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It's done! It's really, really done! And it's so big I had to split it into two parts! *shock* This has never happened before.

Title: Two Musketeers and a Dead Guy
Author: [ profile] icepixie
Characters/Pairing: Fraser/Thatcher
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/Romance/Comedy
Spoilers: Through "Call of the Wild," with particular references to "We Are the Eggmen" and "All the Queen's Horses."
Summary: "You know, it's funny," she said. "I think right now, on this trip, dragging a dead man around the Arctic, is the first time I've felt like myself in...I can't remember how long."
Notes: This fic presumes that the extra few seconds of COTW which aired in Canada are canon. If you don't know what this refers to, you'll find out pretty quickly. ;)

Fans of Northern Exposure will probably recognize the basic premise of this from the third season episode "The Three Amigos." They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

And finally, my research, while thorough, can only go so far. I've never been on a dogsled or in Canada, so take the technical details with a grain of salt. ;)

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Yeah. I hate coming up with titles. Hate it like a hateful thing.

I'm seriously contemplating "Fraser and Thatcher Drag a Dead Guy Around the Arctic, with Comedy and Romance." Bah.
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Doing more work on the Yukon fic. Will, Muse willing, be posting it sometime this coming week. (If anyone wants to beta, I would love to have someone look over it before I post.)

Anyway, I have a mild quibble over a sentence currently in the fic. I don't think I'll change it, as the context pretty much eliminates any confusion, but I am wondering if anyone but me and other art/art history/history geeks will get the reference.

[Poll #1008995]

Wikipedia link for those who don't recognize the name.
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The Yukon fic is done! YAY! It clocks in at just under 12,500 words. I stand (well, sit and type) in amazement.

Of course, it still has issues to be ironed out, even after two revisions, but this is the first point where it feels really like the whole thing is down on paper, and now only needs to be pushed and prodded into a prettier form.

Wordy word

May. 13th, 2007 12:04 am
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I know, I know. This is nothing to some of you, but my writing tends to come in stanzas, so you can see how big word counts haven't really been a part of my life up to this point.1

I think I have about 3,000 words to go before I hit the end. Maybe 5,000. Close enough that I can taste it, anyway.

1Well, except for this one unfinished DS9 fic that I got 40,000 words on when I was fourteen, but since that will never, ever be completed, because it is awful, I'm not counting it. This? This actually will be completed, even if every remaining word requires the equivalent of getting blood from a turnip.
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You know, I never realized this, having only read Fahrenheit 451 around age twelve and The Illustrated Man not long after, but Ray Bradbury seems to be one of the comparatively few writers who deserves his reputation. I just finished Something Wicked This Way Comes, and the writing in it so evocative of autumn that I wondered if I hadn't suddenly time traveled to October. Of course, the conclusion left something to be desired--hugging the bad guy to death generally does--but it was a story more about the protagonists discovering themselves than of good guys vs. bad, so I'll give it a pass. Most of the things I read last week in the Golden Apples of the Sun collection of short stories were quite good as well. Mmmm, descriptions.

I checked out Dandelion Wine from the library as well, but I'm breaking up the Bradbury deluge with the new collected stories of Roald Dahl. I had no idea he also wrote for adults. So far, there seems to be a big focus on WWII RAF pilots, but then again, I'm only two stories in.

Last week I got about three-quarters of the way through A.S. Byatt's The Virgin in the Garden before giving up. Not-so-coincidentally, it was about that point in the book that I realized all of the buildup was not actually going to lead anywhere, or at least anywhere I wanted to go. I only have forty pages left so I may finish it, but probably not. *sigh* I enjoyed Possession so much! Why hasn't any of her other stuff been as good?

In other news, in the Fraser and Thatcher go to the Yukon fic (henceforth abbreviated F&TGttY, or perhaps just "Yukon fic"), they've made it through the first day and are now sharing a tent very, very awkwardly. (I think the reason I enjoy this pairing so much is because there is so much potential for awkwardness, which of course means FUNNY.) I've got a scene from the Cupid/dS crossover which, if I ever get a couple lines of dialogue right, I may post here since I'll likely never actually finish the whole thing to whet the appetites of whomever might actually read it.

And finally, today one of the job-checkers characterized my rate of getting jobs done as "rockin'," complete with the emphasis. That was rather nice, especially coming after I had to do a monstruously quick turn-around on some fairly major revisions to a job, and so was feeling a bit murderous stressed.

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