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I highly doubt that laughter is really the effect cliffhangers are supposed to have one one, but it's definitely my reaction more often than not to Old Skool Who episodes. Particularly The Horns of Nimon, which I'm through part three on.

I...dude. The end of part two? Where the Nimon goes everywhere with his arms held out for balance because he's tottering around on platform shoes of at least six inches, possibly more? And he has a papier-mache head with plastic horns that were obviously purchased from Pound-Stretcher or something stuck to it and is wearing, I believe, black pantyhose on his arms and a gold lame loincloth? And then he shoots lasers from his horns? COMEDY. GOLD.

Romana is totally acting like a field trip leader in this one. It's cute.

...I am not writing the plotbunny that just hopped into my head.

Not doing it, I tell you.

*gags Muse*

Ahem. Why do so many people seem to dislike this one? It's FABULOUS. Even the kids with speaking roles are funny, and you all know how much I loathe children.

Oof. I want to watch one of the tapes [ profile] nickless sent me, but I think I'm about to fall asleep in my chair, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Bah, sleep.

But first I'll paste this thing I meant to put on the bottom of my last entry: Lines from a book meme from alto2 )
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Hee. "Terror of the Zygons" is soooo cheesy, but so much fun. And I'm only halfway through. Love the monster that's barely half a step up from the old black and white Godzilla movie.

Is Huckle supposed to be American, or Scottish with an accent that got blown very off-course?

"The Armageddon Factor" also showed up from Netflix today. Hey, it's both Romanas! Sort of! But not really! The ending was a bit...anticlimactic, but oh well. And it was totally not written near the height of the Cold War. NOT AT ALL. *coughcoughmutualassuredestructioncough*

ETA: Aw, according to the commentary, Mary Tamm's a Harry Potter fan. Hee!


Why are Charley and the Doctor arguing about architectural styles in this fic I'm trying desperately to finish that has NOTHING TO DO with architecture? Why has Frank Lloyd Wrong entered into it? Why do I have the Doctor actually calling him "Frank Lloyd Wrong"? *facepalm* (Although you know Eight would be all, "Dude, your houses are boring. Give them a few arches, or a turret somewhere, or some decorative trim!")

Still soliciting a beta for it, BTW. Preferably someone who can cut out the overly twee bits, but anyone who's good at noticing my sentences of excessiveness would be grand.
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Who ramblings: The Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, and Romana )


In random news, I found a pair of jeans that fit with a minimum of looking around. Not only do they fit at the top, but they are ALSO in "short" length, which I don't think I've seen for at least three years. Hooray! I don't have to take this pair up by the nearly two inches that "average" length requires!

(Yeah, so I'm about an eighth of an inch under 5'5". I am also not unnaturally sticklike and able to fit in, like, a size 2 or whatever would usually have the inseam of under 30" that I need. This means that the "petite" sizes some stores do, for people 5'4" and under, are just a bit too short, both in the legs and the waist, but EVERYTHING ELSE is too long. I love "short" lengths of things in my size.

And yes, I realize the tall people reading this are rolling their eyes and saying, "At least you have the option of altering them! We have to live with pants that are too short!" Yeah, well, anything that helps me continue to be lazy is nothing but good. ;))


Question: Am I a very strange person for eating cinnamon raisin bagels with butter and a generous helping of brown sugar sprinkled on top? My mother says that no bagel is meant to be sweet, while I think that any bread product which has a spice like cinnamon and little fruit bits in it damn well better be sweet, or what's the point, really?


Jul. 15th, 2006 06:03 pm
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I had a longish, half-finished post on why Rusty's Sue issues and "OMG Rose/Doctor Is The Most Specialist Of All Relationships Ever!!11!!!" thing has irritated me more and more this season, particularly as I get deeper into Old Skool stuff, but decided that a.) it's been done before (often by [ profile] nostalgia_lj), and b.) it would probably piss off at least half the Who fans on my flist, so screw it. Plus, I'm lazy and don't want to finish trying to explain thoughts I'm finding it very difficult to put into words. Basically, IMO there is OTP and there is OTPForNow when dealing with the Doctor, and the latter is the best I can do. Also, more blah-di-blah on why Rose and Ten don't work as well together as Rose and Nine did, because she puts up with more from Ten than she did with Nine, and this robs the relationship of much of its interesting dynamic.

In conclusion, all problems would go away with judicious application of bugs made out of spray-painted bubblewrap. (Why yes, I did watch "Ark in Space" last week. Green spray-painted bubblewrap is the Bestest Villain Ever.)


Rewatching School Reunion )


Wishlist for Season Three! [spoilers for the Big Bad Casting Spoiler] )


Following on from numbers 3 and 3a, I watched part of Shada )


I started reading Bridget Jones today, after about six years of avoiding it. Mostly that was because of my Austen H8 and my general "eh" reaction to the movie, but also because I have pretty much no interest in the Trials of Finding Love After Thirty or whatever it's been billed as. Obviously, I shall eat something laced with crow tonight, because it's pretty funny. Not the best book I've ever read, but entertaining all the same. The Lit!Snob part of my brain is little eyerolly at the fact that every character, with the possible exception of Bridget and, perhaps later, Mark Darcy, is a blatant caricature, but the more easily amused half is busy saying, "It's a farce; get over yourself."

Plus, it does have lines like: "It struck me as pretty ridiculous to be called Mr. Darcy and to stand on your own looking snooty at a party." Although Fielding then immediately takes it a hair too far with, "It's like being called Heathcliff and insisting on spending the entire evening in the garden, shouting 'Cathy' and and banging your head against a tree." Ah, well.

Also, there is brief mocking of postmodernism, which is grand.

