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Paper Aeroplanes is a Welsh boy-girl band I've been listening to lately. Imagine Stars, if Stars were fronted by Zooey Deschanel.

Several songs I like:
My First Love
Red Rover
Make a Wish
Winter Never Comes"


Another thing I want to rec is a due South fic: "The Great Northern Maple Syrup Adventure," by nutmeg9cat. It's novel-length gen with a few hints of Fraser/Thatcher UST, and it reads just like an episode, with a good mystery, wacky Canadian hijinks, and excellently characterized versions of Fraser, Vecchio, Thatcher, and Diefenbaker. Seriously, go read it now. It makes me want to write dS fic again!

P.S. On this note, please, someone talk me out of writing the AMAZING horrible AU where Fraser and Thatcher are pairs skaters. Or where they have to solve a crime via skating. Skate America is held in Chicago and they get caught up in a judging scandal which takes out the Canadian pair who were in on it, and at the last minute they have to step in FOR THE GLORY OF CANADA, maybe. Hey, they're Mounties, I'm sure they're good at something wintery and outdoorsy like ice skating. Anyway, their skating somehow breaks the case open, because the corrupt judge reveals him/herself in scoring them. Turnbull sews their costumes (red, possibly with maple leaves, naturally) out of some stretch fabric they have lying around the Consulate for undisclosed emergencies. Vecchio and/or Kowalski make disparaging comments about figure skating throughout the whole thing, but then are the loudest cheering section during the actual event.


Not yet, anyway.
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You guuuuuuys, for [community profile] fandom_stocking, I got a ficlet set in my Closet Idealism universe! [personal profile] azarsuerte married off Sofie and David, which seems very fitting. Hee.

I got some other lovely things too--some cool art and many greetings.

I failed a bit at production and only wrote a little Fraser/Thatcher kidfic ficlet:

Battle Plan
Summary: "Have you got the supplies?" Meg asked.

Fraser held up a toothbrush, a stuffed wolf, and a collection of cardboard books with titles like The Pokey Little Puppy and The Dandelion's Tale.


In other news, I have my favorite instructor again for regular skating class this session. I plan to ask her to be my coach once this session is over, though I know she's applying to medical schools so she may not be taking new students (or may be gone in six months even if she is). But even six months would be nice! My class is again a combined Gamma/Delta thing with me and a couple of girls. This time they're at least young teenagers, which I think will make things go a little more smoothly. The really little kids just don't quite have the attention span to really get deep into anything, so last session felt a bit schizophrenic as we bounced from jumps to turns to MITF in one thirty-minute class.

Anyway, one class and already I have two pieces of advice to make my wretched inside three turns much less wretched. YAY.
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Fandom stockings have been revealed, and I got amazing things! I received a podfic of a lovely Northern Exposure story, some nifty photos from Rouleau, Saskatchewan (aka Dog River), a sweet Michael/Fi-centric Burn Notice fic, and IVANOVA/GARIBALDI FIC OMG OMG!

This year, I didn't write as much as I hoped to, but I did write three things. All are rated G and under 1,000 words.

due South
Glad Spirits - Meg meets her father-in-law for the first time. I guess it could be set in the same AU as "Down the Rabbit Hole," although it doesn't have to be. Fraser/Thatcher.

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart) - "The thing is, she thinks when Julian hits on her yet again at their weekly breakfast together, part of her would like to say yes." My first Bashir/Jadzia Dax fic in...twelve years? Thirteen? It's been over a decade, anyway. Baby's first OTP! The e.e. cummings title may be a fandom cliche by now, but I swear it's relevant.

A Very Good Year - Happy birthday to Astrid. Teamy, fluffy S2-era gen.
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Title: Increments
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher
Word Count: 3800
Summary: A first date in four parts.
Thanks: To [ profile] deborah_judge for the beta.
Notes: This picks up immediately after "Snow Day" ends. Others in the series:

This Gray Spirit Yearning
Snow Day
Sine Qua Non

Perhaps we should take this in increments. )
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Awesome crossover idea: A serial killer is on the loose somewhere in the US, and the characters of Castle, due South, Bones, Body of Proof, and Rizzoli & Isles have to team up to catch him or her. Some or all of the following happens:

I have obviously given this FAR too much thought. )

You know what would also be amazing? If Mary McDonnell were to guest star on BoP as, like, Bud and Sam's lieutenant/captain, or one of Megan's old med school mentors or neurologist colleagues or something. Anything where she and Dana Delany would share several scenes. I think my screen would implode from that much awesome on it.

