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First of all: Avast, me hearties! Yarrrrr! And other suitably piratical things in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Now, to reference the the subject line...yesterday I managed to find an Earth 2 fanfic list that I'd never heard of before in my near-eight years of belonging to that fandom. So, yes, I've been on a fanfic bender, and I'm only about halfway through the list archives. And of course, someone had posted a story wherein Alonzo riffs on that Ricky Martin song, which has been summarily running through my head for the past twenty-four hours. I may shoot something. Preferrably Ricky Martin. Argh.

Also, the crossover fairy that spins the hamster wheel in my mind is talking about how there are weird similarities between Devon and Danziger and Sheppard and Weir --not the least of which is that Danz's first name is also John, but also the fact that Shep and Danz both play similar second-in-command-who-argues-about-everything roles to their respective leaders while having a whole lot of UST going on. Devon and Lizzie don't strike me as particularly similar--Devon is more, well, pig-headed, and was originally a business executive-type person, while of course Lizzie is a diplomat--although Torri Higginson might resemble Deborah Farentino a wee tiny bit. But it's enough for the crossover fairy to get all excited, anyway.

So Muse is giving equal time to mumblings about an Atlantis/Vorkosigan xover and an Atlantis/Earth 2 xover. Perhaps I'll shoot her instead.

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