I'm wondering who exactly decided that Renee Zellweger fit this role, though, 'cause I'm not picturing her in it at all. I'm not sure who would fit, but it's not her.

(Related to none of the above: in what world is 124 pounds even remotely overweight? Is she really short or something?)
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50 in total under the cut )


I was listening to Stones of Venice again as I was making these. I'd forgotten how much I like that one. It's so cracktastically fabulous in so many ways; I'd love to see it filmed. (Actually, I'd love to see ANYTHING related to Eight and Charley filmed, because dude, Eight and Charley.) And you can play Spot the Literature Title with it! Well, One Hundred Years of Solitude is mentioned in the fourth part, and of course there's the title, taken from Ruskin's work of the same name. (I say "of course," but really I only realized that this week. Does this mean I have to give up my snobby intellectual card?) Probably there are others, and I just wasn't paying close enough attention.

I still love the ending, where the Doctor tells Charley she's his best friend. Awww. While he's doing the gondolier act, I might add; given the footage from Shada with Four and Romana on the river, I think we can totally draw the conclusion that the Doctor likes to take his girlfriends punting when they're on dates. *cough* *g*
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I got "The Pirate Planet" out of the library. OMG, love. There's a super-spiffy sci-fi concept (a planet eating--well, mining--other planets! Love!) and Romana, who I am coming to adore. Snarkiness! She's totally rolling her eyes at both the Doctor and her captors with every other action they take and word they utter. Hee. I think I like her because she's what Charley would be if she weren't human--she's snarky and totally unimpressed by the Doctor, although she likes him, but she also knows quite a bit of technical stuff, more than the Doctor, and is less prone to hysterics (that last one may be a personality thing rather than a Gallifreyan thing). She's like the lovechild of Charley and Hermione. *g*

Of course, being a library DVD, it's been mistreated over the years and won't play me episodes three and four. Le sigh. Ah, well, that's what Netflix is for! After they send me "Ark in Space," anyway. Like they DIDN'T a few days ago--it was the right sleeve, but had disc one of "Genesis of the Daleks" in it. Pffft. Silly Netflix.

Anyway. I was noticing how Mary Tamm, with her long, sorta-curly dark hair, very very very very very slightly resembles Judy Garland-as-Dorothy. Not a lot, but enough to ping at my brain. (Granted, my brain is a very strange place, and possibly no one but me sees any resemblance.) And then K9 entered the shot, and the plot bunny bit and wouldn't let go. So, despite not being a Wizard of Oz fan in the slightest, and never having seen the film all the way through (I know, I'm un-American), I give you these 309 words of silliness. )
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'The Hand of Fear' and some general Sarah Jane ramblings )


Somewhat concomitant with that last bit, this entry from [ profile] nostalgia_lj and the comments on it are really quite fascinating. I don't agree with everything said there, but it's interesting to think about. (Obviously, I am missing academia today.)

Speaking of academia, a link in the comments to that post led to [ profile] whileaway, which led to this "seminar" on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. The articles are not always the most well-written, but Susanna Clarke's response to them is really interesting.


Can someone explain this to me? (Scroll down on the page a bit and click on "Background Explanation.") I...okay, I've run into weird fic before, but this is just utterly bizarre. Doesn't taking away the whole idea of regeneration and having each incarnation of the Doctor be split up into separate people, called by the names of the actors, some of whom are evil and some of whom work for Gallifrey, contravene essentially everything about the show? And then an extended plotline with a romance between Peri and Legolas (yes, that one)? I...WTF?

I mean, AUs are all well and good, but even the AU-est AU is generally not these. In this case, I think fiction is very much stranger than truth could ever dream of being.

*wanders off, boggling at the bizarreness of it all*

Who spec

Jun. 25th, 2006 09:52 pm
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Speculation on Rose and the Big Fat BBC Spoiler, but with a healthy helping of DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING SPECIFIC )

Also, I watched "City of Death" today, and it boggles me that there are people in this world who can actually think that the Doctor and Romana aren't on a date pretty much throughout that serial. Because...dude. DUDE. I went to Paris with some very good friends, but I certainly didn't hold their hands all the way through it. Or give them big goofy grins at every opportunity. Or basically LOOK LIKE I WAS ON A DATE. (I suppose Tom Baker and Lalla Ward kind of were at that point, weren't they? Heh.)

And I finally figured out who Elisabeth Sladen/Sarah Jane reminds me of...she looks like a dark-haired Meg Ryan. Seriously! Something about their facial structure is very much alike. Plus there's the perkiness and God, she was the first Sally Albright! Heh.


Jun. 24th, 2006 12:23 am
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Today I saw someone with a Fourth Doctor icon which had "And I can kill you with my brain" on it.

Wouldn't River as Four's companion be the best crossover EVER?

(If I'm the last person in the world to think of this, please don't tell me. *g*)

Thanks to my library, I watched the first episode with Romana (the first version) today. Hee. She's fun. Also, I covet her fluffy cloaky thing, although perhaps in a color that's not quite so blindingly white and easy to dirty. I've still got my fangirl going on Sarah Jane, though...need to see more episodes with her in them.
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Various Old Skool Who icons, plus a few new series ones. Most are new(ish); some I've been using for a while and have just been too lazy to upload for public consumption. Spoilers through "The Idiot's Lantern."

Six icons from the Four and Sarah Jane episode 'The Pyramids of Mars' )

16 others, Five through Ten (minus Seven, but including the Eight audios) )

and one extra of David Tennant, just because )

Comments and credit are appreciated. Dress them up as you please. Brushes from Hybrid-Genesis, caps either my own or from the DWIA.

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