(ETA: Come to think of it, DD did guest star in an episode of BSG ("Sacrifice"). I should rewatch that and see if they were in a scene together...)
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Title: Three Cliches Meg Thatcher Found Herself Playing Completely Straight, and One She Subverted with Not Inconsiderable Glee
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher
Rating: PG or so
Word Count: 5500
Summary: Just what it says on the tin.
Note: There is TV physics, biology, medicine, and crime-fighting in this. Please don't expect excessive realism. ;)

Because everyone has a hypothermia story in them somewhere, right? )
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Okay, I appear to have inadvertently cobbled together a sort-of-not-quite series, and I suppose I should explain myself. This is very loosely set in the same universe as "This Gray Spirit Yearning" and "Snow Day," but it's not in any way essential to read them as a unit. I do actually plan to write a thematic sequel to "Gray Spirit," set a couple years after the events of this fic, but again not necessarily making an explicit series out of anything. Plus there's room for all kinds of little fics and ficlets in between any of the ones that already exist, so...yeah. There will probably be more. :)

Title: Sine Qua Non
Rating: G
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher (established)
Word Count: 1000
Summary: That without which we cannot live does not always remain constant.

It's spring in Chicago, and change is in the air. )
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Well, I suppose I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. The real question is how I resisted for so long. I haven't really watched S3/4 in an age, so my characterization here is basically going off a rewatch of "Strange Bedfellows" earlier this week. Hopefully I didn't do too badly with them.

Thanks to [ profile] deborah_judge for the conversation that led to this being written, and whose excellent "Star of the Sea" provided some of my headcanon for Ray and Stella's marriage. This takes place four or five years before they appear on the show.

Title: Begin the Beguine
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RayK/Stella (pre-canon)
Word Count: 1800
Summary: When they dance, Ray and Stella transform.

The vertical expression of a horizontal desire. )
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Because we got snowed on again today, oh god, here is a bit of fluff I wrote basically to cheer myself up about it.

Title: Snow Day
Rating: G
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher
Word Count: 1400
Summary: "There are occasions, albeit rare, when we might have to subdue a criminal through the use of snow-based projectiles." Set a couple of months after "Perfect Strangers."

I'm suggesting, Fraser, that we've both been cooped up in court all day, wearing these infernal dress uniforms. I for one feel like I've spent plenty of time being professional today. Let's go play in the snow. )

dS snippet

Jan. 24th, 2011 07:15 pm
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I have this AU in my head where Fraser and Thatcher meet at Depot, fall pretty much instantly for each other without all the problems of rank and chain of command that plague them on the show, and then, just before graduating, wind up solving a crime in a politically inconvenient way that gets them both exiled to Chicago, there to have assorted adventures with Ray, Ray, and/or Stella.

I doubt I'll ever actually write this AU, because a.) eeek, a plot!, and b.) so much of all the characters', well, character, is formed by the events of the twelve or fifteen years prior to the show starting that I think it would be too weird, like writing something somewhere between fanfic and original fic, to pursue. (I think this is part of the reason I dislike high school AUs for any series. Well, that and the fact that I've never been able to get into anything set in high school, even when I was in high school.)

However, I had an image and a line of dialogue in my head from that AU, and I couldn't resist writing down the scene they came from. Uhhh, it is likely very, very obvious that I know nothing about hand-to-hand combat, just FYI.

Snippety )
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Or, in which I commit crimes against unorthodox readings of "Ulysses."

Title: "This Gray Spirit Yearning"
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher UST
Rating: G
Word Count: 1750
Summary: "For some time now, she's been his favorite subject to observe, to collect and file away facts and impressions of, sorting through them and piecing them together, puzzle-like, in daydreams and idle moments—not that he would ever admit it. Those are hardly the kind of thoughts a junior officer should be having about his superior."

And this gray spirit yearning in desire
To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought. – Tennyson, "Ulysses"

He's always prided himself on his observational skills. )
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Title: Build Your Own Cathedrals
Song/Artist: "We're All Leaving," by Karine Polwart, from the Darwin Song Project
Character: Fraser-centric, gen
Summary: "Nothing's permanent, son."
Note: Many thanks to [personal profile] wintercreek for constructive suggestions and for helping me clarify my own thinking about what I was trying to say in this vid.

Embedded video and link to file under the cut )
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Grar. There is a longstanding bug in iMovie that will unmute audio tracks on individual clips if you use too much slow/speeded up-motion in any given project, and it has been the bane of my existence for the past couple of days. The way I usually fix it is to export the vid with the bad audio, re-import into iMovie, delete the audio track and replace with the song I'm using, then re-export, but iMovie ALSO likes to screw with the timing of your project if you have too many transitions, and oh, look, apparently this one has too many. So I have been cleaning up all the little spots where the video is suddenly going faster than it was in the original file, and you know, I do find it very soothing to match video to music by fiddling with the individual frames, but this is ridiculous. I guess it's Apple's way of getting you to pay for Final Cut Pro. Too bad I don't have a spare thousand dollars lying around.

In other news, [ profile] lyssie is running a hand-kissing commentfic promptfest, and I left one for Fraser/Thatcher. (Of all the pairings I ship, they seemed the most likely to do anything involving hand-kissing. Well, maybe Mulder and Scully would've.) So if anyone's interested... :)

Meanwhile, I'm writing this strange thing that kind of fuses what really happened in the finale with certain events from the original finale script that made the LJ rounds a couple years ago. At the moment, it basically exists as an excuse to get Thatcher doing fieldwork, which is never a bad thing, IMO.

