. The other was the original War of the Worlds. I figured if that classic didn't take, then audio drama wasn't for me. These are, though. They're fantastic. Maybe it's due to seeing DW in some version on TV--although I haven't seen the McGann movie, and obviously Charley was created just for the audio plays--but it's more likely because Paul McGann and India Fisher play their characters, and play off each other, so very well, and the guest actors are quite good, too. Plus those sound effects guys are amazing. Okay, so there does of necessity have to be a certain amount of spoken description of the surroundings that can, in the wrong hands, get a bit grating; the Doctor having two long spells of doing such in "Storm Warning" got kind of old, even if he did make a joke about talking to oneself being the first sign of madness. But. Generally they don't have to resort to that, though; it's rather amazing how much of an environment you can convey through sound alone.

Charley is fast becoming one of my most favorite characters ever, in any medium. She's like a cross between Rose and Cassandra Mortmain (of I Capture the Castle, a book which, if you haven't read, you should check out RIGHT NOW) with something else uniquely her own. I think I may like her more than I like Rose, in fact. And of course India Fisher is fabulous. She's so exuberant and eager and lively, she just sucks you right into the story even if it's only audio and you have to make up the visuals yourself. Plus, she's adorable. I want a little version of her I can keep in my closet and pull out when I'm sad; she'd cheer anyone right up.

There's something about Paul McGann's voice or accent that bugs me just a little, but he's certainly very good at this voice acting thing. There's a spoiler for 'Scherzo' and 'Chimes of Midnight' in here )

So, yeah. Audio = good. It's been quite nice for the hours I've been stuffing envelopes at the Kenyon Review this week; something to keep my from going crazy while I do a monotonous task, and a monotonous task to keep my hands occupied while I listen to the plays.


I'm thisclose to finishing my story for Fiction. I need another three scenes, basically, and then I can give it an edit and have it be done, at least in this version of it. It's really either a short story or a novella trapped in novelette form (currently ~7,000 words; will probably be ~8,500 when I'm done), and I'm not sure whether I need to cut it down or expand it. I'm leaning towards the latter, but...that's for after I turn it in on Tuesday. Because whoa, there are some revisions that need more than a weekend.

Anyway, because I'm not using it for my final piece, that means I didn't have to turn it in today, and it can be turned in on Tuesday, as I said. [ profile] elflore, when I send it to you (it will be by tomorrow evening--er, this evening--because I really have other work I have to get to, and THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE, OMG), take as long as you like reading it.


Ooof. Bed. Or shower, at any rate...
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God, I hate April (academically, anyway; the weather was actually halfway decent today, and there are daffodils blooming). *hates on essays* Once I add in a header and full footnote information instead of just last names and page numbers, I'll have not quite eight pages on the P&T paper. It's not getting any better, folks. It's just not. And I have the unusual problem of feeling like I don't have enough information to make twelve pages (I probably actually do, and am just underestimating myself because that's what I do). Every other paper I've written, the problem has been exactly the opposite. Oops.

That's due Tuesday. I'm aiming to finish a draft before tomorrow's DW airing, then spend Sunday revising it into something that'll work for a first draft. Saturday is definitely going to be spent on the time travel story for Fiction. Still aiming to have that done by Tuesday as well, so I can have a week to revise it and make sure it makes exactly the amount of sense I want it to make. Then there's another mini-essay for P&T and yet another one for Mongolian due that next same week... *hates*

Of course, I'd be in better shape if I hadn't spent up until today procrastinating in the most apalling manner, but not much I can do about that now. Sigh. This is why you pick interesting essay topics, people. Otherwise, you avoid them, and nothing good comes of it.

I graduate in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. How did this happen?


Obligatory Who-related babble:

I found out recently that India Fisher, sister to Francesca Hunt (who played Rebecca Fogg in the late, lamented Secret Adventures of Jules Verne), does the voice of one of the Eighth Doctor's companions in the Big Finish audio dramas. This really quite amused me, and it totally wasn't because I'm a few pages into a DW/SAJV crossover that will probably never actually be finished, but totally includes a ripoff of the corset scene from "Southern Comfort" with Ten and Rose in it. *pokes around a bit about Charley Pollard* HA! Francesca guest-starred in one of India's adventures. Hmmm. *contemplates* That would be entertaining to hear. *pokes more* Oh, and there's canon-ish Eight/Charley 'ship, according to Wikipedia. Awww.


Quiz for the heck of it )

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