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Since I cannot seem to write any fic in any fandom these days without some mention of dancing (usually it's ballroom) or at least a ball, it was inevitable that I ended up doing the same for Doctor Who. Blame four years of ballroom dance club.

Title: That Kind of Dancing (Another Mystery)
Author: Icepixie
Disclaimer: The BBC owns all characters and concepts belonging to *Doctor Who*. I'm making no money from this.
Feedback/Archiving: Constructive comments are loved. Archiving is fine, just tell me where it's going at icepixie[at]livejournal[dot]com.
Word Count: 1497
Era: Eighth and Ninth Doctors, Charley and Rose. Mostly Eight's era.
Spoilers/Timeline: It begins after "The Doctor Dances" and moves back to right after "Seasons of Fear." There is a mild spoiler for TDD, but no plot spoilers for anything in the audio series.
Rating: All Ages.
Categories: G for Gen! Eight&Charley friendship.
Summary: How did the Doctor learn to dance, then? There is absolutely no innuendo in this summary.

Swing, swing, swing )
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World War III: God oh God, make it stop )
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Ahhhh. Due to a combination of post-comps exhaustion and losing an hour to DST (grrrr, why we can't just stay on DST all year long is beyond me...), I woke up a little before noon. Then I had leftovers from last night's excursion to Fiesta Mexicana for lunch. Last night at Wal-Mart, I got a big ol' bar of DairyMilk while I will probably break into today while I bumble about on the Internet. Eventually, I suppose, I should get some more work done on my TVA paper, but at the moment, life is good.

So, comps. Detailed post-mortem of the test, probably only of interest to the Kenyon folks on my list who are majoring in English )


I never posted on this week's Doctor Who, since that night I was kind of busy with other things. It's one of the three I hadn't seen before (the others being WWIII and The Long Game), and well... Aliens of London, with a very minor spoiler for another S1 episode which airs later )


Also, NEW S2 TRAILER SQUEE, OMG. Spoilers for...the trailer. Yes. )


Mar. 17th, 2006 10:07 pm
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Good: Yay, we finally get Doctor Who in the States!

Bad: Commercials seriously mess with the flow of the episodes. Skiffy saw fit to cut chunks out of it, too. Should've expected that, really, but I'm a bit irked that they cut out not really a spoiler, but cut anyway. )

Still, outweighed by it finally being on the air here, woot!

Also: an entire community for Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossovers. Hmmm.
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The 2005 version of Doctor Who has its American premiere on Sci-Fi tonight at 9/8 Central. Two episodes, two hours. (And if you miss them, they rerun at 11:30 PM on Sunday and 10 AM on Monday.)

Why should you watch? Because it can have you laughing, crying, and covering your eyes in terror all in the space of one episode. Because it tackles knotty emotional and moral issues with surprising deftness. Because the actors are phenomenal. Because the premise allows for absolutely anything to happen. Because it is damn funny, often in a campy sort of way that never takes itself too seriously. Because the main character is a 900-year-old alien from a destroyed planet who travels through time in a ship disguised as a 1950s police call box.

It's rather similar to Farscape in many ways: in the heights of imagination it reaches; in the way the characters are intricately drawn and infinitely appealing, while remaining flawed; in the way the aliens, when we see them, are very, very alien; even in the flatulence (just wait until episodes 4 and 5 *eg*).

Like the Stargate series, it has a minimalist sort of arc; references are made to past episodes, but you don't have to see all of them in order not to be lost, like BSG. Guest characters show up again as well.

It has one of the most adorable 'ships known to man in the Doctor and Rose. ADORABLE, I TELL YOU. There is hand-holding, and hugging, and lots of really sweet moments all through the season. It's not highlighted to the point where it takes over the show, but it is definitely in evidence throughout, and it's so cute.

And besides. What else are you gonna watch on Fridays now that SG-1, SGA, and BSG are all off the air until July or October? *g*

I'm really hoping that if enough people watch the first season, Sci-Fi will buy up and show the second in the space left by BSG not coming back until October. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

Also see this post by [ profile] mrv3000 and this one by [ profile] elflore.

ETA: The first episode, "Rose," is quite a bit cheesier than the rest of the season. If you watch it and wonder how a show like that could possibly inspire all the hype it has, give it another one. The second episode, "The End of the World," was what hooked me good and proper on the show.
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Hi. My name is Becca, and I'm completely obsessed with this show.


28 in total under the cut )
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I finished more than half my Mongols paper at work tonight, so I felt justified in taking a couple hours off to watch the last two eps of S1 New Who. Cut for trauma )


Feb. 17th, 2006 12:36 pm
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Meep. So, I watched "Father's Day" on Wednesday. It's going on my "don't watch again for a long time" list, because ow. I don't think anyone's puppy escaped a big ol' smooshing there. I haven't seen such smooshing since...probably since the finale to Season 1 Farscape first aired, and those of you who remember the fool I made of myself over that one should understand how smooshy this is. I need to...go think happy thoughts. Puppies and kittens and that sort of things. Non-smooshy puppies.

Chandra, you are not allowed to watch this episode. At least, not without three boxes of Kleenex, you aren't.

(And the irritating--or possibly amazing--thing is that they didn't cover up any of their tracks; you can see exactly how it's constructed to make you cry, which tends to put me off things like that, and yet you still do anyway, whether because of the acting or writing or what.)

The only thing that was a bit strange was the whole paternal aspect to the Doctor's relationship with Rose that this brought up, to which the shipper part of my brain is going LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. But anyway.

I ended up watching both "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" yesterday afternoon. I thought I'd be able to just watch the first one, but...Ha. Yeah, right. That said, I'm not as enamoured of Captain Jack as everyone else apparently is. He's just kind *shrug* I did like the dancing, though!

Anyway, now that I wasted Thursday, I have to make up for it today by doing lots and lots of work...


Feb. 8th, 2006 01:40 pm
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Nothing like being too busy to even pop up on LJ and say, "I'm really busy! See you all next week!" Which, yes, is exactly what's happened to me. I have:

- A 750-word document analysis due for P&T on Friday (which I have to rewrite most of as I wrote it before he explained it in class on Tuesday, and of course it was wrong. I'm getting a mite irked at the history department's lack of advance warning/explanation on things like this, because some of us have multiple obligations from Tuesday-Thursday, and like to get as much done as possible over the weekend and Monday)

- A 1000-word paper for Mongolian also due Friday, the requirements of which were just e-mailed around today (*headdesk*)

- Comps due on Monday, OMG

- The proposal for my P&T paper due a week from Friday.

So, yeah. Busy. If you see me here before Tuesday, yell at me, 'cause I need to be working.

(BTW, for anyone new here, or if you've just missed the explanation of comps: these nine poems I'm submitting, along with a big-ass test over a long reading list in April, are what determine if I graduate or not. Thank you, vestigial organs of the British academic system. Okay, so it's very, very difficult to fail English comps, from what I hear, but I want distinction, dammit, and I want these poems to be good just for my own pride, so I'm freaking out JUST A BIT.)


However, in my desperate attempt to avoid productivity Sunday afternoon, I ended up watching the first episode of the new Doctor Who. "So bad it's good" does not begin to cover it. I mean, spoilers ) Although I hear it gets less silly as it goes along, which is kind of sad...

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