Finally, I discovered that if you join her mailing list, you can download four unreleased songs by Karine Polwart for free. It's totally worth it for "Maid of the Loch (You and I and the Sky)," which is currently my favorite song. The others aren't bad either.
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Title: To Give Life a Shape
Rating: R, purely because Geoffrey's mouth is, you know, less than clean.
Pairings/Characters: Fraser/Thatcher, Geoffrey/Ellen (sorta), Oliver, Anna. Mostly, it is a Geoffrey story.
Word Count: 5,000
Summary: Fraser and Thatcher attend one of the New Burbage Festival's corporate workshops, where Geoffrey, because he finds them amusing, attempts to yank their chains by casting them in precisely the two roles they don't want to play. Awkwardness ensues, musings on life and art are pronounced, and all is well ended.
Notes: This takes place in a timewarped universe in which a day several weeks after "Red, White or Blue" coincides with one sometime around episode five of the first season of S&A (Darren is gone, but Claire is still around). The title is part of a quotation from The Rehearsal, by Jean Anouilh: "The object of art is to give life a shape."
Thanks: About a million of them to [ profile] rowdycamels, without whom this would be but a pale shadow of itself.

'How camest thou hither, tell me, and wherefore?' she asked, completely deadpan. 'The orchard walls are high and hard to climb, and the place death, considering who thou art'—she didn't give the impression that she thought this was much of a problem—'if any of my kinsmen find thee here.' )
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Earlier this year, [ profile] magsyb requested established relationship Fraser/Thatcher fic. I doubt this was quite what you were expecting, but hopefully it's entertaining nevertheless. :D

Title: Down the Rabbit Hole
Rating: G-ish
Word Count: 500
Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher
Summary: "Marrying Benton Fraser had certainly ensured she would retain an interesting perspective on the absurd."
Note: Sincerest apologies for my crimes against geography.

We are going to be so late. )
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Okay, I feel really dense, but I was just watching the scene in 1x3 where Geoffrey and Terry are in the bar (research!), and...was Terry supposed to be attracted to Geoffrey? Because the, "Life cannot compete with that." / "I can't compete with that," exchange seriously makes me wonder.

For further, er, research, I ended up spending a few hours tonight watching S1 episodes of due South. Man, I'd forgotten how gorgeously that show was shot, and how even more gorgeously it was edited. I think car chases are pretty much the most boring thing in the world to watch, but the one from "Gift of the Wheelman," with the Sarah McLachlan song, "Steaming," in the background, is just riveting. It's so, so well put-together. (That whole episode is really a gem. Bob shows up! Fraser gets some excellent speeches! The plot is touching without being saccharine!)
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So in the course of writing this dS/S&A crossover, Geoffrey Tennant has kind of moved into my head. This has, if nothing else, done some very interesting things to my vocabulary. If I had a sainted aunt, I would be apologizing right now.

At any rate, I am very much enjoying writing him (cf. 4,500+ words in under 48 hours, which is huge for me, OMG), and kind of sad that I'm nearing the end of the first draft of the fic. I have about four, maybe six paragraphs to go, because Ellen decided she wanted to be involved in this one as well.

Because I am narcissistic enough to think others will find said fic as hilarious as I do, a snippet:

Don't you think that, for example, the scene in Much Ado About Nothing where Claudio, Leonato, and Don Pedro trick Benedick into believing Beatrice loves him, while admittedly not the most moral way of going about things, shows a remarkable facility for working together to make and carry out a plan of action? )
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Title: Blushing Pilgrims
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1370
Timeline: Between S2 and S3 for due South, and pre-canon for Slings & Arrows.
Pairings: Fraser/Thatcher, Geoffrey/Ellen
Summary: Meg Thatcher is not a fan of Romeo and Juliet. However, on a trip to New Burbage with Constable Fraser, she finds a few reasons to reevaluate her opinion.

She is not going to cry. She is far too old, and anyway, it's more of a cliché than she can bear, crying at the end of Romeo and Juliet. )
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I finished my Slings & Arrows rewatch today. I am such a sap, but even though it's my third time through, I cried when spoiler. )

I also started on that dS/S&A crossover that I'm still pretty sure is a terrible idea, and as, uh, preparation, I watched a couple dS episodes today. Thatcher's character gets screwed, especially in the later seasons, but...okay, something about her and Fraser just bypasses all the logic channels in my brain and makes me squee uncontrollably. They are SO. CUTE. *squeak* The eggs! The kiss on top of the train! Semaphoring compliments! *falls over*
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Many moons--by which I mean two years--ago, I made a due South vid centering on Fraser and Thatcher. Now that I know more about vidding and iMovie (like how to detelecine when importing video, or slow down or speed up a clip--you know, those basics I had no clue about), I've gone back and reworked that old vid. About half of the material is new or reorganized, and the clips that remained where they were all look much better now that I've detelecined* the source and cut everything to match the music better.

So here we go:

Title: The Dress Looks Nice on You
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Vidder: [ profile] icepixie
Fandom and Pairing: due South, Fraser/Thatcher
Length: 2:37

Streaming and download link under the cut )

* = "gotten rid of those annoying horizontal lines that appeared every time something on the screen moved